Malmö, Skåne, SWE

Made in Sweden, lead by exile Iraqi Egyptian singer Nadin Al khalidi. Arabic music like you've never heared it before. With five of the most renowned Swedish folk and world musicians they create Tarab - ecstasy through music. Original and passionate, bringing the Arabic music heritage to the world.


TARABBAND - Arabic Music From Sweden
Nominated and awarded as 2014's "Tradition bearer" and "Best crossover" at the Swedish World Music Awards.
Tarabband hosts some of Sweden's most skilled folk & world musicians. Lead by the charismatic Iraqi Egyptian singer Nadin, who fled war in Iraq to Sweden. Tarabband's music and lyrics narrates a journey of survival, exile, life and rebirth.
Their music travels from Baghdad via Cairo, Paris to Malmo, mixing Sufism, Folk, Flamenco, Jazz and settles in Tarab, the common denominator.
Tarabband combines groove and sweetness with a charismatic voice to transgress borders that are drawn between countries and humans. "Tarab" is an Arabic term for the ecstasy that can appear when music and emotions merge and become one.


Nadin Al khalidi - lead vocals, saz, lyrics

Gabriel Hermansson - mandole, guitar, oud, vocals

Dan Svensson - percussion: darbuka, tonbak, ney, vocals

Romain Coutama - bass, vocals

Stephan Jarl - percussion: cajon, tonbak, riq, vocals

Filip Runesson -  violin


Baghdad Choby

Written By: Music: Gabriel Hermansson,Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi, Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi

I recognize that rhythm, your steps
It takes me back to the morning breeze of my home town,
Especially when you hum the Choby melody

Teach me your song
Hold my hand, as if you were my beloved

Never mind my shy eyes while dancing
Never mind me blushing,
Blame it on the colour of the night

I just want to dance the Choby with you,
It’s the dance of my beloved
I just want to sing the Choby with you
It’s his favourite song

Deprived, my heart is
For never seeing my city no more
My beautiful homeland,
For you i wrote this tune,

I promise to sing it
Tuned as Baghdad
And rhymes with Choby

Baghdad, the city of peace
Baghdad, the city of my love
So dance the Choby now

Ya Rayes - Mr.President

Written By: Music: Filip Runesson,Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi, Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi

From me to you,
With all due respect!

It’s been said about you
You’re impossible,
So impatient
And so short tempered
Once you don't like what's been said

Our conversations often go nowhere,
My words sound as if out of a novel

Allow our ideas to grow into dreams,
Our simple words, to philosophize
Give me back my right to breathe,
When I decide to do so

Please, Mr president
A lot have been said about you
about your squared / limited imagination
About your bad sense of humour
In your speeches

Poor people, YOUR people
They’re surviving your rules
of the jungle

You’ll understand this message,
Once you’ve learned to read and write

Mr president
Our president


Written By: Music: Stephan Jarl,Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi, Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi

Yasmin, the sweetest one of all
Get up and drink some water,
Take a step or two,
Drink your water,

My queen, here comes my queen,
Oh I love her so,
yes I love her so,
she doesn't know,

Get well Yasmin

Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far
Heaven is not so far

By the name of the healing curing and loving one
By the name of the healing curing and loving one

La Danse Du Chameau

Written By: Music: Romain Coutama,Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi, Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi

For what my love is worth,
For what the night is worth..
Don’t leave

Away from you
The heart is wounded
The night is hated
So, don’t leave

Without you time is frozen
and flowers don’t get to sleep

Habibi ( my beloved one)
You're deserting both , me and the moon
You're leaving us in vain

I wish those times are back,
When you always remained
Habibi, adoring you is out of my hands

Yemte Yidji

Written By: Music: Dan Svensson,Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi, Lyrics: Nadin Al khalidi

Where from?
From the soul of the rain and the seasons
From which era?
From mountains of books and the pioneers paths
When would that sweet human that's within us come out to life?
When the time is right, we'll surly know

Where from?
From the winds and the ocean
from the back streets and the small villages
from the sun and the shades
from the books
and the pen & the words
and the love
and the moon
from the winds and the oceans
From the winds


- Orkanen (ORK001 2011) v/a compilation
featured song: Kalam
other featured artists: Manu Chao, A Camp, Timbuktu, Mikael Wiehe & more
- Ya Sidi (KAPCD003 2012) debut album
Label: Kap Syd , Distribution: Plugged Music Sweden

Set List

Ya Wel
Ya Rayes
La Dance Du Chameau
Baghdad Choby
Yemte Yidji
Persian Empire
Ya Sidi
Mafi Dai