Tango Pirates

Tango Pirates


ex Lords of the new church members play dark (ish), moody, catchy rocksongs with honest lyrics. on a quest for the perfect song and not for a big bank account! creations from the heart, that tell you, it's ok to be different! the REAL deal!!!


Tango Pirates (an expression from the american press for those early touring musicians around 1920) is a band, founded by lead singer, songwriter, drummer Danny Fury (ex Lords of the new Church,Kill City Dragons, Brian James Gang, Vain, Dogs D'amour, Rogue Male) in the summer of 2011. the line up includes guitarist, bassplayer Dave Tregunna (ex Sham 69, Lords of the new Church, Cherry Bombz, Kill City Dragons, Dogs D'amour etc.) lead guitarist Timo Kaltio (ex Izzy Stradlin, Cheap'n'Nasty, Dogs D'amour etc.) bassplayer, guitarist Vera Wild, and drummer Steve Grainger (ex pleasure Victims, Shotgun Venus etc.) this band is not about pretentiousness ! we do what's true to our (wild) hearts. We're a band of real friends who share their musical skills, to come up with the best honest music we can write! our songs are not made to achieve fame and riches. they are pieces and parts of our lives and will hopefully entertain, as well as raise thoughts! our influences are wide and include anything between the Stooges and modern bands like Kasabian. our main influence is probably our own history, especially the Lords of the New Church! at the same time we wanna try something different.


Recordings and web presence is in progress and released soon!