Montreal's newest musical sensation, Tamashi, brings a diverse mix of styles and culture to the stage with an uplifting mix of pop, R&B, & Reggae


Tamashi, brings a diverse mix of styles and culture to the stage with an uplifting mix of R&B, Hip hop, Funk, Soul, Ska, Dub & Reggae. Lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Leesa-Marie , known also for her work with the(Butta Babees, Groundwerks, Kali & Dub) mesmerizes audiences with her soulful voice and boundless energy. She is backed up by an all-star group of musicians and songwriters: bassist Tone Botelho (Special Ops, Orgypop, Black Rams), guitarist Kali (Kali & Dub, Groundwerks, Hardsteppers) and drummer Michael Rien (Schmelvis, The Hora Boys). Currently placed in the semi-finals at the Emergenza world band competition, Tamashis poised to rocket on to the international stage. The groups broad base of styles and talents appeal to fans from all walks of life. With a demo EP already out, Tamashis working @ Bent Building Productions with engineer Tim Doyle he recorded & mixed a full-length album, guaranteed not to disappoint. Tamashi also performs her music with Mtl DJ / producer Colin Sylex. During shows He spins - mixes. Also Kali playing - guitar & vocals. Rich Widden playing - dubbed out guitar. Together they create a smaller yet effective, crowed moving sound which is perfect for any event or show case.

Set List

01. Celebrate Tamashi 03:43
02. Bounces Tamashi 02:55
03. Connect Tamashi 02:58
04. Distraught Tamashi 03:15
05. Suffering`s overrated Tamashi 03:35
06. Pleasure Tamashi 02:39
07. Something Tamashi 02:36
08. Locked Tamashi 02:55
09. Highway Tamashi 03:07
10. Tell it to the soul Tamashi 03:38
11. Unstoppable Tamashi 03:39
12. He said Tamashi 02:08
13. Lotta love Tamashi 04:15
14. You don`t know how 03:22