Tania Alexandra

Tania Alexandra

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Music that transforms our quirks and foibles, our flounderings and self-diagnosed failures into something that inspires. Lush, edgy jazz-inflected excavations of the soul driven by a fiercely original voice with a lyrical depth and honesty that is courageous, compelling and undeniably provocative...


Recent winner of the 2010 Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition!

Often described as quirky and kind, Tania Alexandra emanates her love of the authentic oddities of life. Her music reflects this as does her mission: "to spread creative energy like a colorful weed". This tumbleweed undertaking has made Tania's experience nothing more than eclectic. A native of Colorado, Tania has resided in Philadelphia, where she infused herself into the arts community as a singer-songwriter, music and movement specialist, session vocalist, vocal arranger, and human being.
A result of Tania's work has been 3 albums, "Chrysalis" (1999),"Emergence" (2003), and her newest release "Abnormal" (November 2009). She has also had the joy of performing in venues and festivals, such as Bethlehem Musikfest (2010, 2009), The Kimmel Center (2010, 2009), THe Philadelphia FolkFest (2010), The SCFD Bear Fair, Coors Amphitheatre, (2004). Albuquerque Film Festival (2004), and has had radio play on WXPN 88.5 Philadelphia, and KUNM 88.9 FM Albuquerque. In addition, Tania Alexandra continues to perform at many more listening venues, house concerts, and community gatherings across the country.



Track listing:
1. Little Have Not
2. Holding Hands
3. Imperfect Perfectionist
4. Parasite
5. I'm Still Here (the weed song)
6. Beautiful Malfunction
7. Not Even These Blues
8. What This Isn't
9. Me and Rhodi Night
10. The Cat and Lioness


Track listing:
1. Bandaid Solution
2. Creatures
3. The Flow
4. Faces and Places
5. Project Chrysalis
6. Every Once in A While
7. Moment of Me
8. My Home
9. Snowflake Metaphor
10. No Sides


Track listing:
1. I Could Have Flown
2. Waiting
3. I Believe
4. Money
5. Dokie
6. Scars
7. Your Mother Your Child
8. Monotony
9. Boys to California
10. Jennifer

Set List

Sets can be both intimate and dynamic and range from 30 minutes to 3 hours (with breaks). They contain mostly original music (see discography), sprinkled with random/ familiar covers (usually done with a new/quirky arrangement).