Tango Ensillado

Tango Ensillado

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

Tango Ensillado is a Norwegian quintet who specializes in the music of Astor Piazzolla and other avant-garde tango composers like him.
The group consist of young and headstrong musicians in the Argentine tango genre with several years of international concert experience


The musicians in the group all have a broad Argentine tango experience from groups like Tangueros del Norte, Los Osos Polares and Los Carpinchos. They have taken lessons and played with several of the greatest tango maestros in the world during several trips to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

All five band members are very talented muscians with a broad repertoire of classical music, jazz and tango. They have international concert experience from places such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Argentina.

Tango Ensillado is a very dedicated group who always aims for the greatest perfection in their playing. The performance of the group can be categorized as very explosive, deep and emotional.

Set List

(example of set used on Piazzolla anniversary concert)

Michelangelo 70
Milionga del Angel
La Muerte del Angel
Resurreccion del Angel
Adios Nonino
Buenos Aires Hora Cero
Concerto para Quinteto
Apretonados (Sanchez/Mosalini)

Chin Chin