Intense, melodramatic, acoustic folk trip-hop. Loving yourself is important. Leave those who can't handle life behind, watching t.v. And do it peacefully.


100 games of Solitaire. You are in this thing alone. You hold yourself back. There is no one else to blame for your problems. Try doing things this way. Dont focus on the pain. It's all a game.

Circled the United States like it was a Merry-Go-Round (or a prison cell). Doing it again, but for the first time with my music. I want my music to be a vehicle I can use to ride all over the world.

I have been homeless and I have had more money than I knew what to do with. Both in under less than a year. Came this close to prostitution, came this close to smoking crack. Hitch-hiked, flew away, took a train or a bus. Saved myself.
Recovering alcoholic. Drank till I pissed on my coffee table and blacked out more than once in a week. Till I lost my license in two states.
Stopped it on my own.
I don't eat meat, I don't eat McDonalds. If everyone just stopped eating McDonalds, the world would change. Let's change the world.

A friend offered to help finance my music and so this album and this first tour were born. There were no reasons not to any more.

I am not afraid to take chances and be different from the rest of the musical world. There will be comparisons sure, but there will be no comparisons to Brittney Spears or other such nonsense. Stop listening to garbage.

Recently got a band together for tour, saved up for an r.v., aka tour bus, started rehearsals, went on vacation for a week, came back and found out I had lost the band.

So, here we go again on our own.



Written By: Thomas Ameloot

ive got an unbeatable heart
everystep you take against me
makes you wronger makes me stronger than you are

an unbreakable hope
everyway you try to impeed me
makes me growin makes you greedy

its an unsinkable boat
as i sail to brighter days afloat
you get caught up in your maze

you get caught up in your maze
treadin water under gray skies
racking your brain looking for ways to
bring me back down to
the level youve settled to
when what you should do is worry about
how you can dig yourself out
of this early grave you made
and laid down in

youve got a dumb slum bummer view about life
change your ways and try to make it
better for you not worse for me

its a focus problem im seeing with you
where as i am striving and thriving
it seems you are prying and writhing

try to look up at everything right
and instead of falling and fussing
you might stand up for your
fight right for you life

with your hands crossed over your heart
look inside and start to pray
we come out better than yesterday

its a hope
and a know
that our building blocks are made of
positive thoughts make positive days

and its all about love.


Written By: Thomas Ameloot

All the girls in the world in lines around the block spending money to make their eyes wider
All the boys in the hood buying things on a card in hopes of catching those girlies eyes.
Well, on one hand its just an egocentric game they should all feel ashamed of.
On the other hand it's not their faults, all brainwashed by what the corporate machine did feed them.

So now we place the blame and hide from fingers aimed in our general direction.
So now you call me names and tell all your friends that I'm a fairy queen.
Don't stab no one in the back cause if they're all alone they can't reach the blade.

All the ladies in the potties showing all their chest putting cake paint on trying to hide their faces

And the men in the bar order up another round, slam it down cause they fear the girls will see who they are.

We could fight to perpetuate violence or work to fix it, say, let's all love our flaws not pay more money to make them go away.
The point of this whole soliloquy is that nobody is perfect. Spend our money on healing all the wrong things and not demolition.


e.p. 1

coming in October

100 games of Solitaire

Set List

I usually play for 30 to 45 minutes. That time can vary upon request. Will typically cover 2 songs

Set list for show at the Painted Lady 7-15-07

1. Phjon Tag
2. Silver and Gold
3. Letting You Go
4. I,I,I,I
5. Soul Searching
6. Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
7. Husband and Groom
8. Doll
9. Oceans' Bleakness
10. Unbeatable
11. Neverfool
12. We Belong Together (M.Carrey)
13. Solitaire
14. More