Tanya Louise

Tanya Louise


I am a dance artist who also does gigs with Live bands so my sound can go from a dance/dj club sound to a funk/rock/neo soul style. My Band also has a Dj.


Tanya Louise is a unique and diverse artist who bases herself in house music, however her style spans far beyond that reach. She has opened for the Fugees and the Wu-tang clan and has also had them dancing on the dance floors of the rock clubs. She calls herself a Technofunkdifiedhousegroove.
Her career began in the Underground clubs of New York and New Jersey until she was signed to UMM a European dance label. Her song Deep in you was remixed by Swedish Dj Stonebrige (Show Me Love Robin s) and flew up the charts. Deep in You has been selling strong for 10 years!!!! Her follow up Lovely Day entered the Italian charts at number 11!!!!. She toured Italy and Switzerland. She has also performed with the Dance group Labouche (in place of the Late Melanie Thorton RIP) in Canada and America. Her remix of Deep in you has been signed to Sound Of Pirates and is at the top of the charts again!!! She is currently working on her brand new single due to be released in March of 2009!!!


Deep in You

Written By: Tanya Louise

There is somethin about you baby I swear I don't understand but I want you and I need you for my one and only man.
I got a question for you baby that;s heavey so heavy on my mind I am ready willing and able so tell me do you have the time?
chorus I want to go deep in your love and let it take me to the skies above
I want to go deep in your love so take me higher

and if you'll have me baby I will give you so much joy I will love ad hug and kiss you cuz I am the real mycoy and for the rest of your life
Daddy if you give me half a chance I will take you down where no one has been before and for you only I will dance


Deep In You
Lovely Day
Love Dance
Something Special
Deep in you is on Itunes under Tanya Louise Vs Fish and Chips
Streaming on my space
Sweet Love
Restless Nature

Set List

Deep in you
Lovely Day
cover of Been A long Time
Restless Nature
Something Special
I also do covers spanning from 70's to date Chaka Khan ,Patti Labelle, Stephanie Mills, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston the list goes on!!!! Also some 70's and 80's rock songs There are not many songs I can't sing!