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Tania Moran's second album Sanctity is a brilliantly crafted slice of pop perfection. Throughout Sanctity Tania's angelic voice intertwines seamlessly with the masterfully restrained and moody music, one always complementing the other in a heavenly blend. Featuring the most subtle hints of electronica and r 'n b in its synth and piano driven pop, this album is an exceptional collection of songs showcasing Tania's superb vocal range, graceful delivery and gorgeous harmonies. There's not an unnecessary note on Sanctity and this sense of elegance and space creates the perfect ambiance for Tania's poignant lyrics, all based on personal experiences. At times melancholy, at times uplifting and always heartfelt, Sanctity is an atmospheric pop album of rare class and depth that signals the arrival of a shining new star.


Ride of My Life

Written By: Moran/Bell

I’ve waited for a lifetime
And I never thought I would be here and feel so right
You waited for the right time
To tell me how long you’ve been crazy with me on your mind

So I’m driving in my car
To get to where you are
Can’t believe it took so long
To finally come around
Packed my courage in my bag
Threw my worries in the back
Got the wheel and holding tight
For the ride of my life
For the ride of my life

From the moment of your confession
My heart has been racing madly skipping every beat
I’m loving this beautiful feeling
You’re every last wish come true and my life’s complete


Isn’t it funny that all this time
I had been daydreaming you were mine
And now I find it’s turned out to be
A premonition of you and I


Say It's Over

Written By: Moran/Bell

It’s time to face the truth and say it’s over now
I’m in over my head and slowly sinking down
I’ve wasted so much time only loving you
So if you’re not in love I’m begging you

Say it’s over now (Say it’s over now)
Say it’s over now (Say it’s over now)

It’s time to set me free and say it’s over now
You’ve brought me to my knees and I am so strung out
No one in this world will love you like I do
So if you’re playing games I’m begging you

Say it’s over now (Say it’s over now)
Say it’s over now (Say it’s over now)
Someone tell me how (Say it’s over now)
To get over you now (Say it’s over now)

And in your pale blue eyes
I’m forever mesmerised
But I can’t make you love me if you don’t

(Say it’s over now)
Say it’s over now (Say it’s over now)
Someone tell me how (Say it’s over now)
To get over you now (Say it’s over now)


Written By: Moran/Origliasso/Origliasso/Nicholas/Stangel

Life was so easy when I was with you
Your world is a place where wishes come true
Slowly surrounded losing my mind
Endless expectations never satisfied

You have everything I‘d ever need
But you can’t offer me anything
I am happy here living my dreams
Cos I am who I want to be

Followed the footsteps of those gone before
Your father and his father have shown you the score
Everything has changed now I’ve seen through it all
The money and the power is not worth my soul


Too long I’ve wandered a path that isn’t mine
Slowly surrounded you wanted so much I was losing my mind

Life was so easy I had it all
Slowly surrounded losing my soul
The money and the power keep for yourself
Cos all that it amounts to is my living hell



New Day (2004)
Sanctity (2005)

Both albums were released through Columbia Music Entertainment, Japan.
Sanctity is due for Australian release late 2006.

Set List

Sets are usually around 40 minutes in length. One hour sets would contain songs from the New Day album, as well as new songs as yet not recorded.

A typical set list now contains songs from the new album Sanctity:

Ride of my Life
Say It's Over
Let the Rain Fall Down
Two is a Crowd
Matter of Truth
A New Tomorrow
Turn To Me
The One