Taming Ingrid!

Taming Ingrid!


Female Vocal/Lead GUITAR DUO! Monica owns the stage with her lively performance&strong vocals! Rhonda stuns the audience with amazing lead guitar talent! Memorable hooks/ powerful arrangements great dynamics these two have the "IT" factor!


Monica and Rhonda began writing music together over 6 yrs ago.
Monica left her former funk band to pursue music with Rhonda, who's musical performance skills were limited to her home living room.
Together the girls began a journey which led them to write music and performances catching teh attention of MTV, E! Wild On Rocks Hollywood, Budweiser
sponosrhip and opened for major acts ranging from Better Than Ezra,Smashmouth to Styx, Hall & Oats and more.
The girls write music non stereotypical of "female singer songwriter" style but with a feminine flair with masculine abilities. Especially seen/heard in the Guitar work of Rhonda Valles..who has gained such sponsors
as PRS Guitars, Martin Guitars, Dunlop, Taylor, Maxon and much more...
The girls passion is writing and performing. With passion, commitmet and drive to match the duo has evolved into one Impressive LIKE NO OTHER act today!
Monica and Rhonda are also both attractive young girls with TRUE musical talent. Staying true to their roots and improvig every day...this Duo is truly like no other!
The songs are memorable, powerful and make you FEEL.


Tame This! 2005

Set List

I Can See
If I Wait
Yes Sir
Snow White