Tam Tam Mandingue

Tam Tam Mandingue


Tam Tam Mandingue (TTM) is a performance group of west African drumming, which represents our international school of the same name. Our mission is to preserve and transmit Mandingue musical tradition as a tool to promote tolerance, understanding, equality and international peace.


Group leader Ali Thomas has spent many years studying traditional west African drumming from the Mandingue ethnic group; even traveling to Guinea, west Africa several times to study with the very people who created this music. She studies specifically with grand master djembe player Mamady Keita, and is the Assistant Director of the San Diego branch of his international school, Tam Tam Mandingue. Ali leads TTM students in a high-energy performance group.


Tam Tam Mandingue percussion group “covers” traditional music, some of which can be found recorded by master Mamady Keita.

Set List

The rhythms we play are traditional Mandingue percussion. We choose from over 60 different rhythms that we have learned and play as many as our set will allow.