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Tamara Usatova is a soul/pop/jazz singer having started her career back in Moscow, Russia. She performed non-stop with jazz and pop bands and therefore acquired a lot of stage experience. After winning scholarship to Berklee College Of Music she decided to pursue her goal of becoming a professional mature artist here in the USA.
Ever since 10, Tamara has been passionate about singing and performing, and has also developed her stage presence and piano skills. At the moment she is working on her own songs and continues to perform at different upscale events, concerts and singers showcases.


Watching the World Go By

Written By: Tamara Usatova

All of these years I tried
To learn to read between the lines
But only now I realize
I’ll never see through your mind.

You want to hold me down
But you won’t bring me back now
I can’t see life passing me by,
I’ll make it mine.

I won’t repeat the same mistakes
I know I don’t have too much time to waste.
No one will change my life but me.

I held too long. I’m tired
Watching the world go by
I’m moving on, with no fear, alone,
I’m moving on.
You have to set me free
You’ve lost me, can’t you see?
I’ll color my life, I’ll make it bright
I’ll make it bright.

You used to say I was wrong
Trying to follow my goals
You said that I was not strong enough
To make my dreams come to life

You don’t believe that today
Chances we get won’t come again
You played with my mind, for love is blind
I couldn’t see what was right

I’m glad I’ve got my lesson learned
Though life may be hard, you will stand it all
Finally I can feel I breathe


Stay With Me

Written By: Tamara Usatova

I always thought that I would find someone
Who’d give me all that I need
Who would bring joy to my life
And show me what real love should be

I thought that love comes and goes easily
Like summer breeze in the night
But as time goes by I see that
You are all I’ve got

How many times I was gonna leave you
How many nights I cried
Now that you’ve gone nothing can replace you
You’re always on my mind

Stay with me, baby
Stay with me
[repeat 3 times]

Vocalise part

We always took our love for granted
Like it was not worth the try
But don’t you think our life is wasted
If you give up this fight


Vocalise part

VERSE 1 (repeat)
I always thought that I would find someone
Who’d give me all that I need
Who would bring joy to my life
And show me what real love should be

Cold War

Written By: Tamara Usatova

You walked in the room and I lost my breath
I could tell right away you felt the same way
Just one look and I knew we would be together

There’s no doubt you were everything I dreamed of
You were smart, you were fun, you could touch my soul
Could have bet that our love would go on forever

I believed each word but you fooled me
Could have told me from the start you loved another
Now you say you can’t live without me
Here’s the answer that I’ve got

We are in a cold war (4 times)

My friends keep on telling me I should stop
Hoping you’re gonna change your complicated mind
But I can’t say good-bye and be gone forever

I try to persuade myself I’ll be fine
But when I see your eyes /I just lose my mind/I want to make you mine
I don’t need no one else, you’re the one I care for

But I can’t forget you were untrue
You left me with a broken heart, you left me dying
Now it hurts my pride to forgive you
So, I tell you one more time


I know I deserve much better
But every time we’re together
I leave all my doubts behind

You want to stay and I let you
Tomorrow I will regret you
I can’t keep living this lie



Written By: Tamara Usatova

I’m tired of you, despair
Please leave me alone
I’m losing my mind from you

You come every time
I am here all alone in my room
And there’s nothing to ease all this pain
That is left here since he’s gone away

Don’t break me down
No, you can’t make me lose my ground
You won’t break me down
Cause you cannot stop me now

I know I’ll rise again
Nothing can take away my faith
I will find strength to go my own way
No matter what it takes I’ll stay
Stay a believer
Stay a believer

I look in your fearless eyes
Cold, ruthless as stone
I can’t run away from you

I hear your voice deep inside
When I think of what I left behind
And there’s no turning back, no more chance
To forget your love faded away


I will carry on
This will make me strong
Life won’t steel my soul
My dreams won’t fall to the ground



EP "Selected Songs" - July 2013