Dirty guitar riffs, aggressive drums, funky bass and wailing sax, Tangents are a Philly based quartet who fuse edgy rock, funk, and ambient jams into catchy pop tunes that turn heads of the snobbiest of music fans.


Compared to the likes of Talking Heads, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd and Ween, among others, TANGENTS provide an original blend of dirty guitar riffs, aggressive drums, funky bass lines, and wailing sax. In the space of one live set, the band evolves from straight hard rock to a mellowed out feel, from a funk groove to an 80's medley, creating a fine balance between mathematical structure and cosmic irrelevance.

Fresh off a 4-track demo release, "Face the Foam", TANGENTS are rapidly securing regular
gigs in the Philadelphia/Jersey area. As a relatively new band, they are already bringing in
enthusiastic, loyal crowds, while recruiting new fans at each stop.

With shows at Pontiac Grille, The Khyber, The Fire, Tritone, Abilenes, The Smoked Joint, Millcreek Tavern, Pirate�s Den (NJ), East End Caf� (DE), they have created a buzz that is quickly spreading like a fungus.


Century Old (pt.I)

Written By: Lyrics:Kolinski Music:Kolinski, Whelan, Eisenstein, Morgan

Exit the machines
Awaken on the candles
Blowin' through the fuse
Wrapped in sheets of glass
Now I pick my poltergeist antenna
Brown bag radio
Sewer foam in a cellophane nightmare
Last laugh, too much slow

And she's one cool baby
and she's lookin' good
And I just twist and turn around
until I find I love her like I should

Sleepy slinky nail
On the covers in my clothes
Upbeat bomb, watch a paranoid program
Playing with the kids
And I try to fall asleep
but my bed's not spinnin'
Fifteens too damn long!
And I try to fall asleep
but my clack ain't tickin'
Slow speed radio song

And she's one cool baby
and she's lookin' good
And I just twist and turn around
until I find I love her like I should


2006 Face the Foam (Demo)

Set List

Sets can go from 30 minutes-3 hours (Avg. 45-75 mins.) depending on the bill and time requirements of the venue.

1. Teacup
2. Century Old
3. Sundown
4. My Name is Idaho
5. Shep Shep Duo
6. Won't Go Away
7. Fixin' India
8. Old
9. Gone
10. The Ostrich
11. Candy Cane Car
12. Bob Seger
13. Home Alone
14. Streaming A Stream
15. Hail to the Elephant
16. Germs All Around
17. The Rainsin Box
18. Celery Glue Zoo
19. Mustard Madness
20. Hand Sewn
21. 1.21 Jiggawatts
22. Nothing Ever Changes
23. Dandellion Girl
24. Hun Thai
25. Sunday

1.Don't You Forget About Me/Simple Minds
2.Johnny B. Goode/Chuck Berry
3.Immigrant Song/Led Zeppelin
4.Life During Wartime/Talking Heads
5.So Lonely/The Police
6.Panther Dash/The Go! Team
7.Us & Them/Pink Floyd
8.Eye Of The Tiger/Survivor
9.Not For You/Pearl Jam
10.Peter Gunn/Henry Mancini
11Batman Theme