Tamara Beatty

Tamara Beatty


Vocals sweet like honey, and lyrics, poetic and thought- provoking, Tamara's music has an acoustic vibe with an electronic twist. Uplifting, upbeat, and reflective. Compared to Feist, Lights, Regina Spektor, and Yoav.


In 2010 Tamara Beatty released her debut solo album, February Bloom- a collection of 11 songs that have been described as a paradox of "sweet and deep". Influenced by poets like Leonard Cohen and Christina Georgina Rosetti, and artists like Kandinsky and Monet, Tamara is inspired by beauty, nature, and the strong inner calling to have a voice through the arts. For the release of her CD she produced and directed a successful multi-disciplinary show with photography, dance, lighting, and an 8 piece band (cello, bass, guitar, drums, guitar, piano, keyboards, and background vocals).

A difficult event in the summer of 2012 sparked Tamara to write the song “No”, where she was challenged to speak up for herself. The event was a turning point and Tamara saw it as a chance to heal old wounds, build confidence, and re-establish independence. Many styles and sounds emerged and Tamara turned to her looper pedal to tie all the music together. With only a few months of looping under her belt, Tamara is quickly becoming one of Canada’s top female loopers.


I Am

Written By: Tamara Beatty

I am
I am a Seed
Everything I need
To be, to bud, to bloom
I am the soil
Where I can plant my toes
For my roots to grow
I’m my own refuge, my home
I am the sun
Shining on everyone
Can trust me everyday, I won’t go away
Clouds that drift along like sweet melodies in song
I wake with you every day
I am the hush of the wind and the rustle of leaves
I am everything that you can see
Everything that’s ever been
And will ever be
I am the flower that you love
From the seed you sowed
And I am the bud you hope for
And the blossom that will grow
I am
In perfect shades of bloom

I am
In perfect shades of bloom


February Bloom

Set List

Tamara’s acoustic set is folky with a pop edge featuring Tamara and guitarist TJ Waltho playing songs reminiscent of Feist, Lights, and Yoav.

Tamara’s plugged in set is quirky and reflective electro-acoustic pop featuring Tamara on vocals and looper/sfx performing songs reminiscent of Feist, Kimbra, and Dragonette.