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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1998
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Ecstaticpeace signs with Universal"

In february sonicyouth's Thurston Moore signed a distribution deal between his independant record label Ecstaticpeace and music industry goliath Universal Records. Since Moore formed ecstaticpeace in 1981 to release the live SonicYouth documentary Sonic Death, the label has put out more than 100 records-al artifacts of the progressive, avant-garde, underground punk and modern music scenes. Releases have included acts as diverse as Japanese noise artist Yoshimiof the Boredoms, improvisational weirdos Jackie O Motherfucker and the always enigmatic,mysterious and defiantly anti commercial No Neck Blues. The deal will allow ecstaticpeace to manufacture and distribute through universals fontana distribution service as well as sign and develop in joint venture with universal records proper. Moore and businees partner Andrew Kesin will remain closely connected to all label decisions as president and general manager respectively. Ecstaticpeace's first releases through universal will include debut records by Brooklyn based power blues rock trio Awesome color, Montreal singer songwriter TAM and Pagoda, the outfit led by actor Michael Pitt ecstaticpeace will continue to release exclusive limited edition records, cds , dvds books and other goodies form its website. - Colin stutz/Filter magazine

"Tam and the Vampires"

Tam is simply amazing. Her voice is angelic, she is like a freakin' godsend.She is delightful and lovely and just a joy to see and listen to .Her raw attitude and emotion exemplify all that is real about Montreal. She is a beacon of hope in a time of golden calves. - Pop montreal booklet

"Up and Coming by Chris Rolls"

Up and Coming: Tam
By Chris Rolls
July 11, 2006 at 12:39:00 PM
Lo-fi aficionados, shoegazers, and noisepoppers rejoice! Tam has surfaced to fill your ears with music that is nothing short of brilliant.
When I discovered that Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label signed a deal with Universal, my heart sank to new depths. A cold sweat claimed my aging skin and my stomach turned with anxiety. (A similar physiological chain reaction occurred when Volkswagen began harvesting tunes by the Orb, Stereolab, and Nick Drake, or even further back, when Nike plucked Lennon's electrified "Revolution" and images of William S. Burroughs.)

Over the years I have watched monolithic record labels destroy great bands and independent labels. So, the question becomes: Can the great Thurston Moore wrestle with the enemy while ensuring that Ecstatic Peace releases will retain the experimental, underground-warehouse feel that so many crave and expect. Well, if Tam is any indication, the answer appears to be yes (at least for the time being).
Who is Tam? Well, she is a seasoned musician who started out in a Django Reinhardt cover band. Eventually she switched over to her own songs, aided by various other players, and released them under the moniker The Butchershop.
More time passed, more music was released and performed, and then Tam turned her focus toward ensuring that her (and her groups) music fell into the hands of Thurston Moore--a dream that thankfully led to Tam, a collection of Tam's songs complied by Moore himself.

This collection is nothing short of brilliant. Lo-fi aficionados will rejoice at its tape-hiss-enveloped simplicity; shoegazers and noisepoppers will praise the nods to late-eighties and early-nineties aesthetics. Even the covers are fantastic; the Arcade Fire's "No Car Go" gets a Pixies-esque reductionist treatment, while "Incest at Best," from Victoria's Daddy's Hands, sounds like a less narcotized Royal Trux.

Thank you, Tam; thank you, Ecstatic Peace; and yes, thank you, Thurston, for pushing more fantastic music into our collective ear holes.

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"Good Music Will Prevail"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/classic-cds-articles-206014/photo/61545939 - Filter

"Ecstatic Peace"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/classic-cds-articles-206014/photo/61545936 - The Big Takeover

"TAM /Ecstatic peace"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/classic-cds-articles-206014/photo/61545940 - The Phoenix

"Osheaga fest -scene des arbres"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/streammix-209474/photo/372843071 - Osheaga Fest

"Tam and the Vampires"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/classic-cds-articles-206014/photo/61545941 - Pop Montreal

"Lee Ranaldo about TAM"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/classic-cds-articles-206014/photo/61545935 - Ecstatic Peace

"Holly's Demo Hell"

https://myspace.com/tamofvampires/mixes/classic-cds-articles-206014/photo/61545934 - Holly Hernandez


2006- TAM- self-titled cd Ecstatic Peace label with international distribution by Universal
2008- TAM- The Dead Soles/Tam solo cd more info : www.freibank.com
2010- TAM - Into Beat  solo cd 19 songs originals and Harry Howard covers
2015- TAM - solo cd "Him/Her" -Neither I, You, Me, Nor Love. all original TAM material ( no label as of yet -but available digitally on www.tam13.bandcamp.com



New TAM solo cd "Him/Her" 2015 available now !!


TAM is an artist from Montreal signed to Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace with intl. distribution by Universal in 2006. Tam has released 4 cds, TAM self-titled ( Ecstaticpeace/Universal), The Dead Soles-2008 ( published by Freibank.com) Into Beat-2010 (no label) & "Him/Her"-2015 (no label). Recent solo performance at www.onemanbandfest.com/tam

Self-managed, TAM opened for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, curated & opened both nights for David J Haskins of Bauhaus in 2012 at Katacombes.TAM played O'sheaga Fest, Pop Mtl with Finland's The Cleaning Women, Toronto's Drake Hotel, Lee's Palace & Velvet Underground club with The Scarlet Fever as well opening for the Unicorns. Her musical career began in 1990 as rhythm guitarist for Mike King's Django Reinhardt cover band "Swing Dynamique, performing over 200 club dates Mtl and Halifax Jazz Fests, live CBC recording,management by Ivan of Men Without Hats. Mike King committed suicide by hanging himself on Tam's birthday in 2004. In 1998, Tam left Swing Dynamique to form her own band with Peter Boucher of Flocons Givrees ( R.I.P Peter) then became"THE VAMPIRES" with Go Van Gogh/Men Without Hats bassist Johnny Souranis. "The Vampires" name was changed to TAM by Thurston Moore when he signed her. Someone Else Intl marketing company brought TAM to "In The City" Manchester, UK, where she met & stayed in Arthur Baker's basement ( New Order re-mixes ). Later, TAM played drums & sang with Dave Wenger of Daddy's Hands during The Vampires' year-long residency at  Pasalamany Bar in Montreal. Dave Wenger was tragically killed in a hit-n-run accident (R.i.P.)  Later Influenced by noise acts, Tam released "Into Beat" solo cd in 2010 with originals & Harry Howard covers. She produced her own music video Open Dream in 2012 & is seeking management & a new label for her new 2015 cd TAM solo "Him/Her" 2015

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