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Tanya Winch

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This band has not uploaded any videos




“Though (Tanya's) themes are estrogen-driven, they don’t drive off the male population. Instead, they give you a look into a smart woman’s mind." - Music Connection - Music Connection


Winch - Lifter
Tanya Winch - Crooked Conversations
Tanya Winch - Panties in a Panic (April 09)



You may not know me or Matt yet, but I can promise you a few things:
1) we have a blast and tell dirty jokes
2) we smell really good
3) we are remarkably good huggers
4) we don’t drink you under the bar (though we will drink with you under the bar)
5) and we’re better than your average National Anthem singers.

In fact, we’re bad ass.
We play a straight forward acoustic Americana set with a shot of blues and slice of jazz thrown in for flavor. Almost everywhere we go, someone asks for “Me ‘n Bobby McGee”. We won’t do it. It would be sacrilege.

Back-story (which is mostly about Tanya since we’re playin’ her songs): She used to be a contender. She used to be really young and precocious. Was a lead singer of the kooky indie band, Crazy Cat George. Played regular shows everywhere from House of Blues’ to nudist colonies in Santa Monica. Sold 10’s of thousands of CDs (which, unbelievably, still sell on CD Baby), placed material on multiple cable shows (love those BMI checks), won all kinds of LA accolades and were chosen to represent Corona Beer’s SoundWaves National Radio Ad campaign for both of the years it aired. And just like that, everyone grew up and started having kids … except Tanya. Caput. Done. She went a little nutty with boredom. Took a songwriting class and met a wonderful new cast of characters. Started singing back-up for everyone and their sisters. Even got a shot at BG’s on Jay Leno supporting Grammy winner, Shelby Lynne. Had to get out of LA. Moved to Texas. Met her long lost cousin, Matt Giles. Weird. That man knows every corner of a fret board so intimately that it makes you laugh out loud and shout ‘AMEN’. He’s played with all the Austin ladies that are worth a lickin’ (Marcia Ball, Toni Price, etc.).

Now we’re sittin’ in and playing out. Can’t help for bein’ all sassy and frank; in other words, a handful of firecrackers. Smoke it out, y’all!