Tanja Maritsa

Tanja Maritsa


Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist. Tanja Maritsa’s music is a beautiful and unique blend of folk, jazz and pop. She has a mesmerizing haunting voice and a poignant and original sound.


Having previously performed in many venues in both London and NewYork, Tanja is about to release her debut album ‘Child in my Heart’ , a stunning mixture of her own distinctive songs and covers, arranged by the talented Richard Niles, and supported by the exquisite young pianist Gwilym Simcock, and gifted guitarist Jo Caleb. Talking about the album Tanja says ‘Recording my first album has been a great experience. I chose songs that I really love and that mean something to me, in the hope that the songs would also touch other people. So there are songs about dreams and philosophy of life: 'Songbird', 'The Wing and the Wheel', 'Smile', melancholic songs like 'Not Dark Yet', 'Memory Box' and 'Shadow of A Man', and a couple of romantic songs thrown in for good measure !! – ‘La Vie en Rose’ and ‘A Thousand Years’ and in a strange way they all seem to be saying what I wanted to say from the start.’ Asked what inspires Tanja to write, she says ‘my inspirations like all artists are drawn from the things I see around me and experience in every day life. Of course i have my favourite song writers like Cat Stevens, and John Martyn, as well as my favourite singers like Edith Piaf, Eva Cassidy, and Nina Simone and all these people inevitably influence me, but as much as anything I want to be genuine in my music and to be myself’.
Tanja is currently working on new material and singing for other recording artists.
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Tanja's debut album ‘Child in my Heart’ .
is due to be released in the first quarter 2008.

Set List

subject to discussion
mixture of originals and covers in the acoustic/folk/pop and jazz genre

45 mins x 2