Tangria Jazz Group

Tangria Jazz Group

 Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Tangria plays jazz, adding funk, Latin, world music & blues to originals & standards. Check out Tangria's world jazz (cdbaby.com/cd/tangria3 Bamako .... & cdbaby.com/cd/tangria2 Warm), funk (cdbaby.com/cd/tangria1 Inner Urge) and rock (ex. All Nighter) from Tangria Music Productions.


Tangria Jazz Group is becoming a fixture in the Bay Area jazz scene. The group's unique blend of intensity and sensitivity sets them apart. Formed in the spring of 1997, Tangria Jazz Group has developed a rich, captivating sound that brings new contributions to bear upon the genres of Latin, funk and straight-ahead jazz with original music and fresh takes on jazz standards.

Each player brings an individual style and impressive talent to the group, always keeping Tangria's sound interesting and dynamic. Their influences range from Ellington to Jobim, from Miles Davis to Joe Henderson. Simon Rochester on Rhodes piano draws upon the intricate and lush contributions left by Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans. The intensity and explosiveness of Tony Williams and the delicateness of Billy Higgins are apparent in drummer Sheryl Mebane's playing. In addition to their influences, you'll also hear freshness, personal expression, and a unique identity, especially in their own compositions.

We hope you enjoy the music of Tangria Jazz Group.

Check out www.tangria.net/shows.html for our updated calendar.

Check out http://tangria.net/productions.html to learn more about Tangria Music Productions, our pop, rock, vocal jazz and funk projects.


Tangria Jazz Group (7 tracks, 2008): Self-titled CD sharing world jazz themes.

Mebane's Eleven (11 tracks, 2006):
played on 100 radio stations; Listen to all the tracks at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tangria2
(ex. world jazz track 'Warm')

Songs from Lady Bird (10 tracks, 2003):
see www.pearlstreetpublishing.com for the related book and www.geocities.com/sherylmebane/spokenLadyBird.mp3 for a spoken word performance from the book; Listen to all the tracks at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tangria1 (ex. funk jazz track 'Inner Urge')

Set List

We play standards from bebop, fusion and beyond as well as originals. Our sets usually last 1 hour. Our tunes usually last 5-8 minutes.

1 Teach Yourself to Live Elsewhere (original)
2 Recordame
3 Maiden Voyage
4 Red Clay
5 Blues for Alice
6 Ethan�s Song (original)
7 Speak No Evil
8 Inner Urge
9 I Love You
10 Windows
11 Freedom Jazz Dance
12 Money Time (original)
13 Mr. PC
14 Israel
15 Naima
16 Solar
17 Lady Bird
18 Nature Boy
19 Impressions
20 Isotope