Tanita Stone

Tanita Stone


Beer drinking, fun having, dancable, get up and party, rocky tonk music!


We play what we want, mostly originals and with covers we put our own spin on em -- why sound like a jukebox?


I'll be gone

Written By: Tanita Stone (Tania Penn)

You did something to me
that I just cant hide
something goes right through me
when you look into my eyes
and I lose my breath
when I see you standing there
when it comes to you boy
I don't have a prayer
I'll be gone
(over my head over heels for you)
(All of my life I've been waiting for you)
I've been over my head over heals in love with you baby for so long long long, yeah I'm gone

We've come to far
to turn back now
when I"m in your arms
always feels like I'm heaven-bound
And the way you touch me
takes me to another place
(to another place)
I won't be found
cuz without a trace
(repeat chorus)
Something went right through me
when you looked into my eyes

The one that got away

Written By: Tanita Stone (Tania Penn)

There's the love
that I used to have
That's the one
who always made me laugh
now I'm crying inside everyday
He's the one, the one that got away
Here I am
so lonely and so sad
regretting things I didn't do
but should have
well I told him to leave
but I wish he would have stayed
he's the one, the one that got away
how could I been so stupid
how could I been so blind
I had the perfect man
with the perfect life

But there he is
with a new love by his side
he looks so happy
I can see it in his eyes
I let him slip through my fingers
and now I feel the pain
for the one, the one that got away

I should have held on a little tighter
I shoudl have never let him go
but it's too late
He's already moved on

repeat 1st verse

Hello Goodbye

Written By: Tanita Stone (Tania Penn)

Here comes
I know that look in his eyes
Hello goodbye
I've seen
that look on me so many times
Hello Goodbye
Well don't try to let me down easy
I'm only gonna take it hard
just stop beating around the bush
say the damn word
who cares if I cry
I'll get over you and be fine
hello goodbye
I don't wanna hear your reasons
I don't wanna hear your alibis
Hello goodbye
I'm gonna walk out that door
and get on with my life baby
hey hey hello goodbye

well now don't give me no excuses
about how hard it was
get over it like I'll be over you
baby it's your loss
who cares if I cry
I'll be over you and be fine
hello goodbye
Yeah who cares if I cry
baby I'm already over you
Hello goodbye
I said hello goodbye
well hello goodbye

Why would I

Written By: Tanita Stone (Tania Penn)

You're in my heart
you're in my head
you're in my dreams
you're not in my bed
and I should forget you,
I could if I tried
but why would I do that?
You were love,
and you were pain
still I wouldn't trade our time
together for anything
I should forget you
could if I tried
but why would I do that?
When you're a part of my life
a big piece of my heart
said you'd always stand by me
but you couldn't hold on
I felt your grip slipping fast
now why did you do that?

Well I've tried to get on with my life
but I still want you by my side
Holding on when I should just let go
I can't believe that you're gone

I know I should
put it to rest
you're a memory
I just can't forget
I know I could if I tried
but why would I do that?

Heart Trouble

Written By: Tanita Stone (Tania Penn)

He's got 6 pack abs
and one in his hand
looking at me with a devlish grin
yeah he's just my type
mr. wrong
tonight will be heaven, I can tell
in the morning gonna feel like hell
cuz I know he'll be good as gone
You're the kind of man,
gonna give my heart trouble
(heart trouble, give my heart trouble)
you're the hurting, aching, longing, breaking kind
(heart trouble, give me heart trouble)
I should walk away, but I just can't say no no no
you're the kind of man
gonna give my heart trouble

I should walk away
but it's no use
under his spell
I can't break loose
He's already caught me
in his web
He's going for the kill
and I took the bait
I always make the same mistake
won't let it happen to me
I always say



Written By: Tanita Stone

Miles of blacktop
Beneath my feet
I get more weary with
Every step I take
Still it's one step closer
Till I'm home, mm hmm
Ain't nothing far enough
To keep from you
I don't care how long
The road will be
It'll be worth it
When your lying next to me
Don't care how many oceans
I gotta cross
Long as your in my arms
I know I'm never lost
Someday Ill find my way
Back to you
And love you forever's
What I'll do
I'll never leave you
Lonely and blue
When I find my way back to you

Wind used to take me
Wherever it'd blow
But I can't go on
With that life no more no no
I'm so tired of roaming on
This time for good
I'm coming home
Suitcase full of memories
Is all I packed
And all my love is
What I'm bringing back
And that's a promise
That I'm gonna keep
so baby, please have faith in me
(repeat chorus 2x)

All wound up

Written By: Tanita Stone (Tania Penn)

Turn me on
Turn me loose
baby you know just what to do
burn me up
don't cool me down
when you come around I get
all wound up (all wound up)
I'm all wound up (all wound up)
baby when you love me
I can't get enough
huggin and kissin I'm all wound up
I'm all wound up (all wound up)
all wound up (all wound up)
wheyeah baby when you come around i can't get enough
of your sweet love
I get all wound up

Let it rock
let it roll
I wanna feel you down in my soul
touch my heart
touch my hand, yeah
no one gets to me the way you can

repeat chorus

hold me close
hold me tight
you don't have to turn off the lights
just love me all night long
till the sun comes through the
window at break of dawn

repeat chorus


We have a song that got some airplay in Germany
Also recorded a couple of rough cd's at a friends house

Set List

It varies depending on where we are playing -- it could be Jank Williams or Johnny Cash or Stevie Ray Vaughn or Led Zepplin