A high energy mix of rock, bluegrass, southern rock, and blues...A great melody with the ability to jam all night!


Started in December 2005, Tangleleg formed with 4 members, Eric Peterson, Kyle Slaughter, Ryan Burns, and Andre Radloff. Keyboardist Grant Duffy and percussionist Jeff Feltenstein were soon added to fill out the sound and make the band complete. Since then, we lost Andre's lead guitar with him moving to Croatia, but have replaced him with jam band veteran Brad Rieks. Brad comes to us from Iowa City, IA where he previously was the lead guitarist in Clean Livin' and has opened for jam bands such as moe. and North Mississippi Allstars.

We are writing songs as fast as possible, while keeping the covers up to date and not too regular. We are in the process of recording our first album, which will be out soon. We always draw the crowd into the show, and keep the show as high of energy as possible So far, the response has been overwhelmingly good!

Tangleleg is a type of moonshine that was served in the old bars of downtown Denver in the 1870's. It would hit you so hard that your legs wouldn't function correctly. Thus, giving it the name: Tangleleg.


Waiting Up

Written By: Eric Peterson

Waiting up till the sunrise, hits my face
You told me that you’d be coming back
What a disgrace
You’re gone all night, without a fight
And you can’t even run
That’s it, I’m done and I’m leaving
Oh my trip has begun

Hit the streets in the dawn’s early light
The children are dancing and people are singing
You know that I’m right
I see a girl, her hair with curls
Walking down the street with such delight
Bear not wait going to have to approach
Give this life a try

I meet her she tells me she’s twenty
Oh, that’s all right
We walk the beach and we’re dancing
God I wish it were night
I ask her out and she says no
I turn my head and she has to go
Here I am Waiting Up again,
Guess I’ll never know.

Dark Sky

Written By: Eric Peterson

It’s been a long time, Since I had to go. And since I’ve seen you, I feel this pain I’ve never known.

I can’t tell when the sun is shining
There’s a DarkSky, Your heart is smiling. Ive come along way just to tell you
You’re not the one that I ever knew.

Once I find my heart, it will be just in time
Gave it all to you and laid it on the line.

I can’t tell when the sun is shining
There’s a DarkSky, Your heart is smiling. Ive come along way just to tell you that You’re not the one that I ever knew.

You are the on that I can’t deny
You are the girl with the strawberry Smile
Don’t know if I’ll ever feel this again
Tell me When...


Written By: Eric Peterson

A Watchful eye stands above
A lonely soul that’s fallen from love
Soon to take this stride ahead
It’s over now is all she said

Lost and with this aimless view
A treacherous heart that’s more than true
My insides stirring like rampant flies
Thoughts and doubts to fill my mind

Content now with life a bliss
This past of life no longer missed
Confusing days are in my past
I’m alone but I’m finally driven at last

It’s all gone, my life did a Switchback.

Long & Crowded Street

Written By: Eric Peterson

Mountains roll by like a frantic hidden fall
Trees they climb up to the sky and oh the leaves still fall
My eyes stare straight to the right as if they’re in a vision
A mind will race and magnify, untrusting its decision

You know it feels like I am changing my whole life
You know it seems like I am always asking why

Out you go with the evergreen, it’s time the palm trees sway
No longer is this place a dream, for I’ll be here to stay
A whole life that I can’t believe, but it’s one not like my own
An Elaborate wait or so it seems, just call this a home

You know it feels like it’s a Long and Crowded Street
You know it seems like the air is even sweet

70 days and 20 hours go by
Can’t draw a frown no matter how hard I try
Pacific sun in my eyes, there’s no offshore breeze
A city full of life and all I see is me
I’m walking around and you know I dream

60 Miles of highway roll, and oh the sun will set
Cirrus tides and a moon of full, it’s the highest I can get
Ships go out with a spoken hull, the crew’s out on the side
Time to stop and pull it full, and let my spirits ride

You know it feels like a time has hit a pause
You know it seems like a haze glows as it draws

Third gear with the sun in my eyes, well I can’t see a thing
Slow down and pull off to the side
It’s a long, it’s a Long and Crowded Street


4:19, Nighttime, Switchback, Dark Sky, Rust to Shine, Ice-9, Long and Crowded Street, Waiting Up, Migration, Rattlesnake High, Jimmee, Carry On, In the Cellar Again, Holy Blues, Fixation, Rising Fear and John Brewer's Bay. We have tracks streaming at www.tangleleg.com and we have live shows on www.archive.org/audio

Set List

Visit us at http://www.tangleleg.com/setlists.htm for updated setlists.

Our sets are generally 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours and are majority originals.