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Written By: Chris Tansley

Lost in a place where the sun don't shine
Tryin' to erase the feeling from my mind
If you didn't know me you would prob'ly think "you're going through hell"
But that's all behind me now it's safe to say
Things began to gel

Take a look inside
There's nothing to hide
Everything is working in the way it's meant to be
Sure, I could complain, but I'm tired of that game
If you saw my face, you couldn't help say
"You're looking good"
It's easy to tell
Things began to gel

Don't try and fool me, I'm too quick
Look up my sleeve I've a bag of tricks
I never understood giving up
Got up after I fell
Now I can tell you that it's paying off
Things began to gel

Chorus: (2nd Chorus, same as beforus!)

I'm a firm believer in making your own luck
Take that attitude and give it some adjustment
Watching all the pieces falling into line
Is quite devine
Feels so fine

Final Chorus:(No change to the above)

As Long As I Know(Jet's Song)

Written By: Chris Tansley


As long as I know where to find you
I'll be safe in my mind when I go to
Places that I'm not sure of
As long as I know where to find you
I can strut out and play if I want to
If in the back of my eye I can see you
As long as I know


Don't leave me alone
I'm not fully grown
Noise, sometimes it scares me
If I don't know who made it
It has to be you
It has to be you


As long as I know that you're watching
I can take on whatever confronts me
Cos I know that you're there to save me
As long as I know..... etc

Repeat 1st Chorus

As long as I know...