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"Tango Sierra"

August 22nd, 2005
To Whom This May Concern:
For the past nine years I {Karen L. Clevette} have been the Entertainment Coordinator for the Vancouver Island Exhibition. VIEXASSN@telus.net. It is a three day extravaganza of entertainment both locally and imported from across North America. We have showcased acts such as: Long John Baldry (may he rest in music heaven), Colin James, Jeff Healey, Chilliwack, Classic Rock Allstars, Wide Mouth Mason, and the Powder Blues Band just to name a few of the Kaleidoscope. This year I had the pleasure of hiring Hollis Brown and Tango Sierra for our Sunday Headliner. My Telephone has not stopped ringing to bring them back again.

The concert was absolutely amazing! I truly feel this band is the vehicle of the new millennium... Honest, fresh and unique in style. The overwhelming response speaks volumes.
karen Clevette
karenclevette@shaw .ca

- Vancouver Island Exhibition

"Poncho Parker Loves Tumbleweeds"

"Hollis, Poncho Parker here at The Goat (Lloydminister), just wanted to let you know we listened to Tumbleweeds at our meeting... What an amazing song! The musicianship, the lyrics, the vocals, production, everything about it. I think this is going to work for you concerning our format. I really believe it's only a matter of time before we add it. I have a personal copy of the CD [This Is It] in my CD player right now, and it's just... WOW MAN! The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate it. With the quality and the emotions and the feelings that you bring out in it... it's all part of Tango Sierra. I want to say kudos on what I think is just a superb single, and I'm sure we'll have some good news for you in the weeks to come." (Poncho Parker, Music Director, The Goat, Lloydminister, AB). (August 25, 2005) - The Goat, Lloydminister, AB

"Song reviews"

Why Baby Why review:

Makes me wanna drive through the desert w/ the top down! This has a great feel that grabbed me immediately. Love the lyrics... Very uplifting and passionate. This has a Peter Gabriel vibe to it. The production is very nice, great sounds and very good mix... Kudos to your guitarist. Some licks are like David Gilmour at the top of his game. Man, this was a great song. A refreshing oasis in a wasteland of minor key self-obsessed pop sludge. I would definitely buy this! Look forward to hearing more from you!

Road To Emmaus review:

Rootsy! A rootsy rockin' tune. Has a real southern rock edge. A cruisin' down the highway song. This artist is hard to pigeon hole. Ya wanna call it southern or blue collar or whatever comes to mind, but it's flat-out American rock.

Can't Turn Back: review:

You sir, are a Composer! Brilliant MUSIC. With the music alone, I would love this song. So much given here. The Lyrics are complete and complement the mood wonderfully. It gives the listener the sensation of flight. Your voice added to the soaring sensation. Great use of emotion in the lyrics. The melody of this song I rank with Great Rock composers such as Queen, and Pink Floyd.

Tumbleweeds: review:

Grammy Winner Potential. I'm in love with the theatrical / movie like nature of the intro. Who is this? There's something about this track that resonates deeply with me, leaves me feeling forlorn, lost in a dream... Killer slide guitar work... a grand embellishment of heartland themes, of rock-n-roll ... classic influences artistically woven into a modern anthem of epic proportions. This is a MAJOR LEAGUE effort all the way around. I'd like to hear the cd version of this... I want to hear the entire album ... this one has Award Winner written all over it.

Maher Arar: review:

Great arrangement and a colorful tune!! This is a really interesting combination of elements... unexpected chord changes and unique structure. It reminds me of some of the more creative music that came out of the early 80's. The singer has a great voice for this sound. Excellent guitars and percussive synth sounds. There's a lot going on, but it's well arranged and well mixed, so everything sits nicely and never sounds cluttered. Cool guitar work and tight musicianship throughout the song. Well done!
- Garage Band Dot Com

"Getting A Second Chance"

Getting a second chance
Tango Sierra founder knows what it's like to get another opportunity

Cam Fuller
The StarPhoenix
Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tango Sierra with Ricasso and the Trash Icons

Friday, 9:30 p.m.

Odeon Events Centre

- - -

It's an album so nice, they're releasing it twice. Tango Sierra's debut This Is It was given a modest, independent release last year, but it called enough attention to itself to attract a label and national distribution.

"It's just been kind of, like, reborn,'' band founder Hollis Brown said this week, still tickled to have received an e-mail from a new fan in Kitchener who had purchased the album at her local HMV.

It's not unheard of for a local musician to go this far, but how many don't even start their careers until their into their fourth decade?

"I'm going to turn 49 on March 26, so it's crazy,'' says Brown.

In fact, Brown didn't even take up the six-string until he was 41. His late blooming is understandable, the result of a crystal meth addiction that Brown conquered in 1988. Coming out with his story has inspired many, leading to speaking engagements quite apart from the band work. Brown's message applies equally to music and recovery:

"It's never too late, and you're never too old, and if I did it, you can do it too.''

Brown got his biggest boost in the music industry when he met Tom Cochrane and Red Ryder guitarist Kenny Greer. Greer agreed to produce This Is It. Suddenly, Brown went from music listener to music maker.

The first single, Why Baby Why, was championed by hometown radio station Rock 102 and got spins across the country. When the band Staggered Crossing came to town, Brown traded CDs and won another ally in Julian Taylor, a member of Staggered Crossing and Bent Penny Records

"One thing led to another,'' says Brown. "It's amazing. I have to pinch myself that we actually got distribution."

Bent Penny now represents Tango Sierra nationally for marketing, publicity and distribution through MapleNationWide and Universal Music.

"Universal's personnel in all major and many secondary markets coast to coast will help give Tango Sierra's CD This Is It the retail exposure it deserves,'' Bent Penny says.

Released nationally at the end of February, This Is It is now making playlists with the latest single Just A Man. In fact, Montreal's CHOM is doing a half-hour feature on the band on Sunday, playing five songs.

"We never expected this amount of success. Any success you get in this industry is good,'' says Brown.

"I don't know what to think of it. There are so many good artists out there. There's an incredible amount of talent in this city.''

Brown is not one to lose perspective, not about to quit his job selling cars. And he's not interested in fame as much as simply having people hear his music.

"I'm not into the whole rock star persona thing at all.''

Friday's show at the Odeon features Greg Hargarten's Ricasso, a natural choice since Hargarten did the graphic design on This is It. Hargarten has reason to celebrate as well; his song Suck It Up was a finalist in the recent Canadian Radio Star National Songwriting Competition.

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- The StarPhoenix

"This Is It"

THIS IS IT: Tango Sierra (Universal)
-- Better ask, what is it? This sounds like a grungier Pink Floyd - until it sounds like CCR and Led Zeppelin, the latter quite literally in one case. Still compelling in an odd way, the music also features cryptic lines like this: "Neil Young plays the guitar while the deadman an slowly dies." But ... never mind. Oh, yeah, they sound like Neil Young, too. Weird. 3 1/2 out of 5
- Edmonton Sun

"Tango Sierra wins big"

In May, Rawlco Radio announced it would provide $10,000 to 20 Saskatchewan musicians or groups, for assistance in recording new albums.
The response was big -- in both quality and volume. More than 240 musicians sent in their tapes, and Rawlco was so impressed, it increased its financial commitment to include 29 recipients.
Once quality was assessed, Meckelborg also considered the artists' track records.
"Not to say that (track record) was a requirement, but it was a good indication of whether it was going to be effective giving them the money . . . (whether) a little bit of help was all they needed to get to the next level. A lot of the time, that was the deciding factor."
Hollis Brown of Tango Sierra said his group was hoping to record this fall or winter, but the September deadline that came with winning the $10,000 moved things up.
Producer Kenny Greer's schedule came into the timing; he is touring with the Roadhammers and Tom Cochrane, and recording and mixing for both.
"We've actually flown Greer in twice in the last two weeks," said Brown. "It rushed things for us, but 10 grand is a really nice headache."
Brown added that radio at one time was somewhat disconnected from local artists, but that is changing. With its investment in recording -- and its promise to play the new CDs on radio -- Rawlco is proving that it does run community radio stations, he said.
In Saskatoon, Rawlco stations include C95, 650 CKOM and Rock 102. The company also owns stations in Regina, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Meadow Lake and Edmonton.

Taken from © The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) 2006
July 13 2006

- Saskatoon Star-Phoenix


Album: Something Twisted (2007)
To be released.

Album: This Is It (2005)
Single: Why Baby Why
Single: Tumbleweeds (Radio Edit)
Single: Great Big Hole
Single: Just A Man


Feeling a bit camera shy


Through a journey of love, loss, pain and redemption Tango Sierra’s lead vocalist and guitarist Hollis Brown has emerged as a rocker-poet. Snatching inspiration from the remains of the day, Hollis expresses his worldview through gritty rock music.

Tango Sierra’s latest disk Something Twisted continues the thought-provoking and emotional journey of their debut CD This is It. The first album was a declaration to the world that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Something Twisted is a declaration that those dreams never die – despite being tested to the limit.

In 2006, Tango Sierra was named one of 29 recipients of Rawlco Radio’s Project 10K20. Rawlco awarded the recipients based on past achievements and potential.

Produced by Ken Greer of Tom Cochrane’s Red Rider, Something Twisted is a strikingly raw journey that tackles everything from bullying to suicide bombers. Fans of their debut album will not be disappointment by this bold sophomore effort.

His musical influences include Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and Tom Cochrane/Red Rider. Despite the influences Tango Sierra possesses a unique blend of blues and rock-and-roll creating a sound all their own.

Their distinctive sound makes for a kick-ass live experience.

The band is a collection of musicians brought together by a common passion for making fearlessly evocative music. The band includes Paul Edmondson on lead guitar, bass guitarist Frank Kelley, and Ken Kitchen on keys. Sherry Sayers, joined in 2006 on background vocals.

Brown and his bandmates make their home in the musical hub of the prairies – Saskatoon, SK.

With two stunning albums to their credit and a record deal with Bent Penny records, Tango Sierra is ready to leave their mark on the national music scene.

"Hollis Brown and Tango Sierra prove that it is never too late to pursue your dreams ... good insightful songs and great production on a shoestring by Ken (Ken Greer) ... Hollis has a big heart and that comes through in his music, how refreshing is that .... some experiences there that everyone could learn from" (Tom Cochrane)

"When I first heard Tango Sierra I was floored by ther lyrical depth and emotion in their music that I had to try and get them on board... Everyone at Bent Penny is very excited to have to be working with Tango Sierra and we're very glad that they are apart of the family" said Julian Dean Taylor; Co-Founder Bent Penny Records.

Celebrates Release of Debut Album

Toronto, Canada – February 24, 2006 – Tango Sierra, arguably one of Saskatoon's hottest up and coming indie acts are pleased to announce the long awaited national release of their debut album This Is It on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 on Bent Penny Records, with distribution through Maple Music Wide.

Tango: a communications code word for the letter 't' and Sierra: a communications code word for the letter 's', form together to create Tango Sierra, a name you will not soon forget. This Is It, is more than just an album title -- it's a destination and it marks the end of a very long and difficult journey for Tango Sierra.

Hollis Jeffery Brown, lead vocals and guitar; lives a storyteller's life. His is a story of love, loss, pain and redemption. Brown's life experiences have been beautifully crafted to create Tango Sierra's stunning twelve-track debut This Is It.

At the urging of friends, Brown began recording his music and took a chance when he sent a handful of recordings to Tom Cochrane. Cochrane was impressed with what he heard and passed the recordings along to Red Rider co-founder and band-mate Kenny Greer who agreed to produce and record the album with the band. The resulting independent release This Is It, is full of progressively blues-powered rock and not surprisingly reminiscent of the band’s musical influences such as Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen and of course, Red Rider. Brown's rich voice and emotionally packed lyrics are paired seamlessly with unexpected chord changes and unique structure, making This Is It - it!

The band is quickly growing in popularity thanks to hits such as 'Why Baby Why', Tango Sierra's first single, released in March, 2005. 'Why Baby Why' has been climbing the charts in Tango Sierra's hometown of Saskatoon and has proven to fans and critics alike that Tango Sierra are here to stay.

This Is It was a lifetime in the making and gracefully portrays the human condition as an ever-hopeful landscape. Hollis Brown has lived a life filled with strife and impossibilities to overcome but has found his niche as a powerful singer/songwriter. "I do it for the people who are still lost out there trying to find their way." Brown said from his home in Saskatoon, "I get to say them, Hey! I did it, and you can do it too! You know what? People love the idea that you're never too far gone, never too young and never too old... it's where your heart is" .

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