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Tangent Transmission

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock




"Students find space in music industry with Cosmic Entertainment"

“We describe (the band’s) music as being spacey and being from space,” - the Daily Bruin

"Local Band Gets TV Time"

Local Band Gets TV Time

Tangent Transmission, a new band made up of Valley boys, has
played at the Roxy, the House of Blues and other local venues. The
band recently had their song “Empty Bottles” air on the television
show NCIS L.A. Band members above are Sam Sobo, Dugan
Cruz, Conor Cruz and Kirby Shaw. The group’s alternative, indi(e)
rock can be heard streaming at myspace.com/tangenttransmission. - Valley News Group


Say hello to the San Fernando Valley’s latest trend, Tangent Transmission, an indie/rock band formed in the late summer of 2009 by both Sam Sobo and Dugan Cruz. From performances in The Cobalt Cafe to the House of Blues Sunset Strip, Tangent Transmission is out on a mission to bring you an eclectic style of musical extravagance you’ve never heard before. Interested in learning more about Tangent Transmission and their musical journey! Be sure to “like” them on Facebook by clicking here! - Alizen Rodriguez

"I'm Back!"

After a week of strange and terrifying travels in our nation’s western frontier, I’ve finally returned to the freezing safety of New England’s bosom. And man, do I have some stories. The first night I was in LA, I met two of the guys in this band. Knocked back some Jameson, discussed Dubstep, The Room, and East-West Coast relations. I had to climb over a whole lot of equipment to piss. It was a good time. These guys are on the cusp of blowing up out west; I’m told they just had a show at HOB. Edit: Just 10 minutes ago they got themselves a soundcloud! I told you they’re blowing up! It’s the first time I’ve posted an actual band to the site, so you know they must be good.
Puna - Who is Mr. Wife

"Tangent Transmission"

Well hello there! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all a story about a little band called “Tangent Transmission“.

Once upon a time, right here in Los Angeles, Dugan Cruz and Sam Sobo were born and raised. Though they did not know each other at the time, they always knew that they were destined for greatness. This is why, on one fateful day whilst surfing the band mate equivalent of e-harmony they came across one another and knew that from that moment on neither of their lives would ever be the same again. And so, the two man band named Tangent Transmission was born, with Sam on the drums and Dugan on vocals, guitar, keyboard, and of course…Didgeridoo.

Today, you can see them playing at a variety of venues such as The House of Blues in Hollywood, The Tribal Cafe, and coming up on April 8th, 2010 The Roxy on Sunset!

Be sure to check out this super original alternative/indie rock band on their myspace page

And become a fan on Facebook

Enjoy! (I mean how can you not, they have a didgeridoo, A DIDGERIDOO!)

There is definitely more to come on this hot new band, so STAY TUNED!!
- Kat's Backstage Pass

"The Alternates Headline @ the Roxy"

Next up was “Tangent Transmission“! Their set not only revived the comatose crowd, but actually inspired them to dance!
“Tangent Transmission” played an electric set, and front man Dugan Cruz even got quite a few squeals from the girls (and a hand full of guys) in the audience when he took off his shirt to play the next song! After their set ended there was quite a rush to buy their newly released EP, “Call” - Kat's Backstage Pass

"Tangent Transmission: Redefining Rock Music"

Tangent Transmission is not the typical Los Angeles local rock band. In fact, they give a whole new definition to the meaning of rock music. Perhaps it should be called tangent rock, because they do not intersect with any other sound except with their own, taking audiences to new heights by giving them an experience they have ever heard before.

While their music may seem so far fetched that no one could understand where its origination came from, its roots are still very much a form of rock, perhaps a cross breed of alternative and experimental rock.

What keeps this band grounded is the voice of lead singer, pianist, and guitarist, Dugan Cruz. His vocal presence compliments their unique sound.

Their current single, “Squeeze” is the flagship song. Like many of their other tunes, it starts off slow. “Squeeze” almost gives the listener the impression that it is a soft adult contemporary song, but it gradually transitions into cascading layers of sound that combines an up tempo drum beat with almost vintage keys and guitar that makes this song one of the most enjoyable tracks on the EP.

Another one of their finer tracks of the EP is “Self Acquisition”. Despite the harder guitar cords, this track is more a rock melody, reminiscent of music by Modest Mouse, Queen, or even Incubus. As with these artists, Tangent Transmission creates music that brings a new sense of branding that stands on its own.
- All Indie Magazine


EP: Pull
1) Empty Bottles: Featured on NCIS Los Angeles
2) Self Acquisition
3) Plates
4) Squeeze
5) Call: Featured in H2indo Documentary

New Singles



Tangent Transmission is the conglomerate formation of musicians Dugan Cruz, Kirby Shaw, Nick Morford, and Sam Sobo. After forming in the summer of 2009, Tangent Transmission has stopped at nothing to saturate Southern California with their exciting and eclectic sound. The foursome has played in well-known Los Angeles venues such as The Whisky a Go Go, House of Blues, and The Roxy. In the studio, the boys crafted “Pull” their first full length EP, produced by Grammy-winner Matt Hyde (No Doubt, Jonny Lang), Receiving high acclaim for their performances and recordings alike, Tangent Transmission was honored with the Artist of the Year award in the All Indie Magazine music awards. All Indie’s radio host Mikeyy Jayy described Tangent Transmission as giving “a whole new definition to the meaning of rock music. Perhaps it should be called tangent rock, because they do not intersect with any other sound except with their own.” Inflating in popularity, TT has had song placements in the documentary h2indo as well as one episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.

The Tangent rock sounds a little bit like a lot of things. Drawing from groups like The Mars Volta, Muse, Rage Against the Machine, and Incubus, their heavy guitar riffs, tight and blasting rhythms, soaring vocal lines, and shambolic emotions bring an electrifying performance to stages and speakers everywhere. Operating at full capacity to deliver any audience to a new tangent of what they believed rock music to be, Tangent Transmission is constantly working to further their musical horizons.