Tamsin Wilson

Tamsin Wilson

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Hailing from the UK and Canada, Boston-based singer/songwriter Tamsin Wilson pulls from the warm folk sounds of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, with a dash of Feist, to create an alluring ambiance and heartfelt, sweet-tongued songs.


Born in London, UK, singer/songwriter Tamsin Wilson relocated to Western Canada where she grew up listening to Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Cat Stevens. At 15, she uncovered an acoustic guitar in a closet and wrote her first song.

Intending to pursue a career in visual arts, Tamsin moved back to London and had a chance encounter with a music promoter in a kebab shop. He introduced her to the nu-folk scene in London and sparked her interest in performing. Tamsin then turned her full focus to music and moved to Boston in early 2009. Her first EP 'West to East' was released later that year.


'West to East' EP - Released November 2009

Engineered by Keeley Bumford
Mixed by Alex Krispin
Masted by Francis Hooper

1. Foolish
2. Just How it Goes
3. Rain
4. West to East
5. The Gatekeeper

(c) Tamsin Wilson 2009