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"Best Ever Free Show"

Live Music Review:

The Painted Lady
(Formerly Lily's 21)

The Sheas
Our Brother, The Megazord

July 15, 2007

Sunday night. 10:30. A hundred people are packed into a joint seemingly built for fifty. The show opens with 'Our Brother, The Megazord'. He's a curious looking young man standing behind a table holding an Apple laptop and several other digital dealios. He begins the show with a sound check. The crowd glances back and forth between the stage and the man who operates the sound board as well as the bar. The show finally begins. The Megazord spasmodically plays acoustic guitar, pushes keys on the Apple, and sings into a microphone which he informs the crowd he will remove after his performance due to his flu. His performance is well received, speckled with the influences of The Strokes, Neil Young and various techno bands.

After the stage is assembled for the next act, a beautiful dark haired duo claim the stage and introduce themselves as 'The Sheas'. They're a brother and sister group based in Royal Oak named Sean and Jenny. They haven't quite nailed down a band name. has them listed as Polar Opposite. Any indecision in that aspect hasn't hindered their popularity, though. The brother begins to strum a guitar which I learn is owned by his father, who is in the audience with his wife, both smiling proudly. The siblings look at each other whimsically and begin to harmonize.

A huge crowd has gathered on the floor in front of the stage. Arms are waving joyously in the air. People are singing along, clapping and whistling as they reel off song after song of delicious, folky goodness. From the back of the bar, it's nearly impossible to see the stage through the wall of swaying bodies. It passes through my mind that if I'm so adulated by this... imagine how they feel. They must be hooked. Let's hope so. A brief intermission allows the audience to swarm The Sheas as the stage is set for the headliner, Ameloot.

When Thom Ameloot approaches the microphone, he has the same Guild guitar strapped over his shoulder that Sean Shea wore in the set before. Suddenly, one can feel how much of a family affair this is. Everyone is smiling, nodding and swaying. Ameloot's sound is reminiscent of greats from radiohead and r.e.m., to Beck and Rufus Wainwright. It's like a true busker has approached the stage, and he has; Ameloot has visited every state in the continental U.S. spreading music from here to yon. He's brought all of that vision back to us tonight. At some point the audience begins to sing his songs so loud we can barely hear him sing at all.

From the broad smile on his face as he looks out over the crowd singing, waving lighters and reveling in the sounds, it's obvious he doesn't mind at all. As Ameloot's set ends, the Shea's return to perform some collaborations with him. A circle forms around the stage and everyone claps along and sings with them joyously.

Finally, to make this familial, happy gathering even more memorable, The Sheas father, Sean, claims the stage and performs a beautiful original song of a soldier at war which makes everyone more thankful for the freedom we have. It was an amazing end to a fantastic night of closeness, happiness and beautiful music.
- Cheri Clair formerly of Metro Times


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coming in October

100 games of Solitaire



100 games of Solitaire. You are in this thing alone. You hold yourself back. There is no one else to blame for your problems. Try doing things this way. Dont focus on the pain. It's all a game.

Circled the United States like it was a Merry-Go-Round (or a prison cell). Doing it again, but for the first time with my music. I want my music to be a vehicle I can use to ride all over the world.

I have been homeless and I have had more money than I knew what to do with. Both in under less than a year. Came this close to prostitution, came this close to smoking crack. Hitch-hiked, flew away, took a train or a bus. Saved myself.
Recovering alcoholic. Drank till I pissed on my coffee table and blacked out more than once in a week. Till I lost my license in two states.
Stopped it on my own.
I don't eat meat, I don't eat McDonalds. If everyone just stopped eating McDonalds, the world would change. Let's change the world.

A friend offered to help finance my music and so this album and this first tour were born. There were no reasons not to any more.

I am not afraid to take chances and be different from the rest of the musical world. There will be comparisons sure, but there will be no comparisons to Brittney Spears or other such nonsense. Stop listening to garbage.

Recently got a band together for tour, saved up for an r.v., aka tour bus, started rehearsals, went on vacation for a week, came back and found out I had lost the band.

So, here we go again on our own.