electronic rockin`roots


An English guitar meets a German computer and they dance Tango in the Jamaican mud on their way to Patagonia.
The music of Guillermo Piacenza aka TANOX is an endless process of musical research and creativity. influenced by the early 4AD label, The Cure, Basic Channel crew mixed up with a groovy & chaotic southamerican spirit.


with ALTOCAMET> albums:"veladabristolcasino"(1998), "manzana de metal" (2000), "en el parque" (2006) and many collaborations & vinyls (remixes by Swayzak, Hernan Cattaneo, Flavius, Leandro Fresco, etc)
with RUN RUN>
albums:"en plan cocodrilo" (2005), "casa arena" (compilation, 2006)

Set List

Session with Ableton Live 6 mixing, deconstructing, remixing & (re)producing my own tracks.Depending wheither its a club or a festival; 60-90 minutes.