Tana Matz

Tana Matz

 Allendale, Michigan, USA

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Hey there! My Name is Tana Marie Matz. I live in Cincinnati OH, my favorite color is blue, I have a cat named Buttercup who I adore a little too much, and I eat mac & cheese just about on the daily. When it comes to the artistic part of my life, I love to sing, write songs, perform, and play guitar and piano. Music is my passion; I could do it all day everyday if it was completely healthy for me to do so. I realized I had an ear for music when I was five years old and began playing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion on my multicolored xylophone.

By fifteen I had taught myself guitar and played piano mostly by ear. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I had gained the courage to sing for my parents. Since then, I’ve sung at many restaurants, bars and grills, and benefits in the Cincinnati area. Starting out, I never really knew music would become so necessary in my life. It’s the one true love I’ve ever know, it’s just beautiful to me in every aspect.
I want this dream of mine to become reality for many reasons. Not only for my own personal happiness, but I want to inspire people, and be a role model. I want to help the people in my life and try to make this world a better place for as many people as I possibly can. When I die, I want to know that I changed the world for the better, that I lived my dreams, and that I did all I could to share what I was so blessed to be given.