John  Tango Iversen

John Tango Iversen

 Berkeley, California, USA

traditional tango songs and stories behind them with a few English standards thrown in. Translation sheets available for audience.
Sonicbids does not have a tango category but I would easily fit in acoustic, folk, cabaret,world, latin, and more. i provide written translations to songs at all shows.


I am probably the only Northamerican who sings tango yearly in Buenos Aires. El unico! Aim to bring tango-cancion (singing) especially the story of Carlos Gardel, a South American icon bigger than the Beatles & Elvis combined. My first tango CD "El Norte Americano que Canta Tango" is receing airplay in Buenos Aires and I have had an hour interview on Radio Nacional Argentina (their NPR) and only had to resort to 10 English words! I have also been interviewed and reviewed favorably by the largest daily newspaper in Buenos Aires, El Clarin. I have sung in about 7 clubs in Buenos Aires.

Influences: Carlos Gardel, the king of tango, who was honored by UNESCO in 2003 as on of the 5 important musicians of our age:
Beethoven, Mozart, Maria Calles, Caruso and Gardel. Gardel created video clips 50 years before MTV
rock infuences: the king of rock, Buddy Holly and of course The Beatles and John Lennon

My rock band was close to a deal with Virgin London but did not happen due to a severe arthritis attack that left me unable to walk wihtout crutches from 1990-3.

I am a health and indigenous activist and this is reflected in my songs choices and writing.


Available on Request

Written By: Tango's Best Songwriters

English translations available on request. Hard copy translations brought to all gigs if audience desires copies


Released CD in Aug. 2010. "El Norteamericano que Canta Tango"
Got themechanical rights for airplay and cdbaby, itunes etc. My Cd is receiving airplay ofn many stations in Buenos Aires
Two rock singles that received airplay in the late 80s. Airplay on over 500 (mostly college stations)

1986: The Stickers: Party on the Streets of New York/She Jilted Johnny, video by Jane Sloan, now a Prof at Rutgers

1989: Dreams Die Hard: Ode to Oliver North (Doncha Run My Life)/I Wanna Know got major play and was even on Dr. Demento and CMJ compilation.

Set List

Rubias de New York
Mi Buenos Aires Querido
Caminito, Lejana Tierra Mia
Los Mareados, La Ultima Curda, Blue Moon, All the Way, Orgullo y Dignidad, Por Una Cabeza, Malena