Tandem Felix

Tandem Felix


Tandem Felix rock, ask someone who has listened to Tandem Felix or seen them live who they sound like and all you will hear is em em! followed by "they were class!!!!!!".


At a time where, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins were dominating the air waves, three 15yr old boys decided to embark on similar creative venture. The genises of this new world began with the union of John, Ian and Richard, with the decloration to create a revolutionary new sound. The band laboured under many guises and aliases, seeing vocalists and musicians come and go.
Meanwhile, Simon, a young, classical trained, musician and vocalist was experiencing the demise of his first real incarnation with a rock band. He was then exiled to Scotland with a promise of a college degree in music. It was not until his return to Navan, Co.Meath, in the summer of 2001 that Simon met with the original trio to 'jam'!! However, it was not to be, 2 years would pass before Simon would met with the trio again, only this time it would gel. Tandem Felix was born!!!
The boys set about to create an individual sound with explosive guitar riffs, melodic and meaningful lyrics, supported by a pounding beat from the bass and kit with Simons classical background harnessing the energy, enthusiam and passion of the band.
Now the band will embark on a voyage of musical creation and will ply their trade in venues accross the country / globe.


1 EP
Sex Made Your Day Love Ruined Your Life

The title track from the EP
"Sex Made Your Day Love Ruined Your Life"
appears on the recent
"Music For Long Ears" 2CD Compilation from Sofa Records

Set List

set list:
Camp Fire
Curb Crawler
Keyhole Lady
Sex Made Your Day
Botox Lips
Absolute Child
Into The City
Lost For Words


Set Time 60 Minutes