Tamara Bedricky

Tamara Bedricky

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Tamara's heartfelt lyrical honestly of musical influences such as Ryan Adams and Sarah Mclachlan. The mix of her original lyrics and captivating voice combine to create a sound that demands be listened to.


With the release of her full length debut, a busy touring schedule, and a growing arsenal of well-crafted and moving songs, newly based Chicago singer-songwriter Tamara Bedricky is bestowing a glimpse of her musical power. She has received local and national acclaim for her captivating voice and excellent songwriting, landing song placement in several national television shows and air time on radio stations across the country. Paving her way into the local, national, and college music scenes with a consistent touring schedule, she’s won over fans and peers alike with her live performances and demanding sound. Throughout her career, Tamara has performed in New York’s Central Park alongside Michelle Branch, was chosen as of five up-and-coming female artists in the National Pantene Pro-Voice music competition, and came full circle with a performance at the Detroit Music Awards.

The Detroit native first picked up the guitar at the age of 15 while living in Nashville, finding solace in music as she struggled to adapt to new surroundings. "Music has always been the one thing that I could count on to help me deal with change," Tamara explains. It was in Nashville where she studied guitar and started performing at open mics. Inspired by artists such as Ryan Adams, Eric Clapton, and Bonnie Raitt, Tamara began to develop her own melodies and lyrics fueled by an array of emotions related to heartache, love, life and detachment. “Many of my songs move away from current musical trends and highlight what's important - the marriage of music and lyrics," she explains.

"Through These Eyes" is Tamara’s debut album, a collection of 11songs inspired by events in her life and recorded with the help of producer and guitarist Marlon Young (Dave Mathews, Kid Rock) and Detroit Producer/Drummer extraordinaire Danny Cox. The album showcases her sweet yet raw and powerful vocal ability, and demonstrates significant growth and maturity for the young songwriter. Currently working on new songs for her sophomore album, Tamara is gearing up to record in the studio, and plans for an album release are set for as early as Spring 2010. In the meantime, keep your ears to the street for more exciting news, and your eyes open for a live show near you.

Tamara has performed with such artists as Graham Colton, Ben Folds, Josh Kelley, Michelle Branch, Ari Hest, Jump Little Children, Jody Raffoul, Melissa Ferrick and most recently Paul Thorn and Todd Snider.

In 2006, Tamara Bedricky released her debut album "Through These Eyes" (available at www.AWARESTORE.com or at www.CDBABY.com)

-Tamara showcased at the 2005 Mid-Atlantic Conference (Lancanster, PA) and the Northeast (Marlbrough, MA) NACA Regional Conference. She was also an alternate for the 2005 NACA West Regional Conference (Portland, OR).

- 2004 National NACA Showcase - Most book female musician showcased at 2004 National NACA Conference. Booked over 50 college dates as a result of the National showcase

- Debut album "Through These Eyes" (Over 4000 sold)

- Music from the debut album, "Through These Eyes" is being spun at major college radio stations and internet radio.

- Tamara's song "Coming Clean" from her debut album was featured on BOSTON LEGAL (March 14, 2006) and WB's hit drama ONE TREE HILL on (April 26, 2005)

- Tamara's song "Beautiful" recently aired on the BRAVO Network highest rated show QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GIRL in March of 2005.

- Tamara has performed with such artists as Ben Folds, Graham Colton Band, Josh Kelley, Melissa Ferrick and Michelle Branch to name a few

* “One of Detroit’s Most Promising Singer/Songwriters!”- Detroit News

* “She’s got the goods….major talent…don’t be surprised to see her on a major label soon!” - Detroit Free Press

* "Wiser than her years” - Birmingham Eccentric

* “On her new Disk, Through These Eyes, sometimes Bedricky reminds me of early Sheryl Crow with less bite and more purity” - Real Detroit Weekly

Venues Played [Partial List]
Central Park-Summerstage (New York)
The Bitter End (New York)
The Living Room (New York)
The Magic Bag (Ferndale, MI)
The Ark (Ann Arbor)
The State Theatre (Detroit)
The Shelter (Detroit)
Smalls (Detroit)
Martyrs (Chicago)
Double Door (Chicago)
Hard Rock Cafe (Minneapolis, Detroit)
Canal Street Tavern (Dayton)
Shank Hall (Milwaukee)

2004-2010 COLLEGE SHOWS PLAYED AND BOOKED (partial List)
Angelo State University (TX)
Augustana College (IL)
Berea College (KY)
Bradley University (IL)
Castelton State College (VT)
Carthage College (WI)
Case Western Reserve University (OH)
College of St. St. Scholastica (MN)
Concordia College (NH)
Drew University (NJ)
George Washington University-Mount Vernon (D.C)
Georgia College & State University
Gettysburg College (PA)
Gustavus Adolphus College (MN)
Hope College (MI)
Hollins University (VA)
Idaho State University (ID)



Written By: Words: Tamara Bedricky Music: Tamara Bedricky/Danny Cox

Days pass so slow
When you’re not in these arms of mine
I occupy myself with things
Just to help to pass the time

Like the air I need you
And like a drug I crave you

I hate to admit it
But I think it’s true
I’ve become addicted to you
I hate to admit it
But I think it’s true
I’ve become addicted to you
Addicted to

And when I got you next to me
You know it feels so right
You give me things that I’m searching for
You give me things that I’m looking for
And for that I can’t ask for more

But like the air I need you
And like a drug I crave you


Yeah my heart beats faster baby
And you got me going crazy

I hate to admit it
But I think it’s true
I’ve become addicted to you
I hate to admit it
But I think it’s true
Yeah I’ve become addicted to you


Yeah I’m addicted to you
Oh yeah..
It’s like a big surprise when I see those eyes
It’s like a big surprise when I see your eyes
Oh yeah..
I hate to admit it
But I think it’s true
It’s like a big surprise when I see those eyes yeah
It’s like a big surprise when I see those brown eyes yeah
Oh yeah..
I’m so addicted to you


Written By: Words: Tamara Bedricky Music: Tamara Bedricky/Danny Cox

If I die tomorrow
I wonder would you know
That it feels so right when I’m with you
That you make me feel so whole

And the world could stop spinning
And I swear I wouldn’t mind
As long as I got you next to me
As long as you’re by my side

I need you like I need to breath
I need you like I need to see

From your head to your toes
And your lips to your nose
And everywhere in between
You’re beautiful to me
From your brown eyes and your brow hair
The way you smile and the way you stare
Baby can’t you see
You’re beautiful
Beautiful to me

A thousand little kisses
Couldn’t tell you just how I feel
Cause you can’t measure a love like this
One that feels so real

And I’ve been waiting my whole life
To find someone like you
You’re like the missing piece to the puzzle
You’re like a dream come true

I need you like I need to breath
I need you like I need to see


I want to crawl inside your heart
I want to reach into your soul yeah
I want to see you come alive
I want to make you loose control

And I would give it all to you
Baby If I had just one wish
Cause it’s not everyday
You find yourself a love like this

If I die tomorrow
I want you to know…

Chorus 2x

If I die tomorrow
I want you to know…


"Through These Eyes" - LP (October 2006)
**Produced by Marlon Young (David Mathews, Kid Rocks) and Danny Cox

Compilation Albums
- Atlantic Records - Pantente Pro-Voice 2003

T.V. Song Placement
- One Tree Hill (WB)
- Boston Legal (ABC)
- Men In Trees (ABC)


Set List

Enough original material for a 90 minute set