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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2001
Band R&B Hip Hop


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TANIQ @ California African American Museum

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

TANIQ @ Denim Lounge

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Brooklyn, New York, USA

TANIQ @ Shrine World Music Venue

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



In this (almost) fine of first half of 2008, I must acknowledge you to have somewhat forsaken the jazz lately to listen to blues enormously, (néo-) folk, pop, musics of the world and soul/r' B (60s-70s and 2000s).

If the recent topicality in this last field is well heard dominated by the exit of Lay me down of the Reverend Al Green (click), it would be a shame to pass beside the little marvels which are the albums of Baby Charles (about which I already spoke you HERE) and of Taniq, The life and times of coils (of which he is question today).

With the first listening, my opinion was mitigated a little because of the few passages " rappés" strewing the eleven songs with The life and times of coils.

Feeling nevertheless that this album released a small supplement of heart more than obvious, I decided to give him a second, then a third, etc… chance. The album did not leave any more my ears of all the afternoon. It indeed, from its multiple qualities, had very quickly overcome my tiny reserves and was part from now on of my life.

Taniq is thus a duet made up of the couple (on scene as at the city) Miko & Carolyn who writes and produces itself mainly his own compositions, réminiscentes of best of the scene soul of Philadelphia of the Seventies, as well as best of the new-soul in Jill Scott for example.

The advantage of the formation in duet is that it offers a priori positive since, unconsciously, it echoes automatically collaborations as successful as those of Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright, Ashford & Simpson, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Rick James & Teena Marie,…

Burning defender of the soul/r' B of years 60-70, I must recognize that, for once, these comparisons are not usurped: thanks to Taniq, the torch of (good) the music soul sees its somewhat revived flames.

I will not make you description " here; track by piste" because The life and times of coils is a coherent album from beginning to end, one of the rare albums of soul left this last decade for which I do not want to jump any track.

Only one small flat: the first two minutes mainly " rappées" of Scale of sacrifice (tenth and penultimate [second to last] piece of the album) of which the " rise in puissance" [power, might, or force] enough exceptional makes it possible to forgive this light error of taste.

To summarize, The life and times of coils is a quasi-perfect album combining soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz in a production limpid, fresh, timeless (rare balance between classicism and modernity) and generous evoking in turn the spirit of all the great names already quoted in this article, names to which I would dare to add that of Stevie Wonder whose influence is obvious on pieces such as Look At you now (click) and this Scale of sacrifice.

An album which, in a world righter should have known the first places of all the hit-parades.

Traditional of the soul of today that one will take still great pleasure to listen in a score of years.

How not to like an album starting with a title such as Everything About You?

My note: (after 10 listenings) --> 07/10
(after about thirty listenings) --> 09/10 - Jazz Blues & Co

Reminiscent of soulful power couples, Ashford and Simpson as well as the modern duo, Kindred the Family Soul, the soul community welcomes Taniq. Composed of husband Miko, a Chicago native and wife Carolyn, Houston native, Taniq, originally a six-member band based out of the windy city, Miko met Carolyn as the group searched for a lead female singer. Carolyn, then a college student in the Chicago area responded. The pair would eventually become a duo. The name Taniq, a combination stemming from Talent and Unique, holds the best of both worlds. The singing newlyweds possess a very different style and sound of their own, adding a mixture of jazz, soul, and a dash of funk, they bring to us their debut album The Life & Times of Love.

As soon as you press play, instantly, you are drawn in by the upbeat track “Everything About You” with it’s jazzy sound and soulful yet seemingly heartfelt lyrics. It describes the unconditional love for another person, accepting love’s flaws and all. One of the more socially conscious and straightforward tracks on the album would be “Hands in My Pockets”. It has a funkier yet jazzy sound with the voice of Miko leading and Carolyn following. It speaks about the day-to-day struggles, trying to stay above the waters amongst societies crashing waves. ‘Everytime I turn around somebody’s got their hands in my pocket leaving me empty handed, I can’t stand it… I have no more change to spare.’ A must-hear truth track.

“Deja my Dear” takes you to a nice sit-down jazz club in Chicago as you hear the jazzy and sensual sound. Carolyn provides a very smooth tone not too overpowering. At times we hear her doing a little scatting, very Ella Fitzgeraldesque. “Time will not Wait”, seems like it was especially made for Miko as he takes centre stage singing, oh so beautifully. One of the favorites would be “A summer in Zimbabwe” is a unique track; the beginning starts with almost a tribal calling, a longing for the MOTHERLAND! , singing ‘Wish you were closer’. This track is open to various interpretations, to say the least; and Carolyn’s voice is very soothing and tranquil to the ears.

Taniq ends the album on a low key, with “The Life & Times of Love”, with a smoother sound as the two harmonize. Providing fewer vocals, this track exemplifies the sounds and gives us a surprisingly mix of the Spanish flare, that you could easily get up and move to. This track seems to conclude the entire album beautifully.

With this debut album, The Life & Times of Love, they’ve created a love-exuding album from beginning to end that is unexplainable. This couple definitely deserves all the credit and praise that comes their way- PLUS MORE! If you have not yet picked up, Taniq’s, The Life & Times of Love, make sure to purchase it and add this one to the collection! - 4daSoul.com

Taniq (Talent Unique) are a soulful husband and wife duo and here they bring forth their debut studio album The Life and Times of Love. The album is a self produced, written, arranged and composed collection exploring elements of Jazz, Funk, and Gospel. As the title states, The Life and Times of Love explores and takes the listener on a journey through all facets of a newly-wed relationship, accenting all the positives and the negatives in a meaningful yet light-hearted manner.

Their tracks feature 17 musicians as well as a choir, helping to generate emotions and feelings of yesteryear by bringing back old school instrumental sounds. The first track, Everything About You is performed in a classic duet style where Taniq express their admiration for each other. They sing lyrically back and forth almost in a conversational manner which straight away provides a smooth introduction and insight to the theme of the album.

The song Hands In My Pockets, is sure to be a crowd pleaser as it displays funky production, and thoughtful, genuine lyrics about the love that they share for one another. Carolyn's vocals are dynamic on this album as she headlines most tracks with her sweet, yet strong and soulful voice. Husband Miko also provides smooth vocals and lets his lyrical hip-hop rhymes flow on the track Cupid Shot Me offering a light transition to the following tracks. A standout feature of Taniq’s style is that their songs are not only deeply rooted in soul but they also offer jazzy melodies with funk inspired horn arrangements, setting it apart from modern artists.

Other highlights here are Breakin’ The Rules, Scale of Sacrifice and Deja My Dear, which have strong messages based around love and issues couples deal with on an everyday basis. Each track is supported by infectious grooves provided by the rhythm section. Their lyrics are so clear and crisp that they transcend the listener on a journey towards feelings of gratitude, peace and tenderness.

Overall, I would recommend this album to anyone who appreciates neo-soul music reminiscent of old school sounds with a hint of jazz. It’s definitely one for mature listeners and those in love… - PlanetUrban.com

Taniq represent a rare breed in music: the married couple that also sings and performs together. Developing their sound in Chicago before making the leap to Los Angeles, Miko and Carolyn are living in hip-hop/soul matrimony. With a style that makes full use of live music, the playful rhymes of golden age hip-hop, and the timeless depth of jazz, Taniq is quietly making a name for themselves. With the release of their debut album The Life and Times of Love, the married Taniq have condensed their high-energy live performance into a neat package. Now they are ready to take the soul community by storm.

Nu-Soul: Who came up with the name Taniq and what does it signify?

Miko: Taniq is a combination of Talent and Unique. What it means is expressing the talents that we have in our unique individual expression.

Nu-Soul: How did you first meet?

Carolyn: Well I was in college about 45 minutes away from Chicago and I did an internet search for “seeking vocalists” and the first thing that came up was “Looking for a female vocalist for Taniq” and that’s how I became a part of the band.

Nu-Soul: So what prompted the move to LA?

M: Just looking for more opportunities in film and television. Initially we were maybe thinking about a record label deal. I act as well so LA was the best place for combining music and acting. We’ve been out her almost three years. We’re adjusted now. We hit the pavement right away. It’s not like it was the first time for either of us moving outside of our hometown.

Nu-Soul: Where are both of you from originally?

M: I’m from Chicago.

C: I’m originally from Houston, Texas. Just a little bit of the back-story, with Taniq moving to LA came the breakup of the full band and then it became us as a pair. We didn’t tell the band mates that we were together until right before we moved.

M: We were friends for 3 years. When we began to date we kept that from the band for like a year. Taniq started out as a band with six members. Carolyn came into the group because I needed replacement female singers. When we record we still wanted to keep the same feel of a band so we completed our album with musicians.

Nu-Soul: So the same musicians on the album are those the ones that you use when you do shows?

M: In Chicago. When we’re in LA we have musicians that we use out here.

Nu-Soul: So how has the move changed your career?

C: I think it raised the bar. Once we knew that we could move and really start to finish the album I think that our vision became a lot bigger than when we were in Chicago just doing shows. Once we were here it was like ”Let’s do it!” If we move to LA we can do whatever. We were able to get together 17 musicians and horn arrangements and so many things because we stuck to our vision.

M: I think the reason we came out here was for more opportunities and we found that out here. Just a willingness of people to just sit down and talk to you whether it be just an informational meeting or more. But there is a lot more opportunity. We did get a couple film placements and a television placement and we attribute that to being out here. And then also people take you a little more seriously when you move to where the industry is.

Nu-Soul: Tell me about the album. How long were you working on it and what was your vision for it?

M: The album, it’s been four years since we started it. The vision of the album as it initially began was the capture our live performance. It was to bring that energy and that excitement to a recording.

C: Then it became more important to make what most people don’t see today: a concept album. Not just a whole bunch of songs that we wrote put together but a set of messages that were about love and different aspects of love. We had a lot in our catalog to go through but it eventually came together to become The Life and Times of Love.

M: It definitely morphed and is slightly different now that we are a couple. Now the aspect of marriage is a prominent factor in what we do and the messages that we portray. As far as genre we do a little everything but it is primarily soul and hip-hop.

C: And jazz with the melodies.

Nu-Soul: What are some of your musical influences?

C: I came up in a gospel household. So you’ll hear the harmonies and the different melodies and the church feel. I love jazz vocalists so a lot of the jazz melodies and scat vocals come from my love of jazz vocalists like Ella and of course currently Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, India Arie. Artists that can infuse messages but also have really nice melodies that can carry the message.

M: My biggest influences would be Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Donny Hathaway. But I grew up during hip-hop’s golden age: Tribe Called Quest, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Rakim. So that was what I really started to do when I performed.

Nu-Soul: How do you find balance as both partners in life and as business partners?

M: We look for it.

C: It’s like anything. We’re on different pages sometimes. Sometimes he may just want to chill and I may be talking about business constantly. Or vice versa. But I think a lot of that trial and error came when we were friends. We went through a rough patch when I was constantly calling him to work on music. So we know we’re not always on the same page. There is no balance. We always look for it.

M: Some how it works out.

Nu-Soul: So what’s up next?

M: Just picking different spots in the country to tour! - Nu-Soul Interview by Norman Mayers

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's 6 Questions With...Taniq!

"Ever since the first moment I spoke your name, from then on I knew that by you being in my life, things were destined to change..." Musiq Soulchild - Love
I have not had a 6 Questions entry in the longest time, but that is all on me really. This week, I am extremely happy to have the pleasure of sharing an amazingly talented duo with you. The artist that I am able to bring to you is a husband and wife duo from Chicago and Houston via Los Angeles, CA. Miko and Carolyn are the r&b soul combination of Taniq. Taniq, a combination of "talented and unique," are newlyweds, and their love and emotions radiate from their debut disk The Life & Times Of Love. The album is a solid disc from beginning to end, with tracks delving into the nature of love. Love in marriage, friendship and life brought to you by the sexy sounds of soul, jazz and r&b. My favorite track on the album is the sexy, scatting "Breaking The Rules" along with the mellow yet groovy "Everything About You." You know I only cover artists with unspeakable talent on my page, so we already know what they bring to the table. However, you need to see Taniq in action on stage. Both Miko and Caroyln have experience in theatre and they know how to put on an enjoyable, energetic and engaging show. And yes, they are just as sweet, genteel and personable as they look! You can find out if Taniq will be in a city near you, more about the duo and other information on their MySpace page and on their website. Please, check it out! Tha Connoisseur would never steer you wrong!

Here is 6 Questions With...Taniq!

1) You and Carolyn have so much energy during your performances engaging your fans in serious grooves throughout your show. Both of you have been exposed to theatre and performing for a long time now and it's obvious that you enjoy and love what you do on stage together as Taniq. What is another passion that you and Carolyn have (individually) that we your fans, do not know about?

Miko: I love Asian martial arts movies. Bruce Lee was an all around true genius and what young boy didn't want to be like him growing up...My honey brought me Bruce Lee's book recently and a birthday or two ago she surprised me with an Asian theme and we did moves together from an instructional marital arts video. I have a collection of movies on DVD and VHS. I can even use nunchucks (Karate sticks) without knocking myself out :-o)

Carolyn: I love bridges and waterfalls. I have an unwritten list of them that I want to experience around the world. I feel they are an illustration of who I am and I want to be. Both of them symbolize the endless possibilities in life.

2) Thinking back, is there a song that you can think of that made you realize that singing was the path for you? Which song and why?

Miko: When I was heavy into Hip-Hop back in the day, a classmate who was a DJ, asked me to write a Rap for him to perform. I had never written a song before, but I was up for the challenge. It was called "Hitting Harder Than Steele" and he thought it would be better if I performed the song and so writing and performing that song is what gave me the bug.

Carolyn: "What A Friend We Have In Jesus." I had always sang in church, but this song was one of those that went with me even after I'd stopped regularly singing in church. One day, this song came to me and comforted me and I felt God telling me that I would be singing again, and though at the time I had no way of supporting a career in music, this song helped me realize that I have a friend who will be with me on this journey.

3) I noticed on your website that you have the lyrics to your songs available. Do you remember when lyrics were an important part of purchasing an artist's album? Next to the music itself, it was the second best thing! I miss liner notes! it was almost like a connection between the fan and the artist-with the artist sharing more of their creativity process. With the insurgence of iTunes and mp3 downloads, do you feel that as an artist, it is important to continue with that tradition?

Miko: I was always the one who looked forward to reading lyrics and credits. I believe the artists or the songwriters really had something to say back in those days so it was worth it to read the lyrics. Reading the lyrics to "Songs In The Key Of Life" is like reading a book of poetry. Seeing the lyrics were also helpful for those songs we didn't quite know what the artist was saying but thought we did...I remember back in the day my cousin mistaken Prince's song "Controversy" for him saying "Count Your Blessings" until we read the lyrics from the album. Kirk Franklin don't get any ideas :-o) So yes I would like to see that tradition continue, but only if artists continue in the same tradition of making good quality lyrics and music once again. I certainly wouldn't want to read the lyrics of an artist who didn't have much to say and lyrics were masked by the focus on an overproduced track or vocals.

Carolyn: Of course lyrics are important, out of the abundance of the heart does a man speak...and if we're making Soul music, we have to come correct lyrically to really touch people's lives. If melody and music was all we cared about–we'd rather scat or do an all instrumental album, than write a song that didn't relate a message, or share an honest emotion.

4) There are strong underlying jazz melodies in Taniq's music. Seeing that Carolyn's favorite vocalist hands down is jazz great Ella Fitzgerald, is there a chance that we could be graced with a full on jazz album in the future from Taniq?

Miko: We've definitely talked about making a full Jazz album down the line. I would like to give the album a variety as Jazz music has and have songs touching on sub-genres like Dixie, Swing/Big Band, fun songs like Louis Jordan would do, Latin Jazz, Straight Head, maybe cover a standard or two.

5) There are not that many married soul couples around doing their thing and it's a damn shame! It's easy to see that there is a unified flow between the two of you on and off stage, together or apart. It's just a presence that Taniq has. Being newlyweds, how do you two balance it all out in work and play?

Miko: By having the foundation of a true friendship and trusting and believing in God. As simple as it sounds, the flow of our life revolves around those key things. Keeping the open communication knowing that our intentions are always to help not harm and believing that when we get centered on God, all thinks will balance themselves out.

Carolyn: Well, in response to your statement that there aren't many married soul couples around, the truth is people have a misconception about marriage. Our life and music stands as an example of real-life love and marriage. We don't focus just on romance and sex, but rather on emotional intimacy, healing and expressing our appreciation for on another. That's the Life & Times of Love ...and that's what we strive to do every day. There's a time for everything, but romance and sex is not the only gratification to be found in marriage. We travel, have date nights, and take time when we don't work on music for days at a time. We also disagree, compromise and heal.

6) My last proverbial question. Name one album you keep close on a:

a) Melancholy day: Kim Burrell Live In Concert - Kim Burrell
b) Night to set the mood right:
Theraputic: Extension Of A Man-Donny Hathaway
Romantic Mood: Brian McKnight - Brian McKnight
Sexy Mood: A collection of slow jams by Prince I put together
c) Funk down soiree: Fresh - Sly & The Family Stone

a) Melancholy day: Testimony: Volume 1 Life & Relationships - India.Arie
b) Night to set the mood right: Nightmoves - Kurt Elling
c) Funk down soiree: Fresh - Sly & The Family Stone...gotta go with my honey on this one, can't get too much funkier than "If You Want Me To Stay." - Soulafrodisiac

Taniq is a hip-hop/soul husband and wife duo (Miko and Carolyn) that are gifted, individually with incredibly strong, soulful voices, with a sound reminiscent of 70’s old school with a contemporary twist. This is a 4-song self-titled sampler EP for their forthcoming album “The Life & Times of Love” on the Crazatic Entertainment label. All songs are composed, produced and performed by Taniq. The opening track “Everything About You” introduces the listener to an instantly pleasing sound, which sits you back, head nodding as you listen to their vocals as well as the music. This is a strong opener, which makes you anxious to hear more from the duo. “Hands in My Pocket” is a mid-tempo tune which includes hip-hop lyrics, another good head nodding track. On to the third song called “Breakin’ the Rules,” which starts with a wonderful jazzy opening - Carolyn singing scat style – improvising with the melody and rhythm. Production on this beautiful track, gives it a quality feel and a seductive ambience. “Scale of Sacrifice,” the final song, starts with Miko’s Hip-Hop vocals, Carolyn joining in as the track progresses, giving the listener a good chance to listen to each of their vocals individually. Finishing off with an addition of some lead guitar behind the vocals. With good instrumentalists on the album, it gives you a strong sounding EP and a good overall sound. This soul couple spread love through their music and the pleasurable CD sampler certainly makes me want to hear more from Taniq as their vocals blend beautifully together in musical harmony.
- JustSoul.net

Seems that 70's Soul/Pop is in the air right now, and this outfit (fronted by a male-female duo Miko & Carolyn) are creating some smooth, fetching sounds that at times echoes classic Philly Soul as well as new-school Jill Scott/Fugees. The singers have a blend that harmonizes well- sweet, easy and soulful. The band adds plenty of flavor with keys, horns, etc. "Everything About You" sums up the group's strength and signature sound. - Music Connection Magazine

See Miko and Carolyn, aka Taniq grooving the house. If you are into Neo-Soul-Jazz-HipHop ala Floetry, you'll love Taniq. Not to compare them with other artists, I'm just trying to show where they're coming from-Taniq is definitely unique. Guru, if you read this and are currently working on a new Jazzmatazz album, you need to hook these guys up. - L.A. Nightly

A really great little album, and one with an old school sort of depth! There's a quality to the music here that shows that Taniq's definitely not going through the motions -- not just rehashing a few contemporary ideas, but really reaching with the songwriting, and coming up with a sound that's totally great! The group's a duo with both male and female vocals -- and although Carolyn seems to take the lead on a number of tracks, the support from Adriohn “Miko” still really helps round out the sound -- and give the record a wider sense of expression. Instrumentation often has a nice undercurrent of jazz, plus strong keyboards too -- all of which help the record hit a 70s vibe that further enforces the great vocals. A few numbers veer slightly towards hip hop, but the album's mostly a soul affair overall -- and titles include "Deja My Dear", "Scale Of Sacrifice", "Summer In Zimbabwe", "Everything About You", "Sunrise", and "Hands In My Pockets". - Dusty Groove America

Through the years, soul music has given us great duos such as Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright, and Rick James and Teena Marie. These teams made some of the greatest songs of the 60s, 70, and 80s, and those songs have stood the test of time. The lyrics were heartfelt and the music was simply amazing. In 2008, as soul music continues to flourish, Adriohn “Miko” and Carolyn, collectively known as Taniq (Talent Unique), pick up the torch that was left behind by those musical greats and continue the legacy of dynamic duos.

It's very rare to listen to a debut album such as The Life & Times of Love and not skip a track. The love that these two share for one another is genuine and they express it beautifully on this project. The lead-off single, "Everything About You," is an open love-letter in which Taniq express what they admire in each other. Listeners will relate to "Hands In My Pockets," with it's funky production, and profound lyrics: "every time I turn around/ somebody's got their hands in my pockets/ leaving me empty handed/ I can't stand it/ gotta stop it." Carolyn's supreme vocals take center stage on the jazzy number "Deja My Dear," as Miko spits some smooth spoken-word rhythms on the following track, "Cupid Shot Me." With Fender Rhodes courtesy of Kael Mboya Bradley , "Look At You Now" takes a page from the Stevie Wonder playbook and is a bonafied jam! Other highlights from this impeccable piece of work include "A Summer In Zimbabwe" and "Scale of Sacrifice."

The Life & Times of Love can be considered a modern-day masterpiece in soul music. What these two individuals have done is put the love back in love songs and presented it in a way that will be appreciated 20 years from now. Listening to this album, you get the sense that Taniq poured their heart and soul into the production, arrangement, and writing and the result is classic material that is definitely on par with the music legends mentioned above. Highly, highly recommended.
- SoulTracks.com

Is there a better foundation for a great soul album than love? Through history, some of the better songs were performed by dynamic duos. Still get goosebumps when I hear Ashford & Simpson's Solid or Teardrops by Womack & Womack. Tunes that remind me of days when I was a lot younger but also make me realize that these songs have become immortal. I was delighted to have to opportunity to listen to The life & times of Love, Taniq's debut album.

Adriohn “Miko” & Carolyn, two people whose lives blend each day as husband and wife, without doubt, managed to create an album which reminds a lot of those great duos. In the opener, Everything about You, Taniq expresses their feelings about everything they admire in each other. From 'silyness' to 'seriousness', 'from the toes' to 'the freckles on your nose'. An original piece of writing and a fantastic soul song. I certainly wish to highlight the writing skills of Taniq, as Hands in my Pocket, tells the story of day by day struggle in life, to which a lot of people certainly can relate. While the lyrics are dreary realistic, 'living check by check, day by day, maximum stress but minimum pay. There's got to be another way.', the music is uplifting and funky which leaves us an outstanding song. Lyricaly perfect, let us not forget about the supreme vocal capabilities of both artists. Carolyn takes centre stage on the eclectic and jazzy, Deja my Dear, while Miko proves himself, not only as a gifted singer in Time will not Wait, but also as a pretty good rapper in Cupid shot Me. Other treasures on this album are the swing (Stevie Wonder
style) of Look at you Now and the beauty of A summer in Zimbabwe.

Taniq's, The life & times of Love contains a couple of cuts that surely have the charisma to become classic tunes. A modern soul pearl which I can't get enough of. Highly recommended album. - JazzandSoul.eu

Crazatic Entertainment present “The Life & Times of Love.” The debut album from husband and wife hip-hop soul couple Taniq, with the majority of songs composed, produced, arranged and performed by Taniq. The CD is dedicated to their first band member Jim Roney, who played guitar in the group and sadly took his own life in 2002. It’s important to have a strong, leading track on an album and “Everything About You” is exactly that and will have you pressing rewind again and again; a stunning opener of mutual admiration. You’re my “Sunrise” follows with the sweet lyrics “no matter how cold the breeze, you give me all the warmth I need.” Fine n’ funky “Hands In My Pockets” is next, confronting the struggles of day-to day living. “Breakin’ the Rules” follows, suiting Carolyn’s jazzy voice to perfection, ebbing and flowing to the sexy sax & flute instrumentals; a beautiful track. Jazzy “Deja My Dear” with Miko’s spoken word lyrics is next, with tenor sax, then on to the stimulating 6th track “Cupid Shot Me” which sees Miko expressing his infatuated love for Carolyn, saying “You’re the chill in my spine, the laugh line in my smile” and “every day I want you more, not just the physical, I want to stimulate your mind” - “how can I express the magnitude of my gratitude?” This is a song with refreshing and enjoyable lyrics. “Look at You Now” follows, then on to the soulful ballad “Time Will Not Wait” (for no-one), with Curtis Kincaid on guitar. “A Summer In Zimbabwe” is next and has Carolyn wishing her babe was closer rather than being far away, as she misses his touch saying it feels cold outside even though it’s summer. “Scale of Sacrifice” is the penultimate track, with the lyrics “sometimes I wanna crawl into a shell and be left alone.” Every day being a struggle and a day of sacrifice, praying each night everything will be all right and it is here where Miko shines with his soulful hip-hop lyrics, the choir repeating these lyrics to end the song. Album title track “The Life & Times Of Love” completes the CD with Taniq embracing their love and romance for each other, blending in to bosa nova and guitar rhythms, concluding the album with a celebratory vocal wrap. Miko and Carolyn shine as individuals on particular songs; Carolyn on “Breakin’ the Rules” and Miko on “Scale of Sacrifice.” Together their differing voices and styles blend soulfully together in an enchanting way, which works so well, creating vocal harmonies and classic music. For Taniq to share the mic and stage with each other must be special, to transfer this to CD for us to listen to, makes it special for us; beautiful, endearing music to savour and appreciate. Added to this is a whole host of musicians who compliment the love and thought which has gone in to this CD. Long may Taniq be united in soulful hip-hop matrimony. Buy their album and feel the warmth of love envelop you. Highly recommended. - JustSoul.net

Frisch verheiratet ist dieses Paar- künstlerisch wie auch privat. Und eben so klingt auch die Musik von TANIQ. Der Name ist Programm: TAlent uNIQue. Carolyn und Miko produzieren Live-Musik, die auch im CD-Player nichts von ihrer Originalität verliert.Ihre selbstbetitelten EP, die sie auf Konzerten verkaufen, hat zwar nur vier Tracks petto, zeugt dafür aber von ein unsagbaren Professionalität. Reinen Neo-Soul liefern die zwei Sänger, wobei Miko mitunter auch ein paar Rap-Zeilen vom Stapel lässt. Bei „Hands In My Pocket“ klingt das noch etwas laienhaft, kommt bei „Breaking The Rules“ dafür umso engagierter und selbstbewusster in seiner Botschaft.Liebevoll intoniert singen Taniq auf „Everything About You“ von den Werten, die sie an ihrem Partner schätzen, den Höhepunkt der EP bietet jedoch das funky „Scales Of Sacrifice“.Bei der musikalischen Umsetzung jener Songs haben dem Paar German Pizano (Bass), Antoine Offett (Drums/Percs), Andy Miller (Guitar), Rene Izquierdo (Rhodes), Vincent Wiley (B3 Organ), Rick Barnes (Percussions) und (Lloyd B. King). Fazit: Projekt gelungen!

von Linda Könnecke
- www.soulsite.de


"The Life & Times of Love"
TANIQ (March 2008)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist

"Truth Hall" soundtrack (2008)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist

"Urban Scenze Vol I & II" soundtrack
Various (2005)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist

"Yesterday’s Icons"
Michael Carlos (2005)

TANIQ (2004)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist

"Ululation/Chicago Arts Program"
Various (2003)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist

Various Artists (2003)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist

"Roney Jimbalaya"
TANIQ (2002)
Writer, Producer, Vocalist




TANIQ is a husband and wife duo that writes and performs their blend of original Soul/Hip-Hop.

Taniq’s debut album “The Life and Times of Love” has been called “a modern-day masterpiece in Soul music” by Soultracks.com (America’s #1 Soul music website.) The album was recorded in Chicago and LA and features top musicians from both cities.

The album garnered many accolades including Taniq being signed to a publishing deal based off the strength of their songwriting on the album. One of their songs was listed in the top 100 entries for Best R&B Song for the 2009 51st Grammy Awards Nominations. Taniq is currently working on their next album and scheduling tour dates.

Taniq’s music has been featured in TV/Film on ABC Family, BET, Spike TV, Samuel Goldwyn Films, and Image Entertainment.

Taniq was formed in Chicago in the winter of 2000. Originally a 6-piece band, they played some of Chicago’s most notable live venues, festivals, and theatre productions. Miko and Carolyn developed a strong musical partnership and friendship spanning 3 years. During their 2004 recording session of the self-entitled EP, unforeseen sparks flew between the two. They kept their courtship a secret from the rest of the band for over a year. They finally revealed their love a week before moving to Los Angeles.

“The Soul Couple” is familiar with comparisons to music’s most recognized couples. Fans have called them the next Ashford & Simpson, a soulful Sonny & Cher, and even the sober Bobby & Whitney. When asked what sets Taniq apart, Taniq responds, “While our sound is deeply rooted in Soul and Hip-Hop, our music features Jazzy melodies, Funk-inspired horn arrangements, and Gospelesque call-and-response. It helps us attract people that may not normally find themselves in the same room.” Their concerts feature a 7-piece band, choreographed dance routines, and lots of personal and interactive audience participation.