New York City, New York, USA

TANK sounds like the band your hear outside a venue and makes you wanna go in and see them. Poppy songs that catch your ear and make you wanna dance all night. With some 90s tone involved, TANK keeps close to home with the garage/indie sound you all know and love!


TANK is a 4-piece alternative band formed in Brooklyn, New York featuring Nick Rogers and Alex Tararaka on vocals and guitars, Winston Scarlett on bass and Jeremy Sampson on drums. Nick and Jeremy hail from the great state of Connecticut (Norwich and Trumbull), Win was born in the Empire State, specifically in Queens. While Alex is the only member who was born outside of the United States, in Ukraine. The band exists somewhere between a 90's revivalist/garage rock sound and straight up dirty indie pop, with a healthy sprinkling of Stephen Malkmus and J Mascis influence scattered throughout to keep people feeling weird and fun. Most importantly, the TANK has no brakes!


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