tamara dearing

tamara dearing


elements of old jazz, blues, folk, and showtunes blended with modern thoughts


For Tamara Dearing the singer/songwriter process began at an early age transitioning from silly to therapeutic. But as a career it can be difficult when the songs become products and the artists, brands. The music must be intelligent and stand out or be forgotten. Having previously been lumped into “women’s alternative folk music” Tamara recently made it her career objective to sever herself from this tired 90s cliché. With a batch of unrecorded songs from her turbulent college days, reworked and arranged in a more remarkable package, Tamara released her best work to date entitled “yesterconfessions.” A recent review describes her latest handiwork as “wild gypsy music with a good measure of parlor piano and carnival zest” with no blatant mention of her sex nor a specific genre but opting rather to dub it “deliciously superior.”

Playing musical chairs with genres is not such a surprising feat for Tamara who developed a musical ear at a very young age and reinforced it by her appreciation of everything from Chopin to Springsteen. Her love for music was apparent by age three with the gift of a toy piano. After years of pleading she began piano lessons at age seven but they were difficult since Tamara's father was in the Navy and the family was often uprooted. During this time Tamara was exposed to New Orlean’s jazz and hurricanes, San Franciso's earthquakes and symphonies and finally settled into the lush steamy summers and gloriously white winters of Southern Indiana where her father retired. The sensory delights of the nomadic life would eventually resurface throughout her music but for now she enjoyed Bluegrass and sweet corn.

As a teenager Tamara's songs were an angst-ridden diary performed only for an empty house until one day her best friend's boyfriend's band needed a keyboardist. By 17 she was a self-producing solo act with an e.p. entitled "Downpour." At 18 she recorded and produced another independent project with 16 songs entitled "Baby Jaymar and the Undercurrent Assertion". When she was 19 she had written over 100 songs and recorded her first album in compact disc format "Close Your Eyes and Heal." This album, containing an improved recorded sound, was her first available to the general public. Released in 2000 it maintained the same raw passion as the others but played as a 16 song coming of age story full of obsession, mortal wonderment, and awkward first love.

Now the latest album “yesterconfessions” completes her journey into young adulthood. In arrangements with the polarity of sincere reflection and jovial resilient spirit she branches into her love for jazz and blues. She applies her percussive rhythmic lyrics in compositions hinting towards the old New Orlean's piano professors like Jelly Roll Morton. Her lyrics and reflection on our world draw from her oldest influences and teachers, folk artists such as Melanie Safka and Cat Stevens. It also incorporates ideas of newer artists ever evolving and never satisfied with one sound such as Andrew Bird, Michelle Shocked and Ani DiFranco. Like these artists Tamara's new album showcases her continual growth and dynamic talent. Currently residing in Louisville, Kentucky Tamara is playing gigs and developing new material for her next transformation due in 2007.


mend the whistling

Written By: tamara dearing

pillowcase warms my face
the thoughts i've been thinking sabotage my hopes of sleep
and lately my mind has had the chilll
the sound of the winter wind
squeezing through a crack in the floor

and i haven't had the patience
to mend the whistling
so i shoved a rug over it
but it seems to me
there wasn't too much more i could be

and i've never felt
that surrender was following me
until now
and the winter breeze
it warms my feet


you'd be suprised
how much happier denial can be
or maybe you knew that
much before me


outside my room

Written By: tamara dearing

outside my room
everything is inconsequential
i've been filling up this empty
with swollen thoughts of you

and the summer swelter is locked outside
she'll be sniffing at the windows all night
but i'll be sleeping sweet inside

your face is murder
tragic forlorn
you must wash in superstitions
every morning
every morning
oh it makes me shiver
you know what makes me smile
frozen strawberries
and a honeysuckle mile


i know where you wanna go
i know where you wanna go
you wanna go where
the peopledon't look like
the people don't look like
the people don't look like... and

i know where you wanna go
i know where you wanna go
you wanna go where
the people don't act like
the people don't act like
the people don't act like...people


i hurricane

Written By: tamara dearing

i live my life as a game
i run around
i hurricane
i hear your doing well
well, i'm out west
i can't complain at all
i wish you'd call...
my bluff

i say too much and then i
run away
don't keep in touch
i speak too soon
i ruin
i guess they'll say
that i am such a fool
or worse...
i probably miss you

and if you should find me
somewhere in the next
ignore all my print dear
yes, jump straight through the text
'cause i tell you i'm too strong
to be feeling so weak
i'm packing my thoughts up
let my losses sleep
but you say
you say...you say...
"unpack before you speak"



1997 Downpour (out of stock)
1998 Baby Jaymar and the Undercurrent Assertion (out of stock)
1999 Close Your Eyes and Heal (currently available)
2006 yesterconfessions (currently available)

Set List

sets of all original material generally last about two hours...not currently performing any covers