Tan and Sober Gentlemen

Tan and Sober Gentlemen

 Snow Camp, North Carolina, USA

Celtic punk-grass.

Band Press

Beaufort Music Festival – John Hackney (Director)

“The T&SG are the kind of group people remember, even when they're seeing a bunch of bands at a festival. We have had them at the Beaufort Music Festival twice! Crowds of all ages love listening and dancing to their music; they've become famous here in eastern NC due to their electrifying stage presence and raw energy. Not only do they put on a great show, but they are also road pros with whom it is always a pleasure to work.”

Local 506 – Kippy Perkins (Owner)

“Tan & Sober Gentlemen never fails to deliver an original, high energy live show to a packed house. I am really into the band and catch them live whenever I can.”

Kippy Perkins, Owner Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC