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"Low-down, dirty grooves meet pristine guitars on polished, pop tracks; like if Black Rebel Motorcycle Club went to prom with Spoon. And got lucky."

When did well-played guitars go out of style? Or original, meaningful lyrics? The unforgettable background vocals of the '60's? Or drummers that could keep a beat and swing? In forming Tango Alpha Tango, Nathan Trueb must have asked all of these questions because their music picks up where Dylan, The Beatles, T Rex, and Steely Dan left off. The lyrics are original and contemplative, and so are the melodies, harmonies, progressions, and forms. The chemistry of Tango Alpha Tango comes through the airwaves like veterans who've been touring since birth; however, the band has only been together since 2007. Nathan Trueb has been playing guitar for 13 years and been in touring bands since he was 13 years old, along with his brother Aaron. Nathan's wife Mirabai plays the bass, and comes from a family tree full of bass players and professional musicians. A fellow jazz-school friend of Nathan's, Walker Beckman, plays the drums like a metronome that has a heart and soul. Walker can swing like John Bonham, or sit in for an RJD2 sample any day of the week. All of this musicianship and love for all styles of music forms Tango Alpha Tango's sound. Although they don't touch on every genre, they focus on a few. From country to folk, and rock n' roll to pop. They've got a sound that won't be a secret for very long. - CD Baby

"Holy Shit // 2008"

Portland, meet your new favorite band. Tango Alpha Tango destroy the Doug Fir Lounge 02.23.2008 Seriously. Read these words. Read all of them and act on them.
Sometime back in December, i ran into Aarron Trueb at the Hotcake House fresh off the heels of raging like I was still in my 20’s. He told me that he and his brother, Nathan had a new band going called Tango Alpha Tango. I remember being very excited by the news as I had absolutely LOVED their former band, The Carolines. Nathan and Aaron were young when they played Carolines but it was always obvious that had truckloads of talent.
Move forward a few weeks and I get a message from Nathan asking if I’d help them out with some photos. Of course i would and to do my homework, I peeped their myspace page and was impressed by how much they had matured. I want to be very clear about this next statement: MySpace sucks. It fails to provide an accurate representation of how good certain bands really are. I was in no way prepared for what was in store tonight. Holy shit, Batman.
If you think I’m gushing like I did over The Velvet Teen or Broken Social Scene, then just read the next column. My shamelessness can only have come from this band washing away my cynicism.
Tonight’s show happened to be the cd release party for the band’s first disc, “Rebel Sons of Cowboys which I listened to on the euphoric drive home. Listen to it. Great song writing, great production, great performances. There’s a real blues based feel with pop sensibilities and wonderfully crafted weird shit thrown in. Kind of like Bon Jovi meets Cohn Meloy with Supergrass in the live room and Elliott Smith’s ghost hanging around the control room. . . . How’s THAT for an analogy? Anyway, the record stands alone equal and alone from the live performance which blew my freaking mind.
Nathan brought his A-game tonight, play licks that people in full crowd screaming out like Big Mama at a Baptist church on South Central. I shit you not. I about lost my mind when he started rocking something on his pedal board with the word Mr. Moog’s name on it. Oh, and he was sequencing with the skill of Andrew Bird and Feist.
Seriously, go see this damn band play live. You deserve it. Thanks for reading and end enduring all of my spelling errors. I’m sorry but these photos do not do this band justice. xoxo Brian
- Brian Lee


Rebel Sons of Cowboys - EP - OutGo Records

"What You Wanted To Hear" - single has been played in rotation on 94.7 FM Portland

Number One Rival - Single - OutGo Records

"Number One Rival" - single has been played on 101.1 KUFO Portland



Tango Alpha Tango was started by guitarist Nathan Trueb, along with his older brother Aaron. Growing up on a farm on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, The Trueb brothers spent their early days sneaking away from cleaning horse stalls to spin their Dad's old vinyl record collection; making themselves disciples of the rock and roll, jazz, and blues greats. Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Lighting Hopkins. Whatever they could get their hands on became part of their musical subconscious.

Nathan and Aaron have played and toured together since they were kids, and formed Tango Alpha Tango when their previous band, The Carolines disbanded. Nathan's wife, Mirabai picked up the bass at practices, and quickly became an integral part of the rhythm section, while Walker Beckman, who studied Jazz with Nathan during their college years, was quickly recruited to be the drummer.

Nathan's prolific songwriting was coming to fruition at this time, as well as a desire to sing the raw and personal lyrics he was writing. He took on the duties of lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter with ease, while his brother Aaron started to realize his longtime dream of playing every keyboard and odd instrument known to man.

Although this band is brand new to Portland, they have been quietly playing together, writing songs, and recording their debut album over the past year. Their first record, Rebel Sons Of Cowboys, is now available on Portland's own Outgo Records and can be purchased on iTunes, at a show, or at select indie record shops in Portland.

Keep checking their site for more information on shows, tours, new songs and blogs written by members of the band. For more Tango Alpha Tango information check out Outgo Records new website, www.outgorecords.com or myspace.com/tangoalphatango.