MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN
SoloAlternativeArt Rock

Signed by Thurston Moore, TAM - " Brighter than the Midnight Sun." Seamlessly blending post-punkrock to pop/noise & electronic influences with cheerful melancholia, TAM bridges the gaps between musical styles.


New TAM solo cd "Him/Her" 2015 available now !!


TAM is an artist from Montreal signed to Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace with intl. distribution by Universal in 2006. Tam has released 4 cds, TAM self-titled ( Ecstaticpeace/Universal), The Dead Soles-2008 ( published by Freibank.com) Into Beat-2010 (no label) & "Him/Her"-2015 (no label). Recent solo performance at www.onemanbandfest.com/tam

Self-managed, TAM opened for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, curated & opened both nights for David J Haskins of Bauhaus in 2012 at Katacombes.TAM played O'sheaga Fest, Pop Mtl with Finland's The Cleaning Women, Toronto's Drake Hotel, Lee's Palace & Velvet Underground club with The Scarlet Fever as well opening for the Unicorns. Her musical career began in 1990 as rhythm guitarist for Mike King's Django Reinhardt cover band "Swing Dynamique, performing over 200 club dates Mtl and Halifax Jazz Fests, live CBC recording,management by Ivan of Men Without Hats. Mike King committed suicide by hanging himself on Tam's birthday in 2004. In 1998, Tam left Swing Dynamique to form her own band with Peter Boucher of Flocons Givrees ( R.I.P Peter) then became"THE VAMPIRES" with Go Van Gogh/Men Without Hats bassist Johnny Souranis. "The Vampires" name was changed to TAM by Thurston Moore when he signed her. Someone Else Intl marketing company brought TAM to "In The City" Manchester, UK, where she met & stayed in Arthur Baker's basement ( New Order re-mixes ). Later, TAM played drums & sang with Dave Wenger of Daddy's Hands during The Vampires' year-long residency at  Pasalamany Bar in Montreal. Dave Wenger was tragically killed in a hit-n-run accident (R.i.P.)  Later Influenced by noise acts, Tam released "Into Beat" solo cd in 2010 with originals & Harry Howard covers. She produced her own music video Open Dream in 2012 & is seeking management & a new label for her new 2015 cd TAM solo "Him/Her" 2015


Golden God

Written By: tammy isabel pardo

He's a Golden God
A Living Dream
Paradise Embodied
Androgynous Scream
I don't need you
to be my friend
all i want is to make you
Heterosexual again
ah ah ah ah
oh oh oh oh
Never Chase The Golden God
HIs Rays will Burn
He lures you so seductively
Will you never learn ?
will i never learn ?
ah ah ah ah
oh oh oh oh oohhh

Pretty Lover Boy

Written By: tammy isabel pardo

My baby is longing to hold me
but there's only one thing that'ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-stopping him
and that 's his Pretty Lover Boy - Oh YEAH !!
the one with the
Deep Blue Eyes and
the Long Thin Thighs
His Pretty Lover Boy
oh yeah !!
They're running around town saying
They're dragging my name round town saying-
"she's the BIGGEST! BADDEST ! MEANEST little
kitty cat in town !!!"
oooooooohhhhh aaaaahhh
she 's the biggest , baddest, meanest little kitty cat in town !
oooooohhhhh oooooooohhhhh aaaah

Open Dream

Written By: Tammy isabel Pardo

So Many nights since i've waited for you
How many times have i declared my love for you ?
Now that you're mine i hear birds singing in the trees
and restless nights lonely stars shine high over me
For this is like Paradise on Earth Never Seen
Now we must fly arm in arm in an Open Dream ! Open Dream!

My Love ! My Darling ! Come to Me !
My Love ! My Darling ! Meant to Be !
My Love ! My Darling ! Hopefully!

I want to fly to my love in High Germany!
Live in his House with a Garden so Lovely
Drink Beer in daylight enjoy his fast company
Creep in the dawn in the forest that's Haunting me ! Haunting !


2006- TAM- self-titled cd Ecstatic Peace label with international distribution by Universal
2008- TAM- The Dead Soles/Tam solo cd more info : www.freibank.com
2010- TAM - Into Beat  solo cd 19 songs originals and Harry Howard covers
2015- TAM - solo cd "Him/Her" -Neither I, You, Me, Nor Love. all original TAM material ( no label as of yet -but available digitally on www.tam13.bandcamp.com

Set List

1 set =30- 40 minutes , solo, duo or with band. Set List:Tam originals and possibly some covers 

Live vocals, guitars, usually pre-recorded drum tracks from mp3 player through the p.a