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"Press Quotes"

"..exceptionally soft, charming and energetic tango knock-out.. from a wonderful ensemble..."

(Jan Andersen, Politiken(One of the major newspapers in the DK))


"An exquisite album of international format;...admirable, exciting, refined..."

(Boris Rabinowitsch, Politiken)

"Recently, I heard.. something that surpassed my wildest expectations: Tango Orkestret. They're phenomenal! For sixty years I've followed with interest the Argentinian tango, seen it become more and more refined, and all of a sudden, these five young Danes appear on stage, taking the tango into their possession, seizing its very nerve and essence, and yet exposing it to their own original arrangements.
Unfortunately, the Danish scene is probably too small for their sort of music, but our minister of culture ought to support this band financially, as their music is worthy of export. They should be playing in Paris and London."

(Svend Asmussen (world-famous Danish jazz-violin player), Berlingske Tidende)

Legendary Danish jazz critic Boris Rabinowitsch in his review of "Tango de Copenhague" (5 out of 6 possible stars):
"Tango Orkestret has found a new, personal sound. It suits the ensemble and is excellently executed on their new CD featuring their own original compositions."

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"Review of "Tango de Copenhague""

Worldclass. Nothing less. They are getting better year by year and at the same time
they are developing a style of their own in the domain of modern tango that was originally
created by the maestro Astor Piazzola. The seventh release from the band in 15 years
features entirely compositions of their own made in the spirit of Piazzola but also in a
probably characteristic Danish originality which also reflect the fact that the band has
benefited from a fertile soil in the Danish musical environment.
Percussionist Carl Quist Møller has left the band and he has been replaced by bass-
player Jesper Lundgaard. This has beyond any doubt contributed to the more intimate,
more sincere atmosphere and to making this recording more like a piece of chamber-
music. Piazzola is obviously the major inspiration. But other elements from the modern
tango are heard. In moment it seems as if not least the legendary Cuarteto Cedrón can be
heard in the poetic phrases and in the surprising riffs and changes.
Even though Tangoorkestret does not feature a regular bandoneón-player Henrik
Sveidahl through his soprano-sax and bass-clarinet ensures the special tone that is so
characteristic for the modern tango and this happens in a deeply integrated interplay with
Kristian Jørgensen’s violin and in the finest manner supported by the guitar of Palle
Windfeldt and the bass of Lundgaard.
A band without bandoneón but including marimba and vibes have according to many
puritans in the tango tradition excluded themselves from playing “real” tango. However
Piazzola himself through his collaboration with Gary Burton demonstrated that vibes and
marimba easily can be added as a profound and integrated part of the tango. And Kaare
Munkholm adds to this perception in a very competent manner. He is indeed a part of the
ensemble but he is not pressing himself forward in the picture.
And it is an overarching trait in the playing of Tangoorkestret that it is an ensemble not a
soloist-ensemble – even though they feature a lot of solo playing. In their context however
a solo becomes part of the entity and certainly not a spotlight to the individual musicians. It
highlights the many levels, contrasts and tints in the music – a music that reaches from
experimental work like Hora 19:00 (7:00 P.M.) to more “traditional” pieces like La Caza
(The Hunt).
Tangoorkestret has by the release of TANGO DE COPENHAGUE really helped placing
Copenhagen in the very centre of the tango universe. It reaches higher and is certainly
more helpful in the ambition of turning the Danish capital into an international metropolitan
than many sky-scrapers would do.
Jens Lohmann
Stunt STUCD 06122. Henrik Sveidahl (b-cl / ss), Kristian Jørgensen (vln), Palle
Windfeldt (g), Kaare Munkholm (mar / vib), Jesper Lundgaard (b). English translation: Jørn
Skovsgaard. - Jazz Special


Tangoorkestret (released 1992)
Lo Que Vendra (released 1995)
1999 (released 1999)
Tangoorkestret and Marcelo Nisinman (released 2001)
Hora Cero (released 2003)
Tango de Copenhague (released 2006)

Furthermore Tangoorkestret have done the filmscore for the danish movie Motello (relased on cd in 1997),

Visit www.tangoorkestret.dk for further details.



Tango Orkestret is the colaboration of five Danish musicians who, since 1989, have explored the musical universe of modern tango, turning to Astor Piazzolla and the 'new generation' in Argentinian music as a main source of inspiration. Four of these musicians were educated at the Danish Conservatory of Rhythmic Music, and guitarist Palle Windfeldt has furthermore spent three months in Argentina, studying the tango in its native surroundings as well as playing with local musicians.
Tango Orkestret has existed for 20 years and has released 7 highly praised CD albums. They are all released on the recognized Danish Jazz label Stunt Records. Tango Orkestret has toured all over Denmark and played for a big, loyal and loving audience. Furthermore Tango Orkestret has played in several countries: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faeroe Islands, Belgium, Italy, Argentina and China and on following international festivals: Molde Jazz Festival, Jyväskylä Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival, Roskilde Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival  and Schloss Elmau Music Festival. 
Being one of the first bands abroad from Argentina, Tango Orkestret decided in 1989 to tackle the music of Astor Piazzolla - The "Tango Nuevo".

”Tango de Copenhague”, Tango Orkestret’s 7th album, released in October 2006, features original compositions and a brand new acoustic sound. On “Tango de Copenhague” the group adds new dimensions to a musical development already boasting many impressive accomplishments. The new CD presents music written exclusively by members of the quintet. Each composition is thoroughly arranged, and inspired by the Argentinean Tango Nuevo, a style that has gained immense popularity all over the world in recent years. As always, all members of the group enhance the sharp, precise arrangements with exuberant and sparkling improvisations.

“Tango de Copenhague” emphasizes Tango Orkestret’s central position on the Danish World/Jazz scene.

Legendary Danish jazz critic Boris Rabinowitsch in his review of "Tango de Copenhague" (5 out of 6 possible stars): "Tango Orkestret has found a new, personal sound. It suits the ensemble and is excellently executed on their new CD featuring their own original compositions."

We will continue this process in the years to come and we are planning to release our 8th album with our own compositions in the autumn of 2009. We strongly believe in this new concept. By playing our own compositions we hope to improve our possibilities for wider recognition.
In 2007/2008 we did more than 40 concerts in Denmark, Britain, Germany and Scandinavia and we are constantly trying to do venues outside Denmark.

Due to the kindness of The Danish Governments department of Culture, we have some funds to cover our expensives relating transport and accommodations.

Kristian Jørgensen: Violin. Denmark’s new world-class jazz violin player. Received the "Sørens Penge" jazz award in 1983, the "Ben Webster Award" in 1993, the JASA prize in 1998, and is currently leading his own quartet in collaboration with guitarist Jacob Fischer. Jørgensen has 4 solo albums out, and has appeared with most Danish jazz players. Appears also with blues guitarist Paul Banks and Donau Swing. Now working at the Danish Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen.
Henrik Sveidahl: Saxophones, bass clarinet Was educated at the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, where he is now holding a position as head master. Besides Tango Orkestret, Sveidahl is known from Nikolaj Bentzon Brotherhood and Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet, and has appeared in/recorded with various other constellations on the Scandinavian jazz scene, such as New Music Orchestra, Jan Kaspersen S.O.B., Juez, Danish Radio Big Band, Lars Jansson and Blachman Thomas.
Palle Windfeldt: Guitar. Was educated at the Danish Conservatory of Rhythmic Music, and also features in the bands Wombat and Bagdad Dagblad. Windfeldt has furthermore toured Scandinavia and Latin America with Argentinean guitarist Ernesto Snajer with whom he has released three albums (the last one produced by Egberto Gismonti, released on ECM). Now working as a teacher at the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.
Kaare Munkholm: Marimba, vibes Started his musical career in a Danish youth marimba ensemble, with which he toured Japan and the USA. Educated at the Danish Conservatory of Rhythmic Music, and besides playing with the group Wombat (with tenor player Hans Ulrik), he is one of the anchormen in the Danish fusion band Bagdad Dagblad, who have four c