Tami & Nir

Tami & Nir


We are 2 people who live and breath music, we write our own stuff which is mainly pop/soft rock songs, we have a band assembled of great musicians who work with us routinely. Tami is a pianist and Nir is a dancer and we both meet at the vocal intersection which we like the most. Try us!


The ultimate pupil's dream came true, when Tami Caspi-Eshel, a Pianist, composer, singer and conductress met the 15 year old student , Nir Chalamish, who came to audition for the high school ensemble that Tami conducted.
Tami was already a successful pop choirs' conductress who's been playing and singing in rock bands, played keyboards in many albums and recorded her own album when she met Nir.
Nir, who comes from a family of pilots that's been serving the Israeli airforce for many years, knew from the beginning that he's going to go "on air" in a different way.
Overwhelmed by Nir's special voice, talent and charisma , Tami took this charming young man, who's been acting, singing and dancing on stages since the age of 6, under her cover.
For the last 7 years on which during them, Nir had also served the army in the airforce band and became very popular in Israel thanks to his talent revealed in a reality TV show-"Grease", they have joined their professional ways, writing, composing and performing together while promoting their independent careers as well .

Tami Caspi-Eshel

A musician, pianist, singer, composer,conductress and a mom.

Tami studied piano since the age of 6, had finished the "Rubin" conservatory in "Haifa" with an artist degree.
She performed in many classical concerts as a child, participated in radio concerts for young talents, served in the Israeli army as a musical director and studied piano, composition and conducting at the "Rubin academy of music" in Tel-aviv.
Although she comes from a classical background Tami's heart was always in the pop and rock music and during all these years she has been playing in rock bands and writting pop/rock music.

Tami participated in a lot of Israeli records as a keyboard player, a pianist or an arranger.

For almost 20 years has been a part of the ensemble "the Doppler effect" with Baruch Friedland, recorded 3 albums with them and took part in many TV shows and concerts with this group.

Had also recorded her own album, all written and composed by Tami and Eshy Gazit. 2 songs were released as radio singles. ("kimat" and "sodot")

Tami had become a specialist in vocal arrangements for popular choirs and singers.
For many years she was the manager of a highschool music department in the city "Yavne", conducted the school's ensmble, recorded 2 albums and performed all over Israel with this ensemble with great success.

Tami keeps on working with singers, performs with her adult choirs in Israel and around the world, teaches vocal training and harmony by the keyboard and work as a coacher for young musicians who wish to build a career in the music business and keeps writting for herself and for others.

Nir Chalamish

A singer, dancer, actor and composer. 22 years old, who's been dancing, acting and singing on stages since the age of 6. Nir was brought up in the city "Yavne", he participated in children's choirs and theatre groups, he's been dancing in a professional dance group for 10 years, " The TV Dance" and performed all over Israel with this group and also on TV.

Nir has just recently finished serving in the Israeli army (As a singer in an entertainment group), played major roles in two prestigious Israeli productions ("Dora" and "Around The World In 80 Days") and recently participated in a famous TV reality production -"Grease" ,had reached the final and became very popular in Israel.

For a few years now he has been working with youth as a director and a choreographer.

Nir is working on his first album, all songs are written by Tami & Nir.

This summer (2008) Tami & Nir had submited to an International pop festival in Romania "The Golden Stag" (Cerbul De Aur) festival and had been accepted to represent Israel with their original song "My Dear Beloved".
They had also sang a romanian popular song (in romanian & hebrew) and reached the finals. (10 out of 30)
Their song and their performance were one of the favorites and had been described as a very sensitive and exciting one.


Forget Emotions

Written By: Tami & Nir

Forget emotions

Forget the anger
'cause you know, it doesn't matter
Forget the sorrow
There will always be tomorrow
Forget emotions
Oh, forget I ever loved, forget I always will.

When we say goodbye
When we're fading away
Time keeps passing by
Each one's going his way
Now it seems more and more
Nothing's like before

Forgive the anger
Cause you know it doesn't matter
Forgive the sorrow
There will always be tomorrow
Forgive emotions
Oh, forgive I ever loved, forgive I always will.

Now it's time to choose
it is time to decide
looking for the truth
That is lost deep inside
Still you're trapped in this war.
Have you won before?

Forsake the anger
Cause you know it doesn't matter
Forsake the sorrow
There will always be tomorrow
Forsake emotions
Oh, forsake I ever loved, forsake I always will.

Forget the anger
'cause you know, it doesn't matter
Forgive the sorrow
There will always be tomorrow
Forsake emotions
Oh, forget I ever loved, and that I always will


Tami Eshel-
2 singles:
"Kimat" Sodot"
1 videoclip for "Sodot"

Tami & Nir- the single "My Dear Beloved"