Tanner Dean

Tanner Dean

 Corona, California, USA


Beautiful Musical Landscapes from Tanner Dean are a Long Time in the Making
with a Finger Picking Style Reminiscent of Elliott Smith/Nick Drake (Respectively).
Infectious Layered Melodies Ranging from Various Stringed Instruments to Guitar
Sounds that Echo Familiarity of MBV. With his Own Gentle Orchestral Compositions,
Unique Lo-Fi and Hip Hop Beats Courageously Make for Addictive Diversity & Variety.
It is the Catalyst to Being Your Real Self Listen.


The Death Of Joe

Written By: Tanner Dean

All my friends
All my friends (x8)

These long drive's kill
The death of Joe is near
I see you home
as my thoughts fly off my tongue

These long drive's kill
There's something still..
I think your a ghost-
Your here to just disolve.

All my friends (4x)

He speaks, She talks
It's all my fault
He speaks, She talks
I know it's all my fault
These long drive's kill

All my friends

Aftermath Kills

Written By: Tanner Dean

Why can't you read behind the lines?
Staring off and wasting my time..
There's really nothing left
Here's to second best!

I've seen your face a million times
Haunting dreams and giving advice
Such a delicate mess.
There's always a catch..
(Thats why the..)

The Aftermath Kills-----

Now I know I should be feeling blessed
But my feelings have long since left
Since you left my side
Half a man is not alive..
I need you in my life.

The Aftermath Kills-----


Attachments (EP) 2004

Set List

45-60 min. of original material, with an additional 15-30 min. worth of covers depending on circumstances.