We play indie surf rock, imagine taking jack johnson and mixing him with the police, paul simon and some pop rock and reggae.. Thats kindof our sound..


Taking their name from a little known Australian beach where they grew up, Tamarama's Jay Lyon and Nicolas "Pottsy" Potts have nurtured a sound reflecting life on the shores of OZ. With a mix of folk, rock, and reggae rhythms, breezy melodies and easy going lyrics this new collection of songs will carry you off into the sunset.

Tamarama is now based in New York City, far from the tranquil settings of their old stomping grounds but their vibe has never strayed too far from the beaches at home where the memories feed the music. Their new surroundings and it's diversity have helped develop their sound, broaden their influences and deepen their style, not to mention given them a solid local and celebrity following in the US.

Tamarama has just spent time in the studio to record their first album "Wonderland City" with a full band and are scheduled for a fall release and upcoming tour in October.


Wonderland City - 1997

Set List

11 songs, all found on our upcoming album Wonderland City