Tamika Shaw

Tamika Shaw


Hey! This Tamika , I am guitarist that has been playing for 6 years or so. I am in a band called TwoReal which consist of two musicians performing acoustic music which are most influenced by Jack Johnson, India Arie ,Teddy Geiger and Mariah Carey.

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TwoReal is a acoustic R&B and Pop - Rock group. The band started out when Naledi Rametse ( Vocalist) and Tamika Shaw (Guitarist) were in high school. The two discovered each other talents in music class as they formed a trio school band which consisted two female vocalist and a guitarist. When they both graduated High School they contacted each other for to further their interest in music.

Tamika and Naledi came up with the name TwoReal as Naledi quotes " The reason why we choose TwoReal is because we are two musicians who are authentic , we basically only have a guitarist and vocalist we are creating real good music. 2010 Tamika and Naledi audition for Musicians Institute in Los Angles , and they got accepted and now they are currently waiting for future endeavors to occur.