Van Nuys, California, USA
BandHip Hop

I started my own independent record label called CaliAffair Records two years ago. i have 6 artist sign to my label our first artist to be released is Tangofromdawest. Tango is one of the hottest,and lyrical rappers out of SouthCentral LosAngeles. Hands down is the next big thing out of California


.The Biography of Buford Dean Lewis 3rd aka"TANGO FROM THE WEST" born and raised in the streets of Los Angeles, California. I am a father of four boys Jerimah, Jayshawn, Amir & Zyir. These four boys including my disable auntie & brother keep my life stable. Without them, my life would become off balance. They give me peace within my self so that I can strive higher and higher to become the best that I can be. I believe that there is a recipe to success. This consist of being devoted, charismatic, trustworthy,self-motivated, confident and letting nothing stand in your way no matter what. In my short life span to this point I have achieved many things. I am a father first, businessman second, and an aspiring rap artist. I have perfprmed all over Los Angeles to Las Vegas, from inner cities, thruoghout the valleys. In September of 2005, I performed for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts at B.B. King's restaurant inside universal city walk. I have also performed at Palladino's restaurants as well as Palmetto's bar and Grill and other establishments throughout California. I've also been seen throughout Southern California in several talents showcases and appeared in several music videos, such as "nobody Kelly Rowland, Thong song remix, and many others, some were even my own. I have also started my own record label "Qouta Enteraiment" along with desiging my own shoe line called "Vantangos". In the next five to ten years I see myself being at the top of the game, looking at the ladder of success I had to climb to get me to this point, I will have been signed to a major label with a distribution, and production deal. My shoe will have people saying my name and wanting more. I will set off on another journey, this time I will have extra passengers to embark on this success express tour, to see how far we can climb. This time I'll race you to the top.


I pop I Geek is the first single set to be released off of CaliAffair Records. The Album is entitled West Best Kept Secret set to be released for Digital Distrubution through CDBaby. The Release Date is March 25th 2011.