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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Tamara Bubble Now Featured on Earbits Radio"

We have exciting news! Tamara Bubble has just been selected for Earbits Radio, which is a very selective independent music service that has no commercials and a ton of great stations to pick from! It's kind of a big deal. Check it out

Do Your Part - http://www.earbits.com/s/sUWONiCMAe4K34
Pull Them Pants Up - http://www.earbits.com/s/WiZMc6AANhDf
To Kill A Baby - http://www.earbits.com/s/c3TT30PTZRkw2
- Earbits Radio

"Tamara Bubble Featured in Boston Globe (PSA: Pull Them Pants Up)"

Tamara Bubble recently had an interview with a Megan Irons, a reporter from the Boston Globe about her latest single “Pull Them Pants Up” and the issue of sagging pants! Check out the full Article in 2/19/13 METRO section of the BOSTON GLOBE!

“Sagging should stop now,” Bubble said in a phone interview. “Girls don’t like it and people don’t take you seriously in general. You can’t get a job with it. If you go to court with it, you’re probably going to lose your case. In all aspects of life, it’s not healthy.”

CLICK FOR THE FULL ARTICLE http://bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/02/19/saggy-pants-target-new-cable-campaign/obuviSNzxUe0zSB8aIBIkK/story.html - Boston Globe

"Tamara Bubble To Be Featured In “Hottest New Artist” Book, Telling Her Story Of Industry Success To Other Upcoming Artists"

Tamara Bubble is making waves lately! Having begun a Kickstarter campaign that has already raised several hundred dollars of her goal, she is now featured in an E-Book that features artists telling how they were able to meet success in the music business!

More info on “Hottest New Artists” Book :

Hottest New Artist is a registered trademark of PDS Entertainment LLC and the title of a unique NewBook to be release about the inside workings of the music business that will also features up-n-coming artists.

The book will be published and released by PDS Entertainment worldwide initially as an e-book and then published in hard-copy.

The book opportunity was open to new acts in 2012 that had obtained any combination of achievements like radio airplay, magazine reviews, MP3-CD sales and or buzz in the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others.
- I AM PR Agency

"Tamara Bubble Charts on The Top 200 (National Airplay)"

Tamara Bubble’s latest single My Photographer charted #141, National Top 200


Tamara Bubble’s latest single My Photographer charted #50, National Independent Charts Top 50 - TB Entertainment

"Tamara Bubble Racks Up 3 Nominations for the All Star Music Awards!"

Tamara was nominated for the All Star Music Award in the following categories:

Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble “Break Down”

tamara Bubble- www.TamaraBubble.com

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The ALL STAR MUSIC AWARDS CEREMONY Will Take Place Sunday, December 16th, 2012 At PURE NYC in Queens, NY (625 30TH Ave)
- xtreme104fm.com

"Unleashed Album Review … Tamara Bubble in the UK!!"

With her debut album ‘Unleashed’ to drop on November 20th, Tamara Bubble’s killer voice and mixture of Soul, R&B and Hip Hop sounds make her one to watch as she emerges from the Brooklyn scene.

CF Verdict

New York is a city filled with the echoes of powerful urban female singers and songwriters – from Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige to the late, great Aaliyah, who hailed from Brooklyn itself. Artists such as these have left their mark on the city, just as New York seems to have embedded its essence in the music permeating its streets, venues and clubs: hot jazz smacking you in the face from underground bars, punctuated by pop from a slick late night joint, silky sounds of R&B and soulful warbles travelling through its walls.

These are some of the sounds which present themselves through Tamara Bubble. ‘Breakdown’ is one of two tracks available for listening prior to the release of her album, rendering six emotional minutes of stripped back acapella vocals which need no instrumentality to lean on. In fact, any accompaniment would distract rather than pay homage to the music. When considering she balances her singing with acting, modelling and writing, Tamara’s entrepreneurship is something to be admired, but her voice is one of such deep, heart-jarring quality that it must surely generate the attention of soul aficionados both in NYC, and soon overseas.

‘Breakdown’ possesses a tremulous intensity which can only be compared to artists such as Des’ree in Kissing You. Although Tamara Bubble is a new female singer about to release her first album, her achingly soulful voice is fringed with real pain and experience, an age-old sound which is set to forge classics. Pouring out pent up hurt, the pregnant silences in ‘Breakdown’ are equally as telling as the lyrics themselves. The music video, directed by Blake Cortes, shadows a woman as she decides to sell her body, and adds to both the intimacy and intensity of the song.

Tamara turns this mood on it’s head with second track ‘Get Loud’, an upbeat, sexy electro-pop tune oozing with attitude. Even though this showcases her as a genre defying urban act, able to juggle sensual, emotionally raw R&B ballads with catchy, feel good club anthems, ‘Get Loud’ could easily get lost among the archives of similar dancefloor hits before it.

With two of the tracks from ‘Unleashed’ covering two very different shades of urban, we are expecting the rest of Tamara Bubble’s album to bring a few surprises to the table. Experimenting with genre to showcase that soul drenched voice from every angle seems like a good idea, although we give the flawless acapella angle the CF seal of approval.

There is no doubt that Tamara Bubble is a name set to reach far beyond her city and time. Her debut album is available to pre-order now for the 20th November – so snap it up early here:


Check out Breakdown below:
- Commercial Free UK Blog

"Vents Magazine is all over Tamara Bubble"

Who’s Tamara Bubble?

I’m a bubbly bombshell from Brooklyn, NY. Quite the entertainer, but a solo class act. Pretty much known in the indie world for singing, songwriting, rapping, acting and modeling.

How you got started in the music scene?

I’ve been singing since I was old enough to talk. I decided to make a career out of this about two years ago. I remember I met with a producer who heard I could sing. He had some tracks that he needed reference vocals on to submit to the majors. He told me I had pipes lol, but then he asked if I wrote music too ? I told him “I do now”! The next day I wrote 10 songs in like a couple hours.

... (cont) - Vents Magazine

"Essential Pop with Tamara Bubble!"

Tamara Bubble is a soulful pop performer from Brooklyn. Where we first discovered Tamara’s musical vibe we were impressed and she is therefore one of our featured artists for this month. Read the full in-depth interview below where Tamara discusses, amongst other things, her creative process for creating her music, what she’s currently working on and what she’s hoping to achieve over the next year...

- Essential Pop

"New York State Of Grind Discovers the Bubble … TAMARA!!!"

This young lady is poised to take the game by storm with some serious pipes, a stunning range of timbre, and a domineering presence on stage. She is building quite the following as her performance game is beginning to build steam, the few tracks she has offered by way of her social networking sites display an unlimited range of style also. Get familiar..#ifuxwitit - New York State of Grind

"Get to Know Tamara Bubble"

SPECIALGIFT: Give us a brief visual description on who Tamara Bubble is and some insight on the beginning of your come up in the entertainment industry?

TAMARA BUBBLE: Visual description, I would just have to say "All thing's Bubbly". {giggle's} I'm very curvy, I'm full figured and well endowed, mama blessed me. My come up in the industry has been quite short. I have been trying to do this professionally for about two years. I met the scammer’s; I met everybody the want to be C.E.O's. I'm at the point where I can decipher who's who. I think that I am starting to network with the people I need to deal with. I sing, I rap, I act and I model! So as far as music, I do everything from dance too hip hop. I blend elements in jazz because I like to scat and I grew up singing in church. So it's a whole lot of soul all over the place. That's pretty much who Tamara Bubble is.

SPECIALGIFT: You have a single entitled "Stupid Mother". Oh wow, what a title. Please tell us who, what, when, why and how did you come up with that name?

TAMARA BUBBLE: "Stupid Mother" just really been like the first year and a half that I started in the industry. That was all the people that promised you this and say they can do this for you. You know everybody throwing contracts in your face like sign this here and its like, "you haven't even heard my music or what I'm signing? Like, "step back"! {laughs} Let me figure out who you are and what you want from me! {more laughter} So "Stupid Mother" is just like sort of speak, I see where your coming from I know what this is, "hold up, know we not going to go there" and I don't curse. So that's why I guess its "Stupid Mother" Because I finish it off. When I'm performing live than I'm going to let everybody else finish it off for me.

SPECIALGIFT: You will be live on Fox 5 NEW YORK TV, this March 2012. How did that come about? Elaborate some.

TAMARA BUBBLE: That really came about networking. A lot of the opportunities that I find are actually right off craigslist. You would be surprised of the people looking for true talent. It's not any gimmick. You know you have to be careful, screen everything. {laughs} There is a lot of "Stupid Mother's". You know you find people that are looking for content, looking for good music, for underground, for indie and you send your stuff to them. If there's opportunity and they like your stuff, it can happen! {giggles}

SPECIALGIFT: How did you become acquainted with A.D. the General and the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program? What have you learned so far about A.D. and Elegant Hoodness?

TAMARA BUBBLE: I got acquainted wit A.D. through the publisher of Hip Hop Stardom 101 Mag. I think that the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program is a very powerful movement for woman, which right now in the forefront it looks like the industry is ran by men. So I think that it is good what they are doing now, to put woman together. You know we all know it is hard for woman to work together. I think the movement is good, I definitively am for it. I like what's going on with it and I look forward to working with A.D., Elegant Hoodness and N.A.B.

SPECIALGIFT: Who is your icon, if anyone?

TAMARA BUBBLE: I have different icons in different genres for different reasons. Entertainment, performance wise, I would say Michael Jackson because he owned the stage. Rap, I would say Biggie hands down. His flow, delivery and his story telling is just what I really love. I like a lot of harmonies, like I said I was singing in church, so groups like En Vogue, Take Six and Brown Stone. Jazz I love scatting Ella Fitz Gerald is the Mack when it comes to jazz.

SPECIALGIFT: You are a well rounded individual. Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Anything you expect in particular, mostly?

TAMARA BUBBLE: Let's see. In the next few years my goal is to be exposed. To be know nationally known. I think I have worked on my craft enough to where the different genre's that I do; I'm real - Indie 360 Magazine

"SUPERCUTS is now rocking the cuts of Tamara BuBBle!"

Supercuts now rocks the cuts of Tamara Bubble! She is one the selected artists to be featured on SuperCuts‘ Rock the Cut music download site, played in over 2,000 salons, and potentially featured in a national radio spot! Visit facebook.com/Supercuts or twitter.com/Supercuts and let them know to “Continue rocking with @TamaraBubble cuts“

Click the link to check out her music feature on the supercuts site: http://rockthecut.supercuts.com/Home/ViewArtists/529
- Supercuts

"Get Famous Finalist: Tamara Bubble is about to POP!"

If you picture the ultimate blend of Pop, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul, one might see the visage that is Tamara Bubble. Killing and thrilling with music that defies genre, delivered with raw vocals and heartfelt emotion, the predominantly uptempo songs of Tamara Bubble create timeless tunes that both rock and roll. The bubbly, bombshell songwriter, actress and model from Brooklyn NY, took a moment from her busy life to trade words with us…. Micrah-phone CHECK! Micrah-Micrah-phone CHECKAH!!!

Monster: First off, love the track. The flow has a familiar quality, and is infectious (the quick spit brings to mind a few big names as well as some from the underground). Being that you’re from Brooklyn, and the music behind the track has a melodic, electronic style that calls to the punk/dance vibe as much as the up-tempo booty-hop feel. Do you feel that you’re in a particular scene in Brooklyn, or has it all become one big mash-up, if you will, of all the different sounds of your great city?

Tamara Bubble: Thanx! Even though Brooklyn is filled with all types of people and styles of music, mine is definitely a big mash up that goes beyond my city. Old school rappers were geographically similar, but nowadays music is shared and experienced online, so the genres, influences and creativity are worldwide and unlimited. I’m influenced by some of the big name Jazz, R&B, Dance, Gospel and Rap legends overall, but I can literally be spammed and click on a random youtue link (don’t ask me why i click lol) of some unknown artist in Malaysia that I get inspired by (when 10 or 20 years ago I would’ve never ever ever have heard that style or form of music). It also doesn’t hurt to mention that right now popular music is in a “dance” funk. As an indie artist, I have to be able to give the people music they can relate to, combined with what they want to hear and still incorporate my own style ^_^ and BAM!! … create a hit! (she LOLs).

Monster: Can you tell us a bit about your writing process? Where does the inspiration come from?

Tamara Bubble: When it comes to writing I’m really all over the place. Most of my songs come in the shower … but that sentence may not be suitable for kids lol!! Othertimes, I use my cell phone to record melodies, when I don’t yet have the lyrics in mind. I write on napkins, “bubble” gum wrappers, if I’m on my laptop I type, and when I don’t have anything around me to write on, I’ll sing, sing, sing until the lyrics / melody get stuck in my head! I just write about what I see, feel and experience. Whatever’s real to me because that’s what people can relate to. I could see a girl walking down the street crying … and the lyrics and melodies will come to me. Sometimes the entire hook will come, and I’ll just start singing it. A lot of times it’s the music that inspires me too. I could listen to a track for the first time and start singing the hook and everything. My inspiration comes from all over. I’m inspired by life, relationships, and ‘the big pink elephant in the room’. I find myself writing songs about the things that people won’t talk about even though we all know it goes on. I just write about what I see, feel and experience. Whatever’s real to me because that’s what people can relate to. Overall, I just want to challenge rappers around the world to be different, be confident, embrace their own style and take their craft seriously.

Monster: Love that you said you write in the shower! (Interviewer’s note- Much of what he writes, as the band oWNERSHIP, is done in the shower). And seeing you posed with a guitar begs the question, what instruments do you use to write your music? Do you start with a guitar or keyboard? Use a computer? Do you collaborate with other producers to make your tracks?

Tamara Bubble: Funny you mention the guitar because I can’t play it to save my life LOL, but I love instruments with a passion! I believe my voice is an instrument and so I move my mouth in the weirdest ways to b - Monster Cable (Social Monsters)

"Swaggo Magazine featured Artist - Tamara Bubble (tearsheets)"

If you’re a subsriber you received your copy a few days ago. If not, this issue of Swaggo Magazine featuring Tamara Bubble will be in stores on June 1st. - Swaggo Magazine

"Swaggo Magazine featured Artist - Tamara Bubble (tearsheets)"

If you’re a subsriber you received your copy a few days ago. If not, this issue of Swaggo Magazine featuring Tamara Bubble will be in stores on June 1st. - Swaggo Magazine

"Tamara Bubble in Six Twelve Magazine"

Tamara sings, raps, acts, and models. A recent winner at the Elegant Hoodness Musical Program in New York and nominee for "Top 10 Artists of 2013" also on the E.H.M.P. tour promoting her debut album "Unleashed". - Six Twelve Magazine

"Underground Hip Hop & More … of the BUBBLE!!"

Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, and Jazz is a mix of what Tamara has to offer with her talented skills of being a recording artist, songwriter, actress and a model. Representing Brooklyn, New York. Check out the track above titled He Let The Cat Come Out Remix. This track is to put the ‘mistress’s’ back in their place and realize that they don’t have what it takes to be the man’s number one. She lays some verses and vocals on the track. He Let The Cat Come Out Remix has also been featured on CheckMateNewYork.

Tamara has already released her first solo music project SNEAK PREVIEW
December 1, 2011 Tamara is going to perform at Tribeca Performing Arts Center: 199 CHAMBERS STREET NEW YORK NY 10007 @ 5:00 PM [X100 Media Presents TAMARA live performance at Work Out Concert], Don’t miss out if you stay in New York. - NikkiSiixx


Proceed With Caution (2016)

Juicebox Volume 1 (2016)

Living It Up (2015)

P.ublic S.ervice A.nnouncement (2013)

Unleashed (2012)

Sneak Preview (2011)



As featured on The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, All Hip Hop, Yo Raps, Funkmaster Flex’s "In Flex We Trust", DJ Enuff’s "That’s Enuff"...

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, R&B, Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw vocals and heartfelt emotion, Tamara Bubble creates timeless hits that will be around for years to come. Tamara has appeared in the Boston Globe and on NBC TV. She's also opened for some major acts including Lil Mo, Joell Ortiz, Cassidy, Snootie Wild, Yo Gotti, Young Thug and more as well as performed at the A3C hip hop festival, iMusic Festival, Southport Spring Festival and Apollo Theatre . Her music has charted on the independent radio charts and the top 200 and she's back with a brand new single release "Aggressive" that's sure to garner some mainstream buzz prior to releasing her highly anticipated full length album later this year. Tune in and turn up ... Bubble On Deck!

Tamara Bubble is also a six time All-Star Award nominee and winner of “Album of the Year” for her Living It Up (EP) as well as Underground Music Award nominee for “Female Rapper of the Year”.

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