Ankara, Ankara, TUR

Trad. Turkish music fused with western classical music; + occasional touches of Sufizm, Jazz and Flamenko. We play well known classics rendered in Turkish style and vice versa, as well as original compositions. We Improvise in Turkish, classical and jazz styles, sometimes interactively with audience


Each member of the band holds an international career, having performed and toured in 45 countries, solo and with other bands, ensembles and orchestras, prior to Tanini. Under the name TANINI since late 2006, we have performed at The Turkish Presidential Palace; The Dolmabahce and Esma Sultan Palaces of Istanbul; Middle East Technical University in Ankara; The Federal Reserve Building of USA; Central Bank of Turkey; Turkish embassies in Washington D.C., Seoul, South Korea; Chamber of Commerce of Frankfurt, Germany etc. In 2009, we performed at the second Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in Istanbul, which was hosted by our president, attended by many heads of state from around the world.

Our mission is to create bridges between cultures of the East and West, promoting world-wide peace and friendship. Our repertoire consists of western music (mostly classical, but also some jazz, flamenko and tango) interpreted with Turkish elements, and Turkish music with Western elements.

We stand out with our world-class musicianship, versatility, original ideas, expressive compositions, arrangements and energy on stage. Tanini offers a dazzling, entertaining, emotional and thought-provoking performance, sometimes with guest artists -such as a percussionist and dancers- and interaction with the audience.


We have two CD's on the market: "Dokunuslar" (Touches, 2008) and "Dokunuslar II". It has been played, and is being played on various radio channels in Turkey and abroad.

Set List

Nihavend Saz Semaisi by Resat Aysu;
Nadirs Aria by Georges Bizet;
Mandira by Hakan A. Toker;
"Ruzgar uyumus, ay daliyor, her taraf issiz" by Refik Fersan;
"Libertango" by Astor Piazzolla;
"Sorrow of the Angels" by Bilgin Canaz;
Interactive improvisation;
"Yearning" by Tahir Aydogdu;
"Memoirs of Alhambra" by Francisco Tarrega;
"Spain" by Chick Corea

This is a sample set list. We have twice this much more in our repertoire. We perform at any length, depending on the occasion. Usually 1 or 2 sets, 45 minutes to an hour, each.