T. J. Mullen

T. J. Mullen


I invite you to "Experience the Eclecticity" of a unique singer/songwriter: transgendered, 100% disabled from PTSD. I don't fit in the "cubby holes" and I like it that way! My music runs thru pop, folk and blues in my own way.


I started performing during the 1960's and appeared in numerous "Hootenanies" and bookings as well as TV.
My influences run from Elvis to Ryan Adams and Dayna Kurtz.


The Tiger And The Monk (Convergence)

Written By: Tammi Mullen (BMI)

The Tiger And The Monk (Convergence)

By Tammi Mullen (BMI)
Copyright 2007 by Tammi Mullen (BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

1st Verse:

The narrow trail scarred the steep mountain.
The hungry-eyed Tiger padded down the trail; and the pudgy monk struggled up the trail
The Tiger was starving, parched and lonely.
Sweat poured from The Monk's baldhead, reddening in the fierce sun.
With each dusty, careless step a moan escaped The Tiger.
The Monk wondered why he'd been chosen for this arduous trek.


The Tiger and The Monk, pure aggression, pure love, converging on a barren trail.
Would one win and one fail?
Destiny and fate, neither would vacillate.

2nd Verse:

They met on a tight curve, sheer walls above and below.
The Tiger thought he'd found a meal.
The Monk thought he'd found his fate.
The Monk weighed his options, then slipped over the side.


The Monk clung to a tenuous twig; The Tiger stared in despair.
The Tiger's meal gone, his loneliness flared.
Without a thought, The Tiger stared over the side.
The Monk was out of reach and his twig was failing.

3rd Verse:

A strange feeling embraced The Tiger.
Out of character he extended his paw.
The Monk stared at the paw, extended above his head.
He smiled and reached out his hand.
As the twig gave way, hand and paw locked.


The Tiger and The Monk, pure aggression, pure love, converged on fate.
The hungry and the pudgy forgot tradition, destiny, or fate.
Only love and trust remained.


Currently recording and assembling songs for my first CD.

Set List

I am limited by my disabilities, but usually do 30 minute sets. I perform my own songs and occassionally throw in a few early Elvis songs.