Tanky Cat

Tanky Cat


We love progressions and epic sound from Late 60’s Jazz through modern Hard Core. Our music can be dark and heavy in one song, light and clean in the next or spacey and ambient in another. We balance intensity, melodic flow and a progressive stride to make each piece uniquely Tanky Cat.


Tanky Cat was formed in Bethlehem, PA in June of 2009. They are comprised of four members: Singer and Percussionist Alberto Muñoz, Guitarist Shane Townsend, Organ, Piano and Synth player Matthew Montgomery and Bassist Craig Stenger. Utilizing the ambience of synthesizers, driving guitar lines and intense bass rhythms, Tanky Cat lays the perfect foundation for the expressive vocal melodies found within. Their style is an eclectic mix of Classic, Alternative and Progressive Rock, drawing influence from old masters such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Doors, as well as Modern Rock bands such as Tool, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Muse and Thrice.


The Original Slotted Spoon (demo)

Set List

The Lizard and the Snake
Shanghai to the Sea