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Newark, New Jersey, United States

Newark, New Jersey, United States
Band Spoken Word World


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The best kept secret in music


"Student publishes intimate poetry book"

For fifth-year student Tanesha Douglas, poetry isn’t simply rhythm and rhyme; it is a spiritual expression of her innermost being.
And Douglas has decided to share her intimate writings by publishing a book of poetry called “Old vs. New: The Chronicles of Growth.”
The book is divided into two sections: the first section follows Douglas’s poetic expression from the time she started writing at age seven until her freshman year at the University; the second gives insight into her growth as a poet from November 2008 to February 2009.
Douglas received the idea of creating a book of poetry, or “chap book” as she called it, from her mentor who had achieved the goal herself.
“I wanted to do an intro publication [showing] what I used to do when I was younger and now when I’m older,” Douglas said.
As her book illustrates, Douglas’s love for poetry goes back to her childhood, when she used writing as a personal outlet.
“I was an only child,” Douglas said. “My family moved around a lot ,and I never made consistent friends. I just needed to write to vent my problems and feelings.”
Douglas, who went through stages of depression during adolescence and survived a suicide attempt, was once a rapper signed under Animosity Records. After deciding the hip-hop industry was not for her, she turned to writing poetry.
But her style as a rapper occasionally resurfaces as she recites poetry.
“When I’m excited, people can tell by my gestures and how I perform that I used to be a rapper,” she said. “I never really just sit down and write. Most of [my poems] come straight off my head.”
Douglas writes poetry based off of her life experiences but also finds inspiration through other artists.
“I’m really heavy on this group called ‘We Are The Unreal.’ I’ve been listening to this CD all day, every day, lately,” she said, adding that her inspiration has changed over time as she has met new poets.
Douglas explained how she had to overcome several challenges when she decided to publish her poetry. She particularly struggled with letting readers in on her personal triumphs and tragedies, she said.
“To put the limelight on that part of my life and expose it to the world, worrying about how they will judge it, accept it .that’s what brings about that level of vulnerability,” Douglas said.
But Douglas said the struggle was worth it – she has sold more than 200 copies of her book and has received positive reactions from many readers, including University students.
“People can take my story and my feelings and be inspired to do what they are doing and realize that life isn’t over even when you are going through things,” she said.
Douglas has performed her poetry at the Apache Café in Atlanta and various other venues including several state universities.
She calls her on-stage experiences her “15 minutes of heaven” and hopes to turn her passion for poetry into a long-term career.
Though enrolled in the University as a Health Promotion and Behavior major, Douglas entertains ideas of opening her own poetry café.
“It’s something I want to keep doing and maybe it will turn into a career so I can be a full-time poet,” she said.
“Performing across the world and sharing my poems . that’s the goal.” - The Red and Black


Still working on that hot first release.



Tanesha Douglas was born October 20, 1987 in Newark, New Jersey. Raised in a single parent home, at the age of 7 she began to use artistic expression through writing and rap music to get through life changing events such as a suicide attempt when she was 11. When she was 15, Douglas landed a recording deal with Animocity Records, an independent label; however, after exploring the industry, she realized that being a female mc was not her passion. Though she no longer pursued a career in rap music she did continue to write and decided that spoken word would be the vehicle through which her message was conveyed.

In August of 2005, she enrolled at the University of Georgia (Athens) and continued to write and perform locally at campus functions, gaining a support base in the process. However, during her sophomore year of college, Douglas decided to take a hiatus from writing and performing to focus her attention on academics and to deal with some challenging family issues. It wasnt until November of 2008 that she returned to her craft, writing and performing like never before. Upon her return in 2008, Tanesha took the world of spoken word by storm! While still pursuing her course of study and continuing to participate in local campus functions, she began to expand her performance art beyond the campus to perform in venues both locally (Georgia) and nationally. In December 2009, Tanesha graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion and Behavior with an emphasis in HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and outreach. She aspires to work closely with young adults who are both at-risk and positive with the virus by showing them the importance of protecting themselves and preventing the further spread of the disease in the youth community. It is her hope that her art will be useful to facilitate spreading this message as well as many other affirming messages for humanity.

Tanesha has performed in such places as Atlanta's own Apache Café and the Madame CJ Walker Beauty Shoppe and Museum, the world renowned Nuyorican Café in New York, and she has featured at various colleges and universities nationally. This budding prodigy has shared the stage with such renowned artists as: internationally renowned Taalam Acey at The Poetry Exchange in Brooklyn, New York and Def Poetry Jams Shihan at University of Georgias Café Soul. Seasoned poets such as Peter Rain Maker Seaton, internationally renowned Queen Godis, Celest Divine Ngeve, and Tamika Georgia Me Harper have seen her potential and made themselves available as mentors to hone her craft. Not only has Tanesha spread her words nationally; she sees this art as becoming a global endeavor for her. Tanesha also is preparing herself to conduct workshops with inner city youth showing them the importance of rediscovering their voices that they may have either lost through life experiences or never knew they had. Tanesha has successfully facilitated Peter Rain Maker Seatons Writing Performance Laboratory workshop and looks forward to more opportunities to shine in this area.

In April 2009, Tanesha Douglas published her first chapbook entitled, "Old vs. New: The Chronicles of Growth" which decidedly marks her determination to be ever relevant in the world of poetry and the art of spoken word. Through her chapbook, Douglas shows her roots as a writer dedicated to the page as a beginning poet with poems like One Who Is Me and Spiritual Renewal. The second half of Old vs. New shows the evolution of her skill most notably in her ability to tell the stories of others. Many of the poems Tanesha writes are based upon personal experiences and personal beliefs recognizing that often our struggles are mirrored in the lives of others.

Tanesha shows she is able to relate and speak to a wider audience using language that is universal and moves humanity toward healing. She has grown to create poetry that touches the reader on a personal level. Most importantly, Tanesha Douglas is a laid back down to earth poet who continues to evolve and grow on a daily basis hoping to reach, inspire, and motivate children, young adults, and adults throughout the world with her pen. Gifted, dedicated and willing to keep growing, there is no direction but upward for this young star to go!