TapHabit’s distinct sound dips into pop, reggae and soul with a backbone of funk, maintaining freedom to allow for masterful improvisational segues. They will establish themselves as a strong musical force, amassing a substantial following where ever they tour.


TapHabit draws their influences from Phish, The Greatful Dead, Widespread Panic, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Steve Kimock, Rob Thomas, Gnarls Barkley, Outkast and many more artists.
In today’s post-modern music scene, it is refeshing to find a band so innovative and contagious. TapHabit’s power is in their live show, drawing the audience’s focus for the extent of their set.
TapHabit is a group of individuals who have played music their whole lives. When they met, they immediately began to collaborate on a sound completely unique from any other live band; yet so familiar the audience can't help thinking that they’ve been there before. In the past year and a half, TapHabit has created a niche, in fact a scene, in Bellingham, which is spreading through the northwest and beyond!


On February 4, 2006 TapHabit released their self- titled debut album at "The Pickford Dreamspace," in Bellingham, WA; a performance drawing well over 550 people! This album can be heard daily on 89.3 KUGS Bellingham, as well as 89.3 KAOS Olympia.

Set List

TapHabit's set list is very diverse. Songs from the album TapHabit are:
Where I'm At
On The Run
TapHabit Crew

With a rotation of 4 new songs TapHabit is currently seeking a distibutor for their next album.

TapHabit covers a variety of song ranging from Weezer to Don Henely.