Tamara Little

Tamara Little

 Stockton, California, USA

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I'm a good cowboy

Written By: Tamara Little

I’m A Good Cowboy
Tamara Little ©2009

I grew up around horses and cowboys and folks who got up with the sun
I wanted to grow up and be the best cowboy around and it’s just what I’ve done
But folks today don’t have much need for a cowboy and I tired of just riding the range
I thought I’d settle down, move into town, and try to weather the change

Chorus: Well I’m a good cowboy but It’s harder by far
To live in the city full of people and cars
So sometimes I drink and then sometimes I think that the bottle is drinking me
Every night I still lay down to rest and I dream of the cowboy that I used to be

Like a horse you don’t know in a rodeo show in the ring with a time to beat
You’ve just got to jump on or the money’s all gone and you never get back on your feet
The city’s so fast that some cowboys don’t last I’ve seen some of the best riders thrown
They get down on their luck, move to their truck and waste away dreaming of home


I’m working most days and it’s pretty good pay and the hours are easy to keep
It’s good to work hard at the end of the day if I’m tired I don’t chase after sleep
I’m holding out hope there’s a job somewhere roping and tying someday I might find
The chance I’ll return to the life that I yearn for still lives in the back of my mind


Praying for Rain

Written By: Tamara Little

Prayin' for Rain
Tamara L. Little ©2006

Farming these fields is such a hardscrabble life
Dust so thick you could cut it with a knife
Lately I spend all my days out on the plains
Down on my knees praying for rain

Send some rain to Oklahoma
I don't want to leave it this way
Send some rain to Oklahoma
Just one rainy day and I could stay

I never dreamed there would come a time
When I'd wake up wishing that the sun wouldn't shine
But it breaks my heart to see the sun beating down
Turning tender green shoots in the fields to brown


The whole darn town has up and gone
Set down their dusty plows and moved on
They've gone to California for a better life they say
I just can't give up that-a-way
So I kneel in these fields and pray


Most of my life I have worked these plains
I just can't believe that it's not going to rain
I just can't believe that the crops won't grow
That the sun and the seed would betray me so


Turn around at the end:
Just a few little drops for these thirsty crops
Just one rainy day and I could stay.

Prisoner of Addiction

Written By: Tamara Little

Prisoner of Addiction
Tamara L. Little ©2006

A little sip, a little puff
I was so cool, I was so tough
In the best of company
I denied my mortality


(Now or I) am a prisoner of my addictions
Though I deny it with little fictions
That I compose and don't believe
But when I tell them I am almost free

In this foolish act of youth
Without thinking of the truth
I betrayed myself and sealed my fate
To always struggle with my own escape

Instrumental Break

Bridge: A little sip, a little puff, how I wish that was enough
If in my fear I could let go, I could break out of this I know

How I wish that now was then
That I could have that choice again
I wish I'd said that's not for me
I would have set my own future free