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Tana Matz

Allendale, Michigan, United States

Allendale, Michigan, United States
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"Jammin' With Tana Matz"

She sings sweet & clear, roars and belts, croons & cries and smiles wide. She raps, she rocks and she plays pretty good too. She’s Tana Matz. A twenty year old sweetheart of a singer songwriter. Blonde and beautiful with big smiling brown eyes, Tana has the looks to make for some sweet cover shots. That helps a bit in her biz. Before you start thinking “just a hot young blonde act” you need to hear her first.
Click on any of her original songs (reverbnation/tanamatz), don’t look at the photos, and tell me she’s not as good as Taylor Swift (similar but more polished). Click through the tunes and tell me they can’t measure up to what we hear everyday on the radio. Then, if you must, look at her photos. Now, tell me this girl isn’t star quality and I’ll tell you... to go see the show. Then you’ll see.
Browse youtube and you can see her evolution. You can see her at 16 covering “Halo”. Her talent is obvious even back at just 16.
Fast forward a few years to Tana’s “Titanium” and “See You Again” covers from 2012. She’s powerfully dynamic and confident now. Amazing progression. Then click on “Just Fly” off her original list (Okay To Cry, Rebel In My Heart, Pretty On The Inside, Ruined It and Oops). In these original tunes Tana proves she can write.
Writing is the key to success in the music biz. Many (or even most) of the top songs in the charts come from writers that never perform. Her tunes all show strong merit. Infused with originality, yet pleasing to pop country ears.
If you want to see who the girl is behind the music, click on “This I Believe”. That’s who she is really is. Enough with the youtube, what about the show?
Every single second of Tana’s live performance is full on. I saw her at the Maineville Putters and even towards the end of the night, after all but the true Tana fans had left, she kept coming on stronger with her originals and cool covers (Rhianna, Sugarland, Elvis even Lynyrd Skynyrd). Every note, key and nuance is twisted and tweaked into Tana’s style. Old songs made new. She even made a song I have always passionately hated sound strangely good (I Love Rock & Roll - Joan Jett). I couldn’t believe it. The way Tana played it, it could have just come out on the country charts yesterday.
Tana’s original work is progressive and interesting. It’s shocking to think she started playing only four years ago (in her bedroom as a freshman in high school). Many musicians would slink out the side door after seeing her show and finding that out. And many more that should. Somehow she’s just got it. And she’s got it all.
If I had the spare million, I would speedily spend the dough on Tana’s pro recording, sound & lighting tour equipment, hall rentals, booking fees, web design & marketing, hair/make-up & wardrobe, advertising, insurance, bus rental & fuel and food & hotels. Let’s not forget about the pro video. Plus, the all important cable channels, record company and radio station payoffs. It’s a rough biz. You gotta foot big bills if you wanna play on big stages.
The little lady has the unique sound, natural talent, ambitious drive and looks to make it pay off and that’s the hook. Properly funded and marketed, Tana Matz has everything it takes to go from super cute indie pop chic to super star country pop chart topper. Pay that mere million back 10 fold with her first hit single. And they will buy her the hit singles my friend. No offense Tana, that’s just the way it is. Two of theirs, three of yours, if you’re lucky (At first that is).
Tana is taking to the road and touring high schools and colleges. She’s hitting NY and is obviously excited about that. I think she’s excited about everything really. And she should be. The gigs are her only schedule and the music is her whole life, at 20. She’s in high gear and shows no signs of slowing.
Big stage or small, Tana will be found filling the room with her music and her infectious youthfulness. Her excitement shines bright and the crowd reflects it back. Her music is hitting home. She’s diggin it for real and it shows. I dig it back.
Tana is playing in and around Cincy when possible. Check out her schedule at tanamatz.com or reverbnation/tanamatz (or the evil facebook, if you must). Venue owners looking to liven up their schedule should take note. Tana has the freshest, lively solo act you will ever book. - Cincy Vibe


Still working on that hot first release.



Hey there! My Name is Tana Marie Matz. I live in Cincinnati OH, my favorite color is blue, I have a cat named Buttercup who I adore a little too much, and I eat mac & cheese just about on the daily. When it comes to the artistic part of my life, I love to sing, write songs, perform, and play guitar and piano. Music is my passion; I could do it all day everyday if it was completely healthy for me to do so. I realized I had an ear for music when I was five years old and began playing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion on my multicolored xylophone.

By fifteen I had taught myself guitar and played piano mostly by ear. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I had gained the courage to sing for my parents. Since then, I’ve sung at many restaurants, bars and grills, and benefits in the Cincinnati area. Starting out, I never really knew music would become so necessary in my life. It’s the one true love I’ve ever know, it’s just beautiful to me in every aspect.
I want this dream of mine to become reality for many reasons. Not only for my own personal happiness, but I want to inspire people, and be a role model. I want to help the people in my life and try to make this world a better place for as many people as I possibly can. When I die, I want to know that I changed the world for the better, that I lived my dreams, and that I did all I could to share what I was so blessed to be given.