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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Rock




"“The enchanting Kylie Hughes leaves an indelible mark on the kind of visceral pop which makes the greats great.” -Popdust"

The enchanting Kylie Hughes leaves an indelible mark on the the kind of visceral pop which makes the greats great. On her new single Never Ever, her voice is lilting⎯a feathery and cutting delivery over a haunting piano and string arrangement. It's akin to Lana Del Rey's cinematic work but with a Taylor Swift-heavy syrup. Of course, she's not trying to be anyone but herself.

Popdust is beyond excited to exclusively drop the song's mesmerizing music video below. "I have been dumped and had my heart broken which can feel like being left at an altar," the singer shares with us of the video, which features striking shots of a forested landscape and Hughes dazzling in a wedding dress and tiara.

"There were promises which felt like broken vows, and I had to peel apart and then put my life back together, like divorce," she continues, "but in the end it's always their loss, and you probably dodged a bullet anyway for almost being with someone who didn't value you or fight for you. In the video I wanted to be very literal, ethereal and fashionable. I wanted an excuse to run through the woods in a wedding dress and wear tiaras for a day." - Popdust

"Celeb Mix Chats with Kylie Hughes"

Kylie Hughes is a little piece of sunshine from California who’s talent in songwriting is matched by the incredible mix of power and sweetness in her voice as she performs. From songs about love, life, and laughter to a coined word that embodies how she sees her music and also herself – Kylie is living out her dreams and inspiring the world with her talent in the process.

We were lucky enough to chat with Kylie about her beautiful music video for “Never Ever” and a little bit about where she’s been, what she’s got planned for the rest of 2016, and where you can keep up with her so you don’t miss a thing! She’s an absolute sweetheart with the world at her feet, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with her quickly. - Celeb Mix


Still working on that hot first release.



Life may have taken an unexpected detour for Tanner, but it’s the decision he made as a young boy in Birmingham, Alabama to be a musician that ultimately saved his life. 

Throughout most of his childhood, Tanner spent weekends watching his father’s band perform 90’s hits in local music venues and it was watching those shows that made him want to be a musician. He dove head first into guitar lessons but ultimately leaned less on the technical side and more on his natural instincts and passion to write his own music. 

Then, at just sixteen years old, this budding musician’s teenage life of school and music took a path far different than anyone could have planned. On what started out as an average day, Tanner passed out and was taken to the doctor, and was later diagnosed with a rare red blood cell disease called Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA). 

Tanner spent a tumultuous few years back and forth between in-patient and out-patient status in the hospital. Doctors treated his AIHA with cocktails of pain medication, steroids and even a round of chemotherapy. Eventually he managed a victory of a full four months without medication. Then, at nineteen his system crashed, pulling him out of remission and Tanner was devastated when the doctors wanted to start the same lengthy treatment process all over again. After a second round of intense chemotherapy as well as having his spleen removed, Tanner was officially in full remission from his AIHA, yet he was far from being “healthy”.

The removal of Tanner's spleen was a painful one. One in which he used heavy prescribed narcotics to manage his pain. The lines became blurred between the need to numb his physical pain with the emotional difficulties he experienced with his sickness and his teenage years. Writing music was integral to his recovery, but the more Tanner experienced, the more he relied on the pills to get him through it.  

In full remission and now an adult, Tanner left home for college, but quickly learned that his pill habit was an expensive one to keep up. He graduated from pills to recreational drugs as his addiction grew stronger. Throughout all of his ups and downs, Tanner always remained connected to music in one way or another. When he needed money, he found that playing cover songs out locally was the best way to fund his habit and he continued on until he hit what he felt was his “rock bottom”. One rock bottom turned into multiple ones as he attempted treatment in various rehabilitation centers and programs, ultimately landing him in an Arizona treatment center where he truly gained the tools and knowledge to help him stay sober. 

Over a year sober and now living in New York City, armed with the wisdom of having “been there and done that” and never wanting to go back again, Tanner is more focused than ever on his music. He traveled back to Nashville to team up with producer, engineer and mixer Brian Virtue (Jane’s Addiction, 30 Seconds To Mars, Chevelle) to revisit and rework the songs they had initially written and recorded a year or so earlier during the ins and outs of his treatments. Over the last year he not only had navigated through his sobriety but also the journey of falling in love and the heartbreak that followed.

The resulting seven songs that make up, "6" have been through a similar journey. The songs are delivered with the experience, knowledge and clarity of someone well beyond Tanner’s twenty four years, yet not without the angst and raw emotion that one would expect, considering his history. The guitar has taken a backseat in the recordings and the vocals are the main focus with heavy bass lines coming in a close second. 

The album opens with the optimistic and empowering, “Our Town Tonight” which embraces the ability to grow as a person and find yourself outside of the comforts of your hometown. The commanding, “Where You Go” delves deeper into Tanner’s gritty blues side while “Satellite” brings a larger than life rock ballad complete with past relationship hindsight every listener can relate to. The angry yet accessible “Come Alive” and “Lonely Girl” are unabashed dirty rock songs that any girl would feel equally ashamed yet flattered were written about her. The pop punk upbeat “Slow Release” delivers a sing along chorus while it lyrically explores the notion that people will always judge you and urges the listener to always be ok with who they are. Closing track, “Mend”, is filled with a gloomier lyrical element of loving someone from a distance but somehow still sacrificing for them, while the sweeping choruses and harmonies are filled with hope.