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"Video blog mentions Featuring Tapia"

The video has since become a topic that bloggers have taken to discussing about on sites like hiphopfrathouse.com, thisis50.com, groundupradio.com, smoothbloggers.com( of smoothgirl magazine) and many,many more! - paperblog.com

"Bad acid video!"

Tapia drops the visuals to his lead single “Bad Acid/Dancing on the stars”. The Music video features some pretty trippy costumes. Tapia explains the concept behind the video in his own words below" - hiphopfrathouse.com

"Tapia interview By da front porch"

"Tapia takes on the responsibility to tell the world what he understands and this can all be heard in his music. His lyrics are the basis of world culture. His mindset is trained to teach and help others grow with knowledge that he has gained from all over the world. He said’ “you can create anything with your mind with the will to learn.” In a major way, Tapia is creating from his environment to create a new world."
- da Front Proch hip hop Frat house .com, Music Is Science and Tapia is the Proffessor (Nov 18, 2012) - hiphopfrathouse.com

"Original song by Tapia and Luke vizi great performance"

“ScatterBrained” An original song by Luke Vizi feat Tapia www.reverbnation.com/lukevizi" - whynotondemand.com

"Album review on hiphopfrathouse.com"

Tapia’s mixtape Escape Velocity will reach those on a path for righteousness and fans of trippy beats and galactic sounds. If you’re throwing a rave or need a mind breaking alert at your party, Escape Velocity should be on your iPod or quick play list.- Da front porch - Hip hop Frat House.com


2010-Ride With Me (Band Camp/DatPiff.com)
2010-Baghdad Bombing mixtape (Band Camp)
2010-Multiplicity in Spanglish(Band Camp)
2011-The Electro oracle Lp(Band Camp)
2011-The God LP (Band Camp)
2011- Dead angels Lp(Band Camp)
2012-The Clean Up Lp(Band Camp)
2013-Escape Velocity Album (available on all streaming websites, amazon, iTunes)



Joel Rosario “Tapia” has evolved from the convergence of many different cultural factors, artistic mediums and musical influences and experiences. This internal melting pot within the “Melting Pot” of many races cultures and personal perspectives here in the United States, are the engines, which power the machine known as Mogul Money Entertainment.
The artist “Tapia” aims at promoting our independent Electronic Hip Hop entrepreneurship to
The broader markets here in the U.S and internationally. He is a visual, Performing and recording artist. He performs with his band creating exhilarating fast paced stage performances full of Hip hop choreography while producing works on aerosol and acrylic on canvas. influences include Africa bambatta,foreign beggars, Pitt Bull the Roots
Tapia has just been profiled on hiphopfrathouse.com, in the article- "Music Is Science and Tapia is the Professor."
Tapia has been recognized by the State of Rhode Island local and state government as an emerging Latin visual and Recording artist. (Hispanic contribution Day Citizens citations 2010)
Tapia has released seven independent projects they are, Baghdad Bombing, Multiplicity in Spanglish, Ride With Me, The Electro Oracle EP, The God EP and Reggaeton en Alta.
Tapia Has filmed, directed, produced and Hosted a Full season of the RI Community access show Neo’ Intellect TV featuring various Latin artists.
Writer and publisher of SYNKROW the destination for profiling and promotion of leaders in electronic dance music.
Credits and stats:
Tapia has been featured on over 50 Mix tape projects by DJ’s all over the United States
Featured on DJ CINEMA’s Mix tape Television DVD distributed all over the United States.
Tapia has a total of 279,537 listens on Mixconnect.com
Over 67,000 listens on four individual musical projects on Mixconnect.com
19,600 Twitter followers
200,000 views on over a hundred videos on YouTube channel Tapia’s Electronic Hip Hop
Over 3000 Face book likes.
Tapia has opened for Sean Price, Latin Rappers R-1, El Lapis Conciente, Krook rock, and R&B sensation Sincere, and DJ Sincero and the Chosen Few.
Tapia has performed at half time for the AND ONE Mix tape tour Basketball tournament
Tapia has Performed at and been awarded the Honorary Grand Marshall of the Puertoriccan Parade of RI .
His Bad acid Video has Over 100,000 views