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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Indie Spotlight - TANTRiX"

Welcome to our first ever Indie Spotlight! In this segment, we are going to be featuring strong, unique Indie artists that you need to take a listen to. Our first Indie Spotlight feature is TANTRiX.

TANTRiX comes from the concept of Tantric love, otherwise known as the universal acceptance of knowledge and ideas, and of all people no matter who they are. Matt and Eddie of TANTRiX started the project in pursuit of true brotherhood in order to combine their efforts to achieve a higher goal. According to Matt, when he and Eddie first met they were able to “spontaneously jam out entire, properly structured songs without speaking a word beforehand.” You can hear this musical connection and intimacy in their strong and dynamic tunes.

So far, TANTRiX has currently released three singles, and are hoping to finish their first album by the end of 2018. Currently sitting at number four on ReverbNation’s Rock Charts for Toronto, TANTRiX’s music is unique and addictive. You can hear elements of California Rock, pop, and alternative and indie music. This is because they “both grew up listening to and appreciating many different genres of music and when [they] create new songs together, they like to keep [their] inspiration open to any genre.” Their inspiration ranges from The Beaches to Nirvana to Kendrick Lamar.

Since their strengths are so complimentary, they write their songs together equally. Often, TANTRiX finds themselves creating new songs together spontaneously while they’re in the middle of practising their other written material. Their artistic vision is refined because they review ideas together, making them very polished and complex. When they began writing together, they were heavily creating songs which were mostly punk inspired. As they grew together as artists and became comfortable with each other, they shared influences out of rock and roll, which has made their music into the multifaceted melodies they have become today.

Although their journey may seem smooth and seamless, there are countless obstacles that they, and many other bands, have faced. From finding reliable band members to making enough money to create demos, albums, and videos; this doesn’t stop TANTRiX, though. Ultimately, TANTRiX wants their music to go #1 on Billboard charts: “we want to go straight to the top and become a household name!” Ultimately, they want to not only win a Grammy and play stadiums, but to do philanthropic work as well.

So, for some fresh new tunes, check out TANTRiX on their band website at www.tantrixband.com where you’ll find all three singles available for streaming. Trust me, with influences from nearly every genre, you’ve got to take a listen. - Canadian Beats Media

"BKM Presents: TANTRiX | Toronto’s Fusion Rock Duo #MusicMondays"

TANTRiX Make Soul & Rock Become One

Toronto’s TANTRiX bring way more sound than you’d ever expect from a duo. The band craft a solid rock base filled with the right kind of vintage soul. They take the funk guitars of Red Hot Chili Peppers and them back to their blues roots. Headed by the vocal duo of Matt Mio on drums and Eddie Silver on guitar, TANTRiX put their heart and soul into their music. The band even named themselves after the practice of tantric love in the spirit of embracing expression and being truly at peace with oneself on every level to make great music. Their positive outlook and take on music has helped them stand out as our pick for Music Mondays!

TANTRiX’s self-described sound of “Feel-good pop, infused with a nostalgic, easy-listening and California Classic Rock twist” has culminated in their debut single “We Become One.” Their ability to blend rock with tones of soul, R&B, pop and even some reggae, comems together in a sound that resembles parts Maroon 5 and even Matchbox Twenty. “We hope that fans will appreciate and tap into the lighthearted, upbeat, ‘having fun with your friends’ feeling that the song has.

While the song was originally made in TANTRiX’s basement studio, the production by Mark Zubek of Zedd Records really pushes it beyond that and makes its modest beginnings all the more impressive. The band updates that glossy early 2000’s R&B-rock sound to something crisper and more intimate on “We Become One,” as their lush harmonies make every verse a punchy and seductive listen. Their ecstasy can’t be contained in the choruses however as their deep grooves bloom in organ-heavy washes of euphoria.

For a debut TANTRiX really drop catchy melodies effortlessly, especially as their choruses tie it into something truly explosive and fluid. They even slip into a more psychedelic and dream-like bridge in the midst of the song, where the vocals hit their most guttural. This promising mix of writing and such a dynamic performance has us excited to see how TANTRiX takes on the rest of 2018 and their budding careers. - Best Kept Montreal

"New Music Faster : TANTRiX"

Ah, the glory days of the 90s when the assured swagger of Lenny Kravitz as well as Mick Hucknell of Simply Red were frequently heard on radio stations across the world. It was that likeable fusion of R&B along with excellent pop sensibilities that assured a long lifespan for both artists and the music they were producing during this period. The music itself seemed to be timeless in its sound, and therefore was welcomed by many for being congruent with pop playlists that featured both young and old artists.

Firmly in this tradition then, and coming from Toronto, is TANTRiX. Formed in May of 2016, TANTRiX is Eddie Silver and Matt Mio. The duo is self-described as “a unique and authentic sound mixing influences of R&B, rock, funk, reggae, and hip-hop then fusing them with an original pop style that has a nostalgic, easy-going West Coast vibe.” On their website they offer an explanation of why they chose the TANTRiX name, that it came from “the metaphysical concept of tantric love, supporting the open expression of one’s beliefs, creativity, and personality to achieve unity.” The result is music that exuberates upbeat pop retro-stylings and infectious melodies.

We Become One is their latest single. This is a tightly written three-minute song that features a catchy chorus, with assured vocals from Matt Mio throughout, but what really seals the deal is Eddie Silver’s glorious guitar work that erupts into a blazing solo at the 2:10 mark. This is music that’s confident, enormously likeable, and unafraid to showcase the strong writing talents of Mio and Silver, and as such, deserves your attention. - CollegeRadio.org


Still working on that hot first release.



TANTRiX, the name, incorporates universal acceptance of knowledge and ideas, of all people no matter what race or personal beliefs, and supports self expression. The concept is of true brotherhood, to unite efforts and strengths to achieve a higher goal, purpose, or experience.

After meeting through a mutual friend, Matt Mio and Eddie Silver formed Toronto based alternative pop/rock band TANTRiX in May of 2016. With a long history of being in rock and roll bands both Matt and Eddie began venturing forth into new genres in their song writing.

Responding to their ad on Craigslist, completely by chance, Gaurav Vaz joined them in April 2018 to complete their core line up. All 3 of them are as diverse and engaging as their music, being more than a decade apart in age and hail from countries on opposite sides of the earth.

In true Canadian style, their diverse influences and backgrounds come together to create a very international sound that can be heard in their music production.

"Music that exuberates upbeat pop retro-stylings and infectious melodies. This is music that’s confident, enormously likeable, and unafraid to showcase the strong writing talents of Mio and Silver, and as such, deserves your attention" 

-Rob Quicke - New Music Faster:TANTRiX

“Feel-good Pop infused with a nostalgic easy listening, California Classic Rock twist”

 - Spill Magazine - Spill Music Premiere: TANTRiX - “We Become One”

Link to the music on the band’s website -


For bookings and enquiries, contact Gaurav Vaz - +1-647-572-1123 / mail@gauravvaz.com

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