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"Boulder Weekly"

Though the wet dream of a Janis Joplin/Ani DiFranco double bill will always
remain fantasy, Tami Gosnell offers a hint of what this would sound like in
one soulful, dynamite performance. - Vince Darcangelo

"Polychronopolis,Music Director"

"Tami is one of the most promising talents in the valley today. Strong songwriting and an enigmatic performer, there is a bright future ahead of her." - KZYR Radio

"Looking for the American Idol Contestant Who Has 'It'"

Remember Tami Gosnell, the pedicab driver from Colorado? Now there was a star. When she sang "Whipping Post" during her audition, it was like that scene in "The Queen" when Helen Mirren's Queen Elizabeth is nearly rendered speechless by the sight of a magnificent, elusive stag. Such moments happen rarely, when we least expect them.

So invigorating was Gosnell's bluesy, natural performance that it required another viewing, courtesy of DVR. She had a certain something -- a quality that can vaguely be described as "IT."

She was also inexplicably cut after this year's Hollywood rounds. In a sea of "blah," Gosnell certainly stood out.

Isn't that worth voting for? - Erin Carlson- Associated Press

"Entertainment Weekly"

"But let's start with the good or, more accurately, the totally frickin' awesome. I know we only got to hear a little snippet of Tami Gosnell's ''Whipping Post,'' but she delivered it with the ferocity and fearlessness of a woman who's spent her life on an uphill climb — which may actually be the case, considering that Tami earns a living as a pedicab driver. Simon was right that the 29-year-old came off like ''someone who'd have been a big star in the '60s,'' and with her stringy hair, makeup-free complexion, pierced lip, and earth-goddess curves, Tami's probably the closest Idol will ever come to a modern-day Janis Joplin." - Michael Slezak

"American Idol Contestant Surprises North Oregon Coast"

"Gosnell’s voice has much of the same bluesy, commanding style that was indicative of Joplin, but her material has a surreal sense about it: almost as if Mazzy Star or Tori Amos had joined forces with the deceased icon. Her songwriting is intelligent, even complex in moments." - Beach Connection

"Star Satellite CD Review"

"Tami Gosnell possesses the strongest pipes in Colorado, a sultry rasp worthy of an autumn breeze in a rocky meadow. The words don't so much come from her mouth as they seep from her entire body, producing a brand of full-contact folk that belongs as much to the genre of soul—in spirit if not entirely in sound.

But Gosnell is more than just a powerful voice. She's also a gifted guitarist and performer, not to mention songwriter. The combination of talent, performance and stage presence earned her an opening gig last year at the Fox Theatre when she won the first-ever I'm Playing the Fox Open Mic Competition at Conor O'Neills. One of the winning numbers from that competition was "Very Free Now," which appears on Star Satellite. It's an upbeat folk-rocker in the vein of early Melissa Etheridge that showcases Gosnell at her most intense.

Other standout tracks include "Abilene," the moving "New Town Fairy" and the surprisingly poppy "Everybody Run." "Horse of Course" is another popular tune that works well as a solo acoustic number live and a full-band stomp on record.

Star Satellite closes with the piano ballad "Earthshaking Goodbye," but Gosnell is at top of her game on the bluesy "Where's Your Fire," a distortion-laden rocker in which Gosnell's voice is complemented by equally smokin' guitar work.

With Star Satellite, Gosnell has emerged as one of the area's most talented performers, bringing her a step closer to where she should be—headlining the Fox, not opening."

—Vince Darcangelo - Vince Darcangelo- Boulder Weekly


Tami's releases:
Children's Songs 1996
Solo 1997
Only A Memory/ I Ran 2002
Star Satellite 2006

Internet play available on Nette Radio, RubyFruit Radio, and UU-BRU Internet Radio.



You might remember seeing Tami on the world's most watched singing contest, receiving rave reviews from the famous judges. She gained international attention overnight with her rendition of the Allman Brothers song, Whipping Post. Copy and paste this link to your web browser to watch: http://www.dailymotion.com/greateggs/video/x15pwx_sdfs45

Since the "Best of the Rest" audition episode aired, her website hits have skyrocketed (800,000 since Feb. 8th) and she has been mentioned, and at times the focal point in articles written by TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, CNN.com, MSNBC.com, InTouch Magazine, and the Associated Press.

Her influences include Led Zeppelin, Ween, Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, The Breeders, Nirvana, The Beatles, Tori Amos, Imogen Heap, Ani Difranco, Patsy Cline, and Joni Mitchell.

Tami is not just a singer, performer, or a songwriter. She lives all aspects of her life consciously and with purpose. She is a Flower of Life graduate, a political activist who opposes U.S. imperial wars and who favors a free and sovereign U.S. republic, she supports and is active in all forms of sustainability (which she believes is pure and true independence), and is currently learning modes of sound healing and recording for the betterment of the whole of mankind.